Suddenly, I am kinda sick and tired of living my current life. The band is beckoning me again. And I am toying around with the idea of just leaving everything and just go start my own band and become a song writer. I am bugged, bored and irritated. Life can suddenly become from all flowery and nice to a b****! How can my mind be so damn fickle is the whole question!!

I was f***ing all right till lunch today. Grrr….

It’s like having this nice ride and suddenly it becomes all bumpy and jittery! Like having a nice chocolate pastry only to realise that you are eating shit! The contrast is pissing me off!

Maybe, I will just take a nice walk to the rec room and indulge in some TT!

Hopefully that should cure it!

6 thoughts on “Ditch!

  1. ah! i can relate to the feeling man. this is what i meant when i said we are never truly free. if if we were, we could just about do anything. even leave everything and go start a band. but you know you cant. chill man…youre going to germany soon arent ya???


  2. seriously…TT is an all-curing remedy -> headaches,stress,piss offs, painers, PMs, work, ……let it all loose with that stretched bullet shot accross the table…watchin the incredulous look on ur opponent’s face..”how the f*&% did u conjure that up!!!!??”….BLISS.

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