The Bald Spot

The Bald Spot!
Half Moon, Scalpy Look – words that we men fear
Of losing their hair dear
A touch using a costly brush
And a dab of oil done hush hush
To avoid the hearty laughs and jeer!

Came across this ad in a mall once
Claiming to regrow hair over the white buns
Observed the lilty prances
Of stolen glances
Done fast to continue on our hunts!

Balding is something that men really fear. :-D!! Well, at least a lotta people I know fear. There is a stage in every man’s life where in we discuss receding hairline, hair loss, etc. Stuff that we haven’t noticed until then. Panic sets in and we start consulting our lineage to see who all have gone bald and come out with a probability of us going bald by some age.

Why? Hmmm, actually the reasons are rarely known. Today, probably because long hair is back in fashion? With the John Abrahams and the Dino Moreas in India sporting long hair. With the Tom Cruises [in The Last Samurai], and other such period movies coming off to look good with long locks, today’s man has found a new meaning in sporting hair. Maybe it will hurt when you have a patch of shocking white contrast in your otherwise black/brown patch of protein on top of your head.

But, I will be the first one to admit that I would take care of my hair, so that it wouldn’t just disappear one day. And at the same time, I have done a head shaving to see how I’d look sans hair. So, yup, not all that worrying. ;-)! Or as Sid keeps saying – Bald and Beautiful!! ;-)!

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