Banking on the Vote Bank?

I was just thinking… If the Government is relying on creating a new vote bank for themselves, aren’t they doing the wrong thing? They might get the vote bank of the minorities. However, with so many young Indians on the protest of reservation, they are losing out on _that_ vote bank.

Now, if they still think that losing the vote bank of the young Indians, they will still be able to retain majority with the minority vote bank, then what they are doing is illogical and against the very premise that it’s a minority right? Hmmm…. things to think about…

What is the Government really looking out for by adding 27% more reservation in various sectors of education, corporate and companies?

14 thoughts on “Banking on the Vote Bank?

  1. no, its not vote-bank politics actually – if by that we refer to the common people and a part of them as a bank. Its more a “voting bank” in the sense of the “leaders” who bring their vote to the table.

    And so, it doesnt matter to them what the yuva janta thinks – as long as the get their share of vote.

  2. Hmmm if that’s the case, the people will still form a factor won’t they? The leaders have to bring some vote to their table. But, how are the leaders elected? Through the votes given to them from their state.

    The yuva janta as you put it form the next big factor for the election. I, for one, who didn’t have a voter’s id card till now made it a point to get one! I am now sure that I will cast my vote. And it’s a given that my vote is _not_ for the people who think that they can just brush these yuva janta off.

    Furthermore, I am sure that if, I, one of the people with maximum inertia against politics, can form a political opinion, there are people who will absolutely mortified by this. This would definitely cause these leaders to lose their votes. Isn’t it almost a given?

    Furthermore, the youngsters would cause even their parents to change their parents, especially if you’d be a parent of any one of the thousands who stand against this particular action by the Government?

    I might be wrong, dead wrong, spot on. Clarify it na, I would love to learn more of the dynamics involved!

  3. hey pogo! dats so true… but you see,people still do pay loyalty towards parties their ancestors/parents hav been voting for years together.Next elections shall be the most awaited for some!
    I think the real change shall come when we citizens on the whole change our attitude towards our country and make right decisions in choosing our local representatives to the parliament.
    You see its a circle…whoz to blame??

  4. Hmmm, I see your point of “loyalty” to the party of what your parents have been following. However, such a thing _has_ to be seen with all the rationale that people indeed can manage to see.

    And the younger generation, well a good, solid majority of them are moved by what is happening right now!!

  5. Ok so now this has made u take a political stand……so which party is exactly against the reservation policy……none!!! throughout the spectrum the parties more or less agree on the higher no. of reserved seats for post graduate courses now n even the private sector reservations……
    And abt vote bank……we r talking abt a small % of people in the cities, the educated who
    have this strong opinion on these policies….in the villages do u think it even matters,where people barely manage to finish school…..n another point is tat the minorities actually make a kind of majority in terms of population…..

  6. Oh.. :-(!! Hmmm, guess that voter’s id is going waste :-D! Just kidding.

    But then again, that was what I was talking about. The whole premise of granting reservation is against the ideals, ethics, ethos, and against the very concept, for which it’s a solution!

  7. Umm, not quite sure if anyone’s factoring us guys into and as voters.
    Dont forget, when you’re poor, and not all that literate, if your vote for X brings you immediate gains, but also forces some losses which either are not apparent, or you think, dont matter to you, what would you rather do?
    I bet thats what folks are counting on – the ones using this for a “vote-bank” strategy.

    There are different touch-points for each one, isnt it? Its reservation for some, its the pseudo-secularity for some, something else for other folks.

    There are entrenched lobbies and power centres that want reservation. One can surely turn the tables on them – but, it cant be done just by bloggin! 🙂

    Btw, your vote neednt go waste. There’s always a NONE OF THE ABOVE vote, that you can excercise.

  8. Well actually the voters id. is probably the one small step tat we can take towards making the system work….by being part of it……….local elections……things for ur constituency all tat r also things one shud be aware of .And there it does give u a chance to play a role….
    N abt the reservation…. The solutions either side r putting on the table are not practical…so i guess its gonna continue like this for sometime n then we go on to continue with our lives forgetting abt it… it has been the case til now….

  9. I hope this causes young people to go out and vote for removal of reservation.

    But pessimistically, I dont think its possible.

    The “minorities” are multiplying like rabbits and soon they can out vote the “majority”.

  10. Yeah I heard about the protest march. Is it the same one as Brand India march? That one starts from Majestic on the Sunday!

    What time is it tomorrow? I don’t mind taking part in it!

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