The news these days – Rakhi Sawant – Kiss and Tell

The media has tremendously lost its standards. I am shocked and appalled  to quote my idol Bart Simpson. Either they are running out of “top stories” or it’s just that sleazy news sells! Yeah, I am talking about Rakhi Sawant! What’s up with the media and hyping the vamp of today?

I was happily listening to Never Again y’day night, singing along, imagining me to be in a crowded arena and singing away to glory, when my roomie bangs on my closed door [Duh! For obvious reasons]. I got bugged. I get out and demanded an explanation, when he asked me to remove my scrawny ass outta his line of sight! I did and turned around to see a heated debate between three media personalities – Rakhi Sawant, CNN IBN founder Rajdeep Sardesai, and another female. They were involved in a debate titled Kiss and Tell! Well, obviously it’s something that the nation thinks mostly of, because it was featured in PRECIOUS AIR TIME of “What the Nation Thinks” or some crap like that. I am not a fan of news channels,  but what I have noticed recently – they talk more about Rakhi Sawant than the Entertainment channels.!!

Has India lost its top stories to sleazy stories of a bimbo? If so, why? If not, why the hell were they wasting precious air time y’day??

Good god! That sounded like an exam essay question!! Today was a tiring day. I actually used my brain in training after a long time, which was really interesting. Apart from that checked out some awesome snaps of Germany. I am indeed glad that I am going to that place. It’s beautiful! It’s breathtaking. It has one of the auras of a modern city, stuck in the middle of cobblestone streets and huge castles, and old customs.

:-)! Just waiting to get there. :-D!

10 thoughts on “The news these days – Rakhi Sawant – Kiss and Tell

  1. ha…’twas rakhi sawant and yana gupta i think. You should have seen the ad for the show…”you’ve seen their bodies…now…see their minds….exclusive on cnn ibn.” Hilarious actually…if youve noticed theyre also playing up the bhachan family tax issue a lot these days…sigh…whatever!

    btw…when you goin to germany?

  2. I am leaving hopefully beginning of July. Trying hard to be there for the final, just to experience the thrill of a world cup. But, yeah… the after world cup parties should hopefully be waiting for me :-D!!

  3. no, I dont agree with your take. It is news cos a starlet has taken a molester to the law. That *should* be taken note of – when even someone like Aishwarya Rai dint press charges.

  4. Hmm! Dude, I agree with your viewpoint. Yes, she has done the right thing. Yes, the law should work. But, taking precious airtime outta news channels, getting the pics of the kiss to the news, to the papers, etc doesn’t do much to the cause.

    Agreed it was a molestation! But then, how come the media has decided to cover it on national TV for about 30 minutes, when in places like Delhi, people are molested 19 to the dozen. They do complain it there. What about that? If they made a feature out of it, giving this as an example, fine! I completely agree with you. Else, no, it’s just sleaze according to me buds!!

    However, I will agree to your point on “taking the molester to the law” :-)!

  5. The media’s probably taken it as sleaze – i dunno, havent really seen the news coverage.
    Agree on the other part – but imo, if in their coverage it helps her case, im willin to let the media off – just a wee bit.

  6. Haha! But then ya gotta agree it’s not just this! As I was talking with Ms Imperfect, the Brangelina Jolie daughter got way too much media attention. It’s not just with the Indian media yaar, but I remember one of your posts. We are trying to ape too much, when we can do a much better creative job than most of the people out there!!

  7. I agree, Guru.
    There’s been too much bastardisation of the media. Maybe its time we do something about it – like a no “news” channels day. or something.

    It started with satellite TV – progressed backwards hugely with the Kandahar hijacking, and is galloping backward now.

  8. LOL, a no news channel day. I am sure, some people will go bonkers with that. I personally know of quite a few news addicts! Not me tho :-D!! Yes man, we are spiralling backwards now! Someone needs to knock some few heads around :-D!

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