My B’day wishes

Damn!!! My post just got deleted!! Grrrr… It was so hard to copy it and keep!!!Anyhoo, I was compiling a post on the wishes I got from the various people who wished me on one of the most glorious moments of my life, and of course, of all the people who wished me :-D!! Hehehe!Why so much excitement, well I was 22 on 22. I don’t think that will ever happen in my life :-D!! Well, I must say that people were wishing me the whole day!! Right from 12:00AM sharp to 1:53AM 23rd May, morning :-D!! Hehehe. Honestly, it was an amazing day. Even my phone got a compliment [Hehehe yeah Sai, I agree it’s an awesome phone :-D]Anyway, I am so excited about the day that I decided to keep a record of it. The best way that I know and the best way to THANK EVERYONE who wished me was to post a blog on who all wished me :-)!! I was flooded with wishes – through sms, through calls, through orkut scraps and mail!! Here’s a record plus some snaps taken on my b’day :-D!! Again 22 on 22Messages on that day :-D!! In descending order of time

Sender: ArjunTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 7:41:04 PMText: Dude u better not be going to phirangi pani! I wanna go there!Sender: MiloTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 6:00:21 PMText: Hey gurupanguji.m sorry for not being able to make it for ya GPL. Was kinda busy.anyways you enjoy Ya day.Happy bday once again.milo.Sender: ChameliTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 3:58:09 PMText: Hey sorry couldn come… Was in meeting… Dude keep some chocolates for me.Sender: NirmalTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 12:21:15 PMText: Hey dude, Birthday wishes,hope u hav a rocking day. enjoy maadi..Sender: NettoTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 9:16:09 AMText: HAPPY B’DAY…..Wish u many more happy returns of ur day……may ur coming days be bright n colourful…..wish u a bright future….Sender: BasantiTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 8:56:49 AMText: Hey wow.. She’s online..! Thats great.. But by the time i reach she’ll go to sleep i guess.. Tell her hi from my side.ill chat wit her in d evenin..Sender: BasantiTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 8:53:51 AMText: Hey never.Even if i sleep at 10 its the same everyday.Its very difficult to get up by 5.i was jus jokin yest tat i cant stay awake.i was wide awake to wish u.Sender: BasantiTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 8:51:20 AMText: :-(.. I know.. I hate this.. I couldn’t get up early today.. Or else wouldn’ve stuck over here.Sender: BasantiTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 8:49:41 AMText: Good na.. U can take rest 4sometime.. He Might be stuck in traffic only.. Its bad today.. Even i’m stuck.. Still in Btm..:-(Sender: BasantiTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 8:27:22 AMText: Yea i know.. I was so happy yest that i was da first one to wish..:-) enjoy ur training.. Will meet u sometime.Sender: PavanTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 8:18:35 AMText: For hes a jolly gud fellow, for hes a jolly gud fellow, for hes a jolly gud fellowwwwww…… Which nobody can deny…… Ta da ta da ta da….. Ta da ta da ta da….. Happy birthday panguSender: HutchTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 8:15:23 AMText: Hi, We at Hutch wish you a very Happy Birthday and a great year aheadSender: BasantiTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 8:13:01 AMText: Good morning bday in bus as usual..thought Wud write something to u..hehe.. Hey tell me if u get some break in between ur trainin..ill come n wish u.Sender: BasantiTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 8:10:48 AMText: Happy bday to my dearest panguji..guruji .. No no.. Guru panguji.. Nah.. Pangu dear..:-) sending u a big hug with lots and lots of love on your bday.. May all ur dreams come true.. May u get as many girlfriends as possible.. All hot babes..:-) hee hee..:-) ok now some senti stuff.. I think u r the coolest person i’ve ever met.. An ideal person from whom there’s so much to learn.. Stay as you are.. You’re the best..:-) happy birthday again.. Take care..:-)Sender: E***Time: Monday, 5/22/2006 7:45:19 AMText: Hey pangu.Gud mornin.Happy bday 1ce again.Hv a gr8 day.Bye.TcSender: VikasTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 12:25:05 AMText: Blue be the sky above you. Soft be the road below you. Love be the breeze around you. I pray all the happiness surround you. Wish u a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.Sender: AmeyTime: Monday, 5/22/2006 12:13:36 AMText: thanks dude….hey happy birthday 2u too…..Sender: VedzTime: Sunday, 5/21/2006 11:57:08 PMText: HERZLICHEN GLUCKWUNSH ZUM GEBURSTAG!!!hav a great year ravi ji..hop evrythn works out ur way-for ur gud!hav a gr8 day bud,ur a gem!!!Sender: SurajTime: Sunday, 5/21/2006 11:46:14 PMText: Happy bday dude…. see ya tom on ur gpl… stuff lots of sponge n come… all the best…Sender: BasantiTime: Sunday, 5/21/2006 11:28:39 PMText: Yay..15mins 2go for ur bday..n i guess u’ll start getting calls now from yr girlfriends from all over..:-) n hey what time of d day were u born?Sender: SidTime: Sunday, 5/21/2006 9:29:54 PMText: Same train but miles apart.. The distance is unbearable my friend.. Sniff sniff.. Wat hav i done to deserve this!

Calls I received

  • 9:30pm 21-MAY-2006 : E wishes me b’day
  • 11:45pm 21-MAY-2006: Osho wishes me b’day
  • 12:00pm 22-MAY-2006: Basanti, Arijit, Arjun and Harsh wish me b’day
  • 12:02pm 22-MAY-2006: Sonz wishes me b’day
  • 12:04pm 22-MAY-2006: Raji and Sai wish me b’day
  • 12:10pm 22-MAY-2006: Chameli wishes me b’day
  • 5:15am 22-MAY-2006 : My darlin mummy wishes me b’day
  • 6:55am 22-MAY-2006 : My darlin early sleeper, later riser on-the-process-of-becoming-a-doc sissy somehow manages to wake up and wishes me [A first I tell ya, she wishing me on my b’day]
  • 7:10am 22-MAY-2006 : Chintiman wishes me b’day
  • 7:15am 22-MAY-2006 : I wished Varun b’day and he wishes me back. His b’day as well you see!
  • 7:20am 22-MAY-2006 : Gautam, finally wakes up and gives me a call
  • 8:30am 22-MAY-2007 : Sid, reaches Chennai and gives me a call
  • A flurry of mails and scraps later, the end of the day!!
  • 7:45pm 22-MAY-2006 : Uma calls me and wishes me

Snaps taken on 22nd May 2006!! Hmm, I guess that sorta sums up my b’day!! :-D!!Well, I have my wishlist!! And the first one in that’s Alizee. She’s got such an awesome voice.AlizeeAlizee @ FlickrAlizee @ FlickrIsn’t she a wower!!! I think I am in luuuuuvvvvv ;-)Next on my list is a 17″ MacBook Pro. ::slurp!!A Sony Ericsson W950cA Sony Ericsson K790iThere are more, but can’t be said in public :-D!!And yeah!! THANKS A TON TO ALL ZE PEOPLE WHO HAVE WISHED ME on one of the most glorious moments in my life :-)!! Danke!!! I tried to copy the orkut scraps into it, but because there is some script there, I am not able to host it directly. I will try and get it without the script and post it soon :-)!! But, for now, I have to get going outta office. Danke!!

9 thoughts on “My B’day wishes

  1. oh hey happy belated b’day.

    Now that we’re done with it, where are the drinks and the cake? 😀

    sony w950c? dint like it all that much. actually, dint like most of new sony releases except for M600i

    btw, Alize looks like a kid, is she a kid?

  2. @ sukhi: Hehehe!! Shall post pics of the drinks and the cake ;-)! Well, actually more than the phone itself, the bluetooth earphones of the W950c is simply amazing :-D!

    AND NO, Alizee ain’t a kid. She was born on 21-Aug-1984. Err.. 3 months younger to me that is… So she ain’t a kid, if I ain’t a kid :-D!! Hehehe!!

    @ NSK: Thanks a ton :-)!!

  3.! i’ve seen her sumwheereee!! (some french muzik video?)
    nice nice nice!
    well..i’ll put her on my wishlist too..after Kiera Knightley tho.

  4. pictures? just pictures? I take back the wishes then!
    Do we get the drinks, if you get ur belated b’day bumps? 😀

    darn, you know her b’day too?! :O
    and no, 1984 born isnt really a kid. not to a ’82 born guy, at least.

    and as for the phone – just flick the earplugs/phones from that model!;)

  5. Hahaha!! Lemme know buddy!! We could meet at some pub anytime. :-D!!

    Oh man, my ass is still sore with the b’day bumps these rascals gave me… Not to mention the ones I have endured, as a preparatory procedure the weekend, when i spent time @ Infy Mysore, with my pals.. :-D!!

    I agree, but isn’t she gorgeous? ;-)!

    Anyhoo, yeah thinking of doing just that.. :-D! Hehe!! Unfortunately, it won’t work with the K750i or the W800i :-(!! It requires Bluetooth X.XX, some numbers that I can’t recall right now :-D!

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