She/He.. And a love story

This is what I got by mail today! I found it really interesting. Of course, there are times, when “He” is replaced with “She” as well. Btw got the mail from Potti, after a long time. And yet again, a gem from his side..

She/He…And a love story 

Friend: Happy birthday!
She: Haan…tha……nk yo….u…was just getting up from the bed.

Friend: Oh! That means I am the first to wish you!
She: Naa! He has already wished me at 12 in the night.

Friend: Who???
She: Come on, who else, Nitin.

Friend: Oh, ok. So, what’s the plan for today?
She: Nitin told me that he has a surprise gift for me for my Birthday. And also we are going to Flower Show today. I am excited! I have never seen the flower show that happens in Lal Baug. Actually that itself is the most wonderful gift for me.


Friend: “Did you go to Palace grounds all the way from Basavanagudi, to see Bryan Adam’s show!!! Who accompanied you?”
She: Nitin

Friend: By the way, who referred your CV in SoCrates? I mean you don’t know anyone there, right?
She: No, he forwarded my CV to one of his friends there.

Friend: I heard that the HR round interview went on till 8pm in the night. I think you faced difficulty in returning to your room.
She: No, he had come to pick me up. He came from his office, dropped me to my room and he returned to his room at around 11pm. He didn’t have dinner also. I asked him to have at my room. Poor Nitin.


Friend: If you are supposed to go home tomorrow itself then what about reservation?
She: I have told him, he will go to Majestic and would get it done, and he told he has some work in Majestic. That’s why I am relaxed a bit.


Friend: How was your written test in Philips?
She: I failed yaar. The day before the test I had prepared perfectly. Nitin had come to our room. He taught me the basics of embedded programming concepts. I was very confident only because of him. But something else was in store for me.  

Friend: Then, what did you do on Sunday?
She: We had gone to see “Lakshya”. He doesn’t see Hindi movies. But as I was upset after failing in the Philips written test, he took me for movie. I was very happy and surprised that he himself decided for a Hindi movie, and he was very happy that I enjoyed the movie. And you know; we had dinner in Pizza hut. It was his belated B’day treat!

Friend: And, what was your belated gift 😉
She: Gift!! I had given the gift on his B’day itself. I was the first to call him at 12 in the night, he was busy throughout the day, and somehow we could meet in the evening and I gifted him with a cute time piece with a nice quote on it. He doesn’t have time sense, so my time piece must always remind him of this. That day he didn’t give me any treat as he had to go back to office. Yesterday I had a fight over this, you know! Poor kid.


Friend: Hello…what about our sari shopping program in Malleshwaram?
She: Listen, I will call you later.

Friend:  You didn’t call me back in the morning, so I called now.
She: Yeah, when you called I was in Koramangala, with Nitin. He was very upset in the morning. He had a fight with his elder brother. So, it wouldn’t have been fair on my part to leave him alone. If I am with him in such situation very soon he comes back to normalcy. So I postponed the Malleshwaram program.


Friend: Hey! What happened? You seem to be very happy today.
She: Why not?  You know today is one of the most happiest days for me. Nitin got an onsite assignment in UK, for 6 months! That’s why I am very happy. All of his hard work paid today. He had been waiting for this opportunity since long. He’ll be leaving next month.

Friend: You will miss him.
She: Badly. I am so much dependent on him. I must thank Sanju, through him only I got to know Nitin. Without Nitin it would have been very difficult for me to stay in this alien city with no friends, relatives and on top of all, no job. He has been so caring friend all through my tough times in this city, he is so mature, so understanding, so trustworthy…a true friend.

Friend: He loves you yaar.
She: I know.

Friend: And you? Don’t you love him?
She: I don’t want to.

Friend: Don’t tell me. You also feel for him.
She: I know yaar. He has everything that I expect in my dream-life-partner. I know I can never get a true life partner like him. But I don’t want to commit.

Friend: What is stopping you? I really don’t understand. When Miya-beevi are razi kya karega kazi?
She: Please…don’t say like that. I never told him that I love him or something like that.

Friend: Is he a fool not to understand your feelings which are so clear from outside only? Poor fellow, don’t leave him alone.
She: I have told him everything about my family. He knows how orthodox my parents are. They can never expect me marrying a guy from a different caste. They trust me. Come what may, I will not hurt my parent’s feelings. I cannot imagine also. Now they are happily searching a guy for me in my native place.

Friend: Hmm, I don’t understand at all.


She:  This Saturday I have to go home, a guy is coming to see me.
Friend: Oh! Is it? Good news yaar. Your first interview! Wish you all the best.

Friend: Any guesses, who is he?
She:  Please yaar. I am least bothered and least interested. For the sake of my parents’ happiness I have agreed for this.


Friend: What about the interview, I was expecting your call actually?
She:  Nothing so special. I didn’t like the guy’s attitude. I told my parents clearly. My parents are very understanding and so they too told me that they won’t go ahead with this matter.

Friend: But still you should have analyzed properly.
She:  I shared my views with Nitin. He had called me the next day. He didn’t suggest me anything. He didn’t tell me to say “yes” or “no”, he didn’t preach what is right or what is wrong. But after talking to him I was satisfied that whatever decision I took was right.


Friend: Yesterday your mobile was engaged for more than half an hour. I kept trying, but I slept after 11pm.
She: Yeah, I was talking to Nitin. He is very much worried about my marriage. He is concerned whether I would get a guy of my choice or not, whether I would be happy with him or not. I was very sad to know this. But I am helpless. I pacified him and convinced that whatever my parents do, that will be the best for me, so no need to worry.

Friend: How Nitin will feel after you get married? Will he not be upset all the time?
She:  Time will change everything. He will start living again. Was he not leading a normal life before I came into his life? It’s all matter of time. Even I can’t do anything other than pacifying him and myself with these philosophical statements.


Finally “She” got engaged with a guy of her parent’s choice (with her “yes” of course). She is in touch with both Nitin and the new “him” regularly through chatting in Yahoo Messenger.

Finally “She” got happily married to “him”, very soon converting Nitin into memories, but deleting the memories was slow and almost impossible for Nitin.


Why do girls/guys do like this?

She needs him when she is new to the city.
She needs his help in finding out a PG or hostel for her
She makes him prepare a good-format-CV for her
She needs him to drop her to the venue of a walk-in interview
She expects him to collect all the consultants’ mail ids
She needs him while preparing for the interviews
She needs his help in identifying HER skill sets, strengths and weakness!
She wants him to conduct a mock-interview for her!
She gives her yahoo mail id password so that he can foward her CV to consultants through internet in his office (in office hours!)
She needs him for boosting her confidence when she fails in the 1st written test in her life
She wants him to take her to M.G Road, Brigade Road, Forum and Big bazaar
She needs his company while visiting all the temples in Malleshwaram on Vijayadashami, though he is not a believer of God.
She asks his opinions on importance of marriage
She wants him to be a shoulder to cry when her parents force her for marriage
She needs his help in preparing her mind for the first interview with a guy
She needs his help in deciding about the marriage proposal
She loves to share her happiness with him when she gets engaged
She expects him to attend her marriage (Come on guys, he is a true friend of her!)

The guy does all this honestly, without saying a single “No”.

He loves her.
He cares for her.
Whatever he is today; it is only because of her entry in to his life.
He treats her as his life.
She changed him.
It is only because of her, he is smiling.
It is only because of her, he has forgotten the past bitter experiences.
She is the first person in his life to influence him so much.
He was the “bhatka hua musafir” and she came as his “manzil”.
He threw the cigarette in the dust-bin because of her.
He has cultivated a positive attitude towards marriage and family because of her.
She is the perfect Indian woman he has ever seen.
He keeps a photo of Lord Krishna in his purse now; only because of her (also it is her favorite deity!).
Weekends come and go without his notice; it is only because of her.
He stopped going to office on Weekends; it is only because of her.
Onsite project was his dream; he puts all his efforts now, not to get an onsite assignment but to get a job for her in Bangalore.


The girl depends on the guy as if she never lived and can never live without him. Guy behaves as if he has taken birth on this earth only to care for that lady. She treats him as a shoulder to cry and he treats her as a puppy in a rain storm. She loves to depend and he loves to take care, finally they fall in so called “love”, ultimately adding an unnecessary trauma to life. Girls want a perfect life partner but they don’t want to hurt their parents’ feelings, guys know that they can’t get her but still they want to care for her(because they want her to be happy wherever she is and with whoever she is).Great! Or shall I say crap!

Or I think no need to be so serious about it.

She gets engaged, life goes on…
Long lasting phone calls become short and sweet, life goes on…
A heart which was used to “Good morning” SMSs learns to be happy with just the “Happy weekend” SMSs, life goes on…
No more “Unread messages” in the yahoo mail, life goes on…
No one to share coffee at “Barista” at the end of a tiring working day, life goes on…
No more consultants’ calls to be diverted and life goes on…
He starts smoking again, life goes on…
He is still living in flashback, and no looking back for her, but life goes on…
He gets promoted, he is a manager, she is mother of two kids, and life goes on…
He is in his late twenties, happily married to a beautiful, understanding, mature, caring, broad minded wife! Anyway life goes on…

Who knows, among these “Nitin”s someone will come up as “Cheran” (ace Tamil film director)and make a wonderful movie “My autograph” telling us of his unsuccessful love stories, or someone will come up as “Sudeep”( Kannada film actor turned director) who goes to his flashback after seeing this movie and then decides remaking this movie in Kannada, giving common people an opportunity to relive their past love-life at least for 3 hours, that too with their spouses, without any problem! Because there is “She” in every wife and there is Nitin in every husband (most of the times!). There are dumb spectators like “Friend” who are puzzled to see the whole episode between “She” and Nitin and just ask themselves “WHAT IT IS???” .

Hmmm… makes you wonder if it’s happened in your life? Are you indeed loving someone who you are taking yout time out to help ’em? Please say what you feel for her. Not to sound selfish, but then don’t expect too much out of helping that special someone for you!!

One more thing that I’d like to note is that not everyone has such inclinations when they help out someone! :-D!!

9 thoughts on “She/He.. And a love story

  1. whats wrong with this guy!! dude!! push-overs are always steamrolled!!!! u gotta assess urself in relationships and then act .. and if u not getting ur part of the deal .. there is not point sticking with it… and once u’ve moved on there should be no regrets!! 😉

  2. Hmmm, nothing is wrong with the guy per se! Push overs are steam-rolled, only by the steam-rollers moron! It’s not all that cut and dry is what I feel. Furthermore, people would also wanna try to stick out more to see if they are indeed “getting it” [no pun unintentionally intended 😉 ]. Hehe!

    But yeah I kinda agree with one thing…

    … and once u’ve moved on there should be no regrets!!

    It’s hard dude, but I do agree with it ;-)! Hehehe! So ‘sup asshole? Long time. Get ur ass here asap b****! Let’s partey in Bengaluroo ;-)!

  3. Hi. Very nice and touchy post. Everyone say life is to move on and “once u’ve moved on there should be no regrets!!” but practically its very difficult to move on and forget everything.

    In your post you have written that girl was happy after marriage that means she never fell in love with “Nitin”. I believe the true love is unforgettable. Though after marriage, its good that they havenot maintained the regular touch otherwise it could be worse.

    This post really make me feel sad 🙁


  4. I agree. Moving on is hard! I have personally been there and done that. Hence the reason that I was kinda moved by that statement.

    Furthermore, the post wasn’t to make anyone feel sad. Yes, that will be one of the emotions that does pervade the mind when you read it. However, look at what Sid read through it! ;-)!

    Yes, however, I have heard that generally men take some time in moving on from something. Is it so true I ask? I guess it happens only when they actually look forward into the relation more than the girl. IOW, wrong choice dude!! :-D!!

    I believe the true love is unforgettable.

    Hmmm!! I agree. :-D!

    However, if someone has actually forgotten you, is it worth to keep thinking and wasting your life for the other person? No matter how true your love has been to the other person? I don’t have an answer for that. Maybe, the answer is not so cut and dry after all. It’s all about choices. [To sound like Morpheus in Matrix] Once you have made a decision [with your heart/brain], I think you should try and stick to it.

    Now, that takes me to another question. Say you made a choice. Should you/not ever turn back and take the other choice [or one among the other choices]?

    I have heard from many that once you have made a decision you must face the consequences. Is it right to just keep facing the consequences, without bothering to correct the wrong choice made? Weird.. Life seems so complicated once you grow up!!

    I wanna be a kid again…. Go through life, without complicating it so much!!

  5. A very realistic story.a happy endings ends in movie or with lucky ones.
    But sometime you get persons around you whom you apreciate a lot,care a lot,needless to say you love too,but should every such relation ends with marrige.Is it necessary to have a stamp of marriage to care for someone of opposite gender .I know i may sound some impractical,but this sounds like because we have such type of mind set up. I like If we can understand this love and care without giving any name….because i too believe(sincee have no option …practically speaking)…relations are made in heavon….Or what we wish ,for it to come true U have to dare a lot…………in any case..

  6. I m agree wid unity. why we need to give name to every relationship? Cant a person love somebody without marrying him/her? Imagine instead of Nitin somebody from his family, may be cousin brother or something. Then he would have done same things which Nitin has done for her. So its our belief that make us to think that way.

  7. @ unity: Marriage is not exactly probably even what Nitin expected out of the relationship! But, what is sad to me is the fact that “she” used “him”. At all points of time realising and knowing that he has feelings for her. Maybe “used” is unfair as well, as she never “gave any hints/reason” to Nitin as well.

    I was reading an interesting book today called The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris. It talks about the evolution of homo sapien – the naked ape here. Love was formed by nature as a way to protect man’s venture into the carnivorous, territorial, social world, from the strictly primate nature of his predecessors in evolution. It’s an amazing read, highly insightful. It gets you to think about a lot of animal instincts that man possesses but is evading. 🙂

    @ me: It would be nice if you’d post your name, as there is no spamming in this site. I agree with you, if both the parties had discussed it and decided NOT to give their relationship a name. However, when one of the parties, is harboring thoughts [much not to his control probably], it’s unfair if they don’t have a dialogue on the same. It should have been discussed and worked out. Not just left out!!

    Both are at fault here for not discussing it. Nitin should have made his love for her clearer. Note that never in this story has it been mentioned that Nitin harbored feelings for her. Again your beliefs [more like love for the underdog] comes into play. That’s what I think at least!

    Discussing about marriage. I am also of the belief that marriage need not be the certificate to prove that you love/care for someone. However, marriage, according to me, remains to be the ultimate commitment that a man shows for professing his love for someone! But, marriage is also the instinct in man! Again, deriving my interpretations of The Naked Ape, marriage was basically a consumation that man evolved as a cultural practice to notify other people that his partner is booked, for the wont of a better term. IOW, predators trying to woo the pair – BACK OFF!! :-D!!

    I would urge both of you unity and me to indeed read this book and probably have an introspection of the instincts, on which society has indeed formed many of its laws!!

    Thanks for your comments – unity and me!!

  8. pheww….pretty heated discussion happenin here! 😉
    anywayz…pangu boi, seems u have/are gone/goin thru a pretty tuff/ruff luv-ride…hehe…u love-sick sorry ass!!! haha..
    ok seriously, advice for anyone: watever the situ, learn from it, don’t let it bring you down and finally make u averse to “love”. However, Don’t make a failure spur you into a “need-love-at-any-cost” mode where you’ll hurt yourself further.

    Animal instincts. True.

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