11,111 listeners – another cool number

This year has been pretty interesting. I turned 22 on 22 :-D! [May 22nd ] and now I have 11,111 listeners to my ramblings ;-)! Hehehe!!
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Let the numbers keep rolling!! *Sniff Sniff* I am feeling emotional!!

Btw, note to self and some advice: TT has a very appeasing effect when you are bugged. Hit some shots and you are back to normal! Oh yeah, also a scream into the wild in your office corridor helps. At the very least, it will help you out to get some glances, weird tho it mite be. But, then life’s back to normalcy again!!

If it’s easy to get control of life back again, I don’t mind dipping once in a while ;-)! Hehehe! And yeah, it’s tough to maintain a life in which you are happy all the while. Boy, I realised that today!!

2 thoughts on “11,111 listeners – another cool number

  1. Don’t remind me of the good ol’ days man! I am stuck to playing UT the very first one these days if and when I get the time to play :-D!!

    What’s up over there? All set to join on July?

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