Page views, Blog stats, Hits…

Page views… Blog stats… The graph going up and down… I love ’em, I hate ’em. Confused? Don’t ask me to explain… Well don’t… Oh ok… fine… 

There was a time, when I used to blog about things that really mattered to me – my life. What happened in my life. What I read, what I think… etc. It was completely satisfying when I used to get about 3 hits a day. I have come 50 times that. Then I talked with Harsh. He told me about monetizing blogs and I got crazy. It led me to a hit maniac. I started checking my hits every 5 minutes. I made a small program. It just checks how many times I have pressed what key – something like a key logger. I completely forgot about it…

Today, I just checked the log file that it has created. I have pressed the F5 key about 20,000 times. 😮 I am shocked and apalled. I have gone crazy. It roughly comes to about pressing the F5 key every 10 mins. I never imagined that my poor keyboard has suffered so much. :-(! No, it still hasn’t taken over the total key logs of other keys! Even then, I have become a stat-junkie, which is crazy, considering the fact that I am not making _any_ money out of my wordpress blog.

Today, I am getting back to my normal self. I am not going to be bothered about my stats anymore. It’ll go up, come down. Whatever. I don’t care. :-D!! I will not stop blogging about my life. I started blogging with 2 objectives
-> upgrade my PHP coding skills [done]
-> Maintain an online journal as to what I have been doing. [still in the process] ;-)!

Anyway, now I am just making sure that I will continue this blogging as part of its original program and not about blog stats. ;-)!

But, just to point out… I will be happy the day I touch 10,000 page views. :-D!! Let the good times roll….

Btw, check out the prestidigitator by PS. I like the way he writes. It’s not flowery, it’s powerful!! :-)! Keep it coming along dude!!

5 thoughts on “Page views, Blog stats, Hits…

  1. mm…thanks…”not flowery but powerful”. gotta figure out what that means…hey. You write damn well too man…i can relate to stuff a lot.



  2. :-)! Thanks man!! What I meant was that there are few people who write crap, but can make it sound awesome. You are amazed by the way they actually pout using their language. But, still content is rarely there. [At times, I do this :-D!!]

    In your case, the authenticity and the thought process is clearly present. It’s evident that what you write is really what you mean ;-)!! It’s not about good words, but the actual way they are intertwined in your post that gives out a very very powerful statement, at least to me :-)!

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