10,005 hits and counting…

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I've reached a personal milestone in my blogging life :-D!! [To quote G-Dawg]. :-D!! This blog has reached 10,005 hits and counting…

Thanks to all the people who have commented, visited and checked this blog!! Thanks a ton pals!! :-)!!!

To celebrate, I am gonna go watch the Kick off today in a giant screen amidst some beers :-D!!! Hic… hurray!!!

Well, here's my Thank you speech!!

I thank all the people who have visited this blog and have helped me reach this milestone. Personally it's a great thing for me. It would have been done without you guys! Mom, Dad, God for actually helping me through the process for generating thoughts, ramblings, rantings etc! My mum and dad especially for the genes they have imparted to me. For all the situations that caused me to get ideas, thought processes, and for the ability to express myself well. It was all due to speaking in English and Tamil at home :-D!!

To all my bum chums – S-Dawg, H-Dawg, Ar-Dawg, G-Dawg and A-Dawg, and Arijit-Dawg, Lax Dawg, and Sonz Dawg to come and read, post comments and give their uhum criticisms of the blog :-D!

Special mention to Baba who's probably been there quite some time!! ;-)! Thanks baba!! :-D!
To Divs, Sukhi, ontheverge, Ms. Imperfect for regularly checking on my blog. To sony ericsson and salora international for their imbecile antics so that I could come up with a blog that got me 50% of the hits :-D!

To all the people who have visited but not commented exactly on the posts :-D!!

Danke one and all :-)!!!

P.S. just to note that I haven't caused any hits on my own blog :-D, take a look at the second pic. WordPress says that it doesn't count my own visits to the blog! 

12 thoughts on “10,005 hits and counting…

  1. fa hez a jolly good fella .. fa hez a jolly good fella… for hez a jolly good feeelllaaaaa….. with bloddy jolly good friends!!!! [:D]! hick!

  2. Hahaha Lax!! No yaar, that still is the highest number in my life 😀 18536. After coming to Bangalore, the number of messages have drastically reduced :-D!!

    Dake stan_da_man

    Thanks Baba

    Thanks Swami!!

    Thanks PS

    S-Dawg… Yeah yeah yeah… 😉

  3. Haha, yeah.. It was a message counter on the phone ;-)! Add to that about 10,000 since I have come to Bangalore :-D!! That’s almost 30,000 messages sent by Moi :-D!! hehehe!!

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