Congress is Giving Away the Internet

WTF?? Stumped? Yeah, that was my first reaction too when I first read Congress is Giving Away the Internet, and You Won't Like Who Gets It.

Don’t look now, but the House Commerce Committee next Wednesday is likely to vote to turn control of the Internet over to AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner and what’s left of the telecommunications industry. It will be one of those stories the MSM writes about as “little noticed” because they haven’t covered it.

[source: Congress is Giving Away the Internet, and You Won't Like Who Gets It]

AT&T, Verizon, Comcast Time Warner… the biggies in the telecommunication industry. Why? Apparently coz they own the public network infrastructure that exists today! The Congress is playing something here I am sure. Why the reason suddenly? There is definitely something in it for the Democrats and the Republicans! Else, why suddenly turn over something that has been left free [in a very general sense] to these corporations?The best part of the net was the freedom that you had in cyberspace! What would you do if you suddenly realise that you are shackled?

Another question also nags me now. Who/how is the United States Congress the owner of the Internet? I thought it was the biggest public resource. Content is definitely NOT Congress'. So, how can they decide that they are the owners and sell it to these corporations?

I wonder why more people haven't taken notice of it either.

We have seen net access rates spiralling down so far, because of competitions with ISPs. We always thought and believed that the reason was to let everyone into "cyberspace". If these corporations become the sole owners of this resource, by human nature, wouldn't they create a premium for the very access of the Internet, not to mention the amount of access restrictions they will create?

Can the Internet ever be owned by a person/corporation? If it can't be owned, how can you sell it to someone else? Now this is something that I will keep track off. For all that I know, I may have to pay to access my own content! :-O! I for sure don't want any control over what I read, hear and see over the Internet!!

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