Hallmark missed these out – My extensions

Heehee!! LMAO!! I found Hallmark missed these out… at To Each It’s Own!

I found them hilarious enought to cradle some thoughts of my own!!

Happy B’day to you
Is what I wanted to wish you!
But, couldn’t and it wasn’t my fault,
For they said, it was illegal to feed the animals in the zoo!!

With every passing day
I love you more and more
And with every passing night
I’d kill you to stop that snore!

Roses are red, Violets are violet, not blue
It’s stupid to send this card for your dog
As it cannot discern any hue!

Congratulations to my best friend
I forgot the reason, but still I send you this card to honor the trend!

There are many reasons why I send you this card
Please lemme know why.
If important, I will send you a bard!

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