Friends… forever?

This is more of a personal blog. Y’day I was witness to something that generally happens amongst friends. At the expense of sounding cliched, It’s a classic case of chiding amongst friends, carried a bit too far. It made me ask a lotta questions…

In friendship, do you actually care enough about the other person to ensure that you don’t hurt his/her feelings?

Are you allowed to pull legs and make the other person feel bad? Coz, personally I have been at the butt end of jokes, muting my opinion, hoping that people will get it over with fast.

Do you snub it off in the beginning, or only when it crosses a limit?

If it crosses a limit, then isn’t the damage already done?

Should you forgive your friend[s] at the end of it, or just leave it be?

Should you have a talk about this with your friends or let it be?

Should you actually feel bad about your own friends pulling your leg or is it their right and you should actually learn to deal with it, if they are indeed kidding?

I don’t have answers to any of these questions. But these had to get outta me somewhere :-D!!

2 thoughts on “Friends… forever?

  1. In friendship, if you do not care about the person enough to not look out for their feelings – its not gonna be or isnt a solid friendship – and not gonna last long either.

    you’re allowed to pull their legs – but of course, but there’s always a line – innit?

    As someone who doesnt forgive, or forget, cant answer the forgive question.

    cant really answer the other questions – its for everyone to figure out themselves, dont u think?

  2. See, that’s the whole problem. You do care about the person. It’s a solid friendship from the side of the people who pulled the leg. It’s lasted for about a solid 5 years now. I know there is a line. Personally, I am not a person who can handle pulling legs after sometime.

    However, I find it contradicting that I do pull legs. But then again, not with any harmful intentions whatsoever.

    I do forgive, but I rarely forget, and am sure that the person whose leg was pulled doesn’t forget either. The worst part, I figure is that the person could very well be still maintaining the friendship, but the wound might never heal. 🙁

    Hopefully that isn’t the case and he also sees that it was just for fun :-D!

    On a side track, any new rallies coming up?

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