Fair and Lovely?

Hmmm, recently the Indian media has been vigorously promoting the "fair" skin. Is it right in the first place? I am sure I am not the first one to question it. Just to clear any misconceptions whatsoever, I am not biased based on skin, but I cannot say that I have _not_ been influenced by the same. I personally belong to the medium skin complexion category.

Another thing that were taken from the annals of my mind was something one of my friends told me. Boys are really using the "Fair and Handsome" cream that was released with the "Hi Handsome" ad. Apparently, it's got a huge fan-following, especially in the boys hostels :-D!

What really triggered off this topic was a comment from Eliza, who's doing a survey on the same. It'll be awesome if you, as a reader would help her out in filling the survey form. I am attaching the link below. She's an Indian student studying in Australia. As part of the minimum help I can do for her, I am posting her link here. Please do try and take it :-D!

Fair or Dark Survey

This's for Indians only, living in India and|or Australia. You could also post a comment on what you think about the same. :-)!!

Oh, and please do check out the comments over @ The Ideal Complexion in Asian and Western Cultures. Some of them are really hilarious :-D!!

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