Hinglish Shayris

Yeah, coming up with another new shayri style ;-)! Cause: boredom as usual! I was having message conversations with Sai Mai and I started off with a shayri from Fanaa.

Bhale hum ne bhul kiya tho humein kabhi sazaa na dena.
Bhale bhool ko bhula dena.
Magar hum ko kabhi na bhula dena… Yawn. Remembered this from fanaa!

And of course, as a retort, she came up with

Abey hataa… saawan ki ghata….

Not to give up, I started with my own, very own Hinglish Shayris ;-)! [The reason being that I dunno half the Urdu words there, and the remaining words, I don’t know the meanings 😀 ]

Arz kiya hai…

Jab bi dekhun tujhe sai,
I dunno why, but my dil goes hai,
Maybe saawan ki nasha, maybe aapki hair ki dye,
But banana chahtha hoon aapko apni ghar ki bai!

And of course, she comes up with this…

abe fatela jeb!
aankhe hai ya button,
murgi hai ya mutton!
munh khole to nikalta hai dhuan,
fir palat ke puchte ho kya hua??


Main shayar tho nahin,
magar eh badnamin,
Jabse dekha maine tujhko, muchko shayri aa gayi… 😉 hehe. I love dis…. Btw previous response, was it urs? If it were hats off lady!

Moi again just to rub it in…

Oye crazy monkey,
Dikhti hai alag ki tanki,
Or bolti hai muche grass ki junkie?
Hehe call it self praise, par apun hai ek dum jhakas hunky 😉


Abe o bandar,
samajtha hai khud ko sikandar!
ped se jameen par aah..
tujh jaiso ko janti hu karna andar!

Moi: the last in this series

Andar kahaan karegi, hai kya zoo ke chapdasi? I am too cool baby, lag jayegi tujhe khaasi!
Agar andar karna hai keep dreamin huzoor,
Bandar mujhe bulati hai jab khudh dikhti hai langoor? 😉

Still awaiting her reply :-D!!

8 thoughts on “Hinglish Shayris

  1. hey dude…u didnt remove ze blog.. im impressed…but where the f*** is the comments option???? x-( !!!!! :D!

  2. @sukhi: Will do! The war continues… 😉

    @sid: Wasssssaaaaaaaa… Just click on the blog title. It’ll take you to the “permanent link” of the blog. That will hold the comments as well :-D! I haven’t blocked comments on it. :-D!!

  3. Pangs!
    For me, it doesn’t make much sense, but somethin i could get outta it is…

    Apne mere dil se khela,
    Apne mere dimag se khela,
    Apne mere dilo-dimag se khela,
    Well played, well played, well played :)!!

  4. Hey thanks for the feedback man. Had a blast reading them! And yep…they were rhetorical questions. i’ll try to review the phone later though.


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