Inspired by Divine Thought‘s scribblings

All around you is silence, unbroken
Save from the screaming
Ripping your mind
Thoughts like a storm
Some cold
Scary, chilling
As you lie baked
Bathed in sweat
And try to close one eye
And the other
As if taking a bet!

Wanders sometimes
And at others still
It lies.
And truths are juggled
In every part of your struggle
As you try to close one eye
And the other….

Run you want
To get so tired
Drop, at the end
Maybe into a bliss
But, you are now
Falling into an abyss.

5 thoughts on “Insomnia…

  1. Hey…..the comments ka font colour is a bit too similar to the BG…make it a tad lighter naah..just a thot!
    TC n enjoy!!

  2. To be honest…I dont know if it can be called insomnia….its just extremely abnormal sleep timings 🙂
    N y?!! No answers on tat one!


  3. Hmmm, yeah it happens especially in college. Hours of conscious, non-thinking brain revolved around the 1100hrs-0200hrs. :-D!! Not to worry. Hey, btw which company are you accepting the offer letter of? And got any joining dates yet?

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