Keralites – Regional Chauvinists?

This article stemmed off a comment posted by Vina for the post – IIT Status to CUSAT!

Vina: Hmmm, I don’t want to sound too generalistic, but every person born and brought up in a state of theirs have a special connection with the state. I am a Tamilian, born and brought up in Kerala! I think Kerala is a place that has its own sets of virtues and vices. And according to me it happens from anywhere. People from the North, South, East or West will tend to mix up with their own place people!

Well, to be honest, the one thing that I have noticed is that Keralites are the people who are not exactly proud of who they are. A lot of people I know staunchly are actually ashamed of being who they are when they should be proud of coming from God’s Own Country.

Hehe, diet oh yes! But you can’t blame ’em. Go anywhere you will find a Malayalee place to eat yaar. And as predicted, if Moon’s decided to be occupiable space, a “tea-shop” can be expected to be open there as well!

And, Keralites aren’t exactly unfriendly as how you have put it up! Yes, they are coming from a narrow-minded background, but they are _not_ and I insist so narrow-minded not to accept you for who you are. They will react when you down-play them. As is the case anywhere else in the world as well!

Lemme give you another example – something that I have noticed among Marathis especially. They have a very strong bond between them. Once they get to know that the other person is a Marathi, a gang builds up and slowly you’ll find that the links grow in an exponential manner. A Marathi committe mite be soon up and running. It’s awesome how they do it.

So, is the case with the Telugu community. In buddy referrals, they overtake any other community.

Malayalees that way, are way far behind, too individualistic, if I may. Anyhoo, that’s _not_ the point here! The point is that I think you might be wrong. Maybe Kerala needed this boost. Once they get a healthier amount of people from other states in, they will automatically open up more. They have got to be the most adjusting people if you have to find them at every nook and corner in the world, rite?

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  1. To say that, Marathis/Telugu’s have a strong bond “between-them” shows a “very narrow world-view”. And to add that Malayalees are individualistic is rediculous.
    “People mix up with their own people” when they carry fear/insecurity kind of feelings. Great/prosporous societies/cities have cosmopolitian nature, where immigrants from different cultures freely mix-up/do-business with each other.
    Indian society is going thru a kind of flux, and cross cultural mixing/interaction is the way ahead. For Anyone thinking otherwise, i suggest reading the Theory-Of-Evolution.

  2. @ Sandeep: Dude, chill! I was appreciating the fact that they have a strong bond between them. And yes, Malayalees are kinda individualistic. They do hang out with friends and all that, but then when it comes to them and their stuff, it’ll take the preference above everything!

    Great/prosporous societies/cities have cosmopolitian nature, where immigrants from different cultures freely mix-up/do-business with each other.

    Nothing that I disagree with :-)!

    ndian society is going thru a kind of flux, and cross cultural mixing/interaction is the way ahead. For Anyone thinking otherwise, i suggest reading the Theory-Of-Evolution.

    Wow, Theory-Of-Evolution? By our own Charles Darwin? Wow, wondering what’s in there?? ;-)!

    Btw, I wonder what will happen if various animals in the animal kingdom start mixing up with each other?

    Anyhoo, another point that I wanted to tell was that it’s not all that easy for Indians to suddenly break barriers of language and culture to start mingling. Yes, that’s the way we have to go, but it’s tough don’t you think? I am not saying that we shouldn’t take the effort, in fact I do urge it!!

  3. Oh, I give you that. ‘Born and brought up in Kerala’ gives you the edge to know them closely.

    But what I posted should be read in the context of granting IIT status to Cusat.!

    The following is based on my bitter experience recently undergone:

    CUSAT conducts an all-India examination called Common Admission Test (CAT) in 15 centres spread all over India. They advertise it as ‘all india exam’ , and the admissions will be strictly according to merits. However, in the case of reservations, they also say that preference will be given to the local SC and STs (KSC and KST). By which, one will understand that in case of a tie, the KSC will be preferred. Or, going further, one will believe that certain number of vacancies will be filled by KSCs and KSTs; and the rest may be alloted as per the merits in CAT.

    But what has happened? In the recent announcement of their counselling schedule which is now posted on their website –, the counselling is retricted to KSC and KST only; and the non-KSC and KST have been totally eliminated from the counselling, whatever their merits may be. Which means further that the last rank holder will get a seat, if he is a KSC or KST, whereas the best rank holder won’t, merely because he is not from Kerala.

    There is no objection if you prefer your locals because it is they who fund the institution. But, why to advertise that all can apply? why to say that the selection would be as per merits etc.?

    So, it is nothing but mean-minded chauvinism – mean-minded because here, you cheat. The non-Keralite has been misled into thinking and applying and writing the CAT that he will get a seat on the basis of his CAT rank.

    Now, read the above in the context of IIT status to Cusat. One of the bases on which an institutiion becomes eligible to be conferred such status is that it should throw its doors open not only to all India citizens, but also students from abroad.

    How will the CUSAT achive this impossiblity? I would rather hazard that they will conduct an all-india exam and stage-manage all-india selection by admitting a few Biharis etc. and, admit their own candidates through the backdoor.

    Transparency is the word the Cusat sems to have never heard of.

    Recently, the university is caught in the coils of an admission scam, which has led to suspension of the Principal of SoE, Trikakakara and seven other university officials. The case is coming up for discussionn in the Syndicate meeting scheduled for day after tomorrow (24th) to decide whether to refer the case to police etc.

    The case involves a girl from Palakkad by name Sreelakhsmi who did not write the CAT 2006 at all, but was admitted to ECE B.Tech programme and has been pursuing the course for the past one year, when, at last, it came to light that not only she did not write CAT but also she did not have the basic qualfication to enter a University namely XII class pass certificate. She has failed in the XII Maths scoring 19 marks. She also wrote the state CEE with the XII class fake pass certificate and was found out and thrown out of CEE.

    Another case that happened last year, wherein a girl from Kerala sought a job from a hep IT firm at Chennai, which discovered that her B.Tech certificate issued by CUSAT was a fake one. The case is now with Kerala State police and the hands of university staff are suspected to be behind the scam.

    Keralites, as individuals, are very egalitarian, passionate for justice and fair play. I have had good and pleasant experiences with them.

    But still, when we take a general view, it may be that they have to be cautious of their own minds and inclination that tend towards something parochial, which puts many people off.

  4. Well Vina, I obviously wasn’t aware of this particular grievance caused by CUSAT! And I am genuinely sorry if I sounded ever so offensive. Coz, honestly, that was never my intention. 🙂

    My roomie is from CUSAT. I will confirm the same from him :-)!

    Under this context, I hear ya. I have undergone a similar experience, and know of many who go thru the same.

    But, don’t you think it’s prevalent throughout India? The corruption, the nepotism, no matter how much irritable is present throughout our great nation. I agree with you on the fact that maybe, CUSAT is playing side games here.

    However, from whatever I have talked with my roomie over the past year, I did realise that there were a lot of people from throughout the country in CUSAT. He’s a Bengali. He had introduced me to a lotta his pals in Bangalore and there were Assamese, Oriya, UP, Bihar, Gujarat and a lot more.

    Yes, in your case, there is definitely some foul play. And I will never take the college’s side on it.

    Btw, you do make quite a lovely case :-)! And again, I am sorry if I sounded ever so offensive, and I have tried NOT to!

    Thanks for your comment and getting back on the same. It’s definitely news to me and I will be checking on what’s going on.

  5. To bring my posting on CUSAT’s double standards in admission policy to an end, let me say the following.

    On not getting the call letter for counselling, I sent a speed post mail to the Vice Chancellor and the Director (Admissions) by name. The gist is that the Kerala CET lays down that the reservations are for only Keralite SCs and STs; so, non-Keralites need not apply. Why don’t CUSAT say so in their Admission Handbook, and debar non-Keralite SC (NSC) and ST (NST) was my question.

    The Admission Handbook, as it is now, prescribes two reservation categories called ‘NSC’ and ‘NST’, among other categories, and states that the CAT of CUSAT is open to all Indians and NSCs and NSTs, too, can apply, but preference will be given to KST and KSC. By which, we are given to understand, there will be certain, or more, percentage of seats for KSCs and KSTs; or, in case of a tie in rank, the KSCs and KSTs will be preferred for selection.

    CUSAT has been holding the CAT every year on the explanation given in the Handbook; inviting a large number of applications from NSCs and NSTs all over India; allowing them to write the CAT; assigning them separate ranks; but NOT CALLING THEM FOR COUNSELLING, EVEN IF THEY GET GOOD RANKS, AND NOT GIVING THEM A SINGLE SEAT. Thus, huge manpower resources, on both sides of the University and the applicants, are drained every year.

    I had requested the VC not to go on doing that, at least hereafter; and bring this charade to an end.

    Though I did not use such harsh words, if the VC had not taken that sense, he would not have appreciated the tenor and purpose of my speed post.

    I was not surprised to learn from CUSAT website that the next week after my letter, the Syndicate of the CUSAT took a decision to the effect that the Admission Handbook shall be reviewed; and the admission policy for next year shall follow the same procedures, so far as reservations are concerned, as for the Kerala Government CET.

    I heaved a sigh of relief because I have saved the precious time and energy the NSCs and NSTs will put in for appearing in the CAT of CUSAT 2007 onwards.

    However laudable it may be, I am afraid, the CUSAT will be in trouble once an IIT status is conferred on it. Because, as I understand, the MHRD has offered the institutions. who will be conferred such status, the choice of joining AIEEE or IIT-JEE for admissions. They cannot follow their own admission policy by holding their own entrance examinations.

    It means that by joining AIEEE, the CUSAT has to offer 50% of its seats to non-Kerala applicants of both general and reserved categories; and only 50% to the open and reserved categories of applicants of Kerala origin. On the other hand, if CUSAT joins IIT-JEE, then it has to throw open its doors to each and every Indian irrespective of his or her state of origin. That is, the Kerala students have to compete with all others and come on merit to enter CUSAT. Otherwise, they will have to go Kerala government-conducted CET for other colleges like the one Guru has written.

    Such a policy is justified when we come to know that IIT status means that CUSAT comes under the 100% control of MHRD for all its financial and administrative purposes; and the University cannot say that they have to help Kerala students by virtue of being located in the state. Kerala Government has nothing to do with CUSAT once it becomes an IIT. Not a single paise will come from Kerala Government to IIT, Kochi. (CUSAT).

    How is CUSAT going to follow their present son-of-the-soil policy once it becomes an IIT?

    Here, in this blog, a write (Lion) says happily that by making CUSAT an IIT, Kerala gets an IIT. But, Kerala will lose an upcoming and popular Institute of higher learning, which has so far given a lot of seats to Kerala students; and has been a great help and service to the local students.

    I am not against Kerala students. But the facts say that in AIEEE and IIT-JEE entrance examinations, except Andhra Pradesh, other South Indian States fare poorly. CUSAT will have to become a home, for four years B.Tech studies, (because for M.Tech, they can have their admission policy) to a large majority of students coming from other states like Bihar, Rajasthan, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh!!

    That is not good news to every Keralite!

    Let me finish it saying that my son, who was denied admission in CAT by its perverse policy, has joined ISM, Dhanbad on the basis of his ranks in IIT-JEE 2006. ‘Denied admission’ may not sound right, because his teacher at ISM will be a lecturer, who was a student of CUSAT, by name Udhaybanu. My son and CUSAT will always linked. Udhaybanu had a hearty laugh when I narrated my tale of woe. I accompanied my son to ISM on 4th of this month when the admissions took place there.

    Gurusaab, thanks for giving me some space to share my feelings with a good soul like you and others here! Nanri Vanakkam!

  6. Here, in this blog, a write (Lion) says happily that by making CUSAT an IIT, Kerala gets an IIT. But, Kerala will lose an upcoming and popular Institute of higher learning, which has so far given a lot of seats to Kerala students; and has been a great help and service to the local students.

    I am not against Kerala students. But the facts say that in AIEEE and IIT-JEE entrance examinations, except Andhra Pradesh, other South Indian States fare poorly. CUSAT will have to become a home, for four years B.Tech studies, (because for M.Tech, they can have their admission policy) to a large majority of students coming from other states like Bihar, Rajasthan, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh!!

    That is not good news to every Keralite!

    Well, that may be the case, but then as usual they mite come outwith infinite strikes to try and get the admission process changed, but will face the wrath of the Central Goverment.

    Anyhoo, you are welcome Vina. Btw, I am not any Gurusaab. I am just a 22 year old guy who’s more than happy to share spaces with people who have something interesting to say.

    All I can say Vina is that your comments have been nothing but awesome works of writing, of very powerful writing!! :-)!

    Thanks for the same. I will hope and pray that this particular writing becomes popular enough that other people will be able to benefit from the same.

    You are always welcome :-)!

    Anyhoo, congratulations to your son on getting to ISM, Dhanbad. :-)!! One of my friend’s brothers is studying in Dhanbad. You could always contact me in case you need an introduction for your son with my friend’s brother.

    Signing off for now and will change the comment tense :-)!


  7. This is again wrf the IIT status to CUSAT article, i thot my reply would better belong here.

    I thank Guru and Vina for what was a very interesting read. I am currently a 2nd year student in BTech Computer Science & Engineering. I joined this institution amidst all the hype of this becomming an IIT. I would have surely decided against it had i known where this institution really stands(stood).

    i wont regret now though. all this hype has translated into good companies being attracted to this institution. So kinda makes up for the dismal state of affairs here. or does it ? ill refrain from turning my post into a CUSAT bashing one, and have nothing really to add to what Guru and Vina have said. exept ofcourse an incident that happened during Talentime, a cultural fest organised by SMS CUSAT. there was a event by a band named Nu Metal, and they were greeted with chairs and rattleing middlefingers .the next day, there were no chairs in the boys stand. we had to stand all the way through the program.

    Also Vina, very nice of you to write to the Registrar, but it dosent work that way here. unless you are with a bunch of criminals with grease bombs in your hand you cant be heard.

    just want my fucking degree and wanna get out this place and company with a hope i wont sink deeper into a state of mediocrity.

    Thanks again.

  8. @ Stark: Dude, first of all, wat did u mean by there were no chairs?

    Second of all, Talentime degraded to such an extent? I mean, I performed there and well that kinda motivated me to further the band we had formed and well it was really good. The crowd was very appreciative of metal then. Simply superb!!

    Hmm, sad to know the state of affairs rite now :-(!

  9. Yeah i know you’re in a band, thats why i wanted to tell you about it.
    I meant, the organisers had removed the chairs, no chairs – no village idiots threatening musicians with chairs. Which “crowd” are you talking about man? The crowd was appreciative till Aisha(Outlandish) and anything beyond that was greeted with chairs. A metal band playing Aisha, surely because of public unacceptance to their music, can you believe it !? In the end even the lead guy from the band shouted to those who were booing and told them fuck off. Talentime 05. HA !

  10. It is very wrong to say that Kerala has fared very badly in IIT JEE 2006. Per the latest figures around 80 students are successful in IIT JEE 2006 from Kerala. Kerala has got 3% of all India population and it got 14% of IIT JEE seats which is not bad. And this is despite not having any IIT JEE specific coaching centers like FIITJEE, Brilliant Tutorial, Ramaiha, Chaithanya, Narayana, Kota Bansilal, etc.

    Further, out of the 35 students selected for AIIMS 2006, 9 are from Kerala. AFMC’s 3 out top 10 are from Kerala.

    CUSAT: I totally agree with you. It is no where near to even state’s best colleges. The preferences of Kerala students go in this order: IIT, NIT, Top 15 colleges of Kerala and then CUSAT.


  11. Vina,

    Came across this blog by chance!! Well seems like history DOES repeat itself.This Time around it was 6 years!!

    To quote you

    “Let me finish it saying that my son, who was denied admission in CAT by its perverse policy, has joined ISM, Dhanbad on the basis of his ranks in IIT-JEE 2006. ‘Denied admission’ may not sound right, because his teacher at ISM will be a lecturer, who was a student of CUSAT, by name Udhaybanu. My son and CUSAT will always linked. Udhaybanu had a hearty laugh when I narrated my tale of woe. I accompanied my son to ISM on 4th of this month when the admissions took place there.”

    Year 2000 I had scored 86th Rank in CET.Well I wouldn’t have got admissions to any of the NITs (Of course not because my rank couldn’t have fetched it,but because the policies that are in place).To add to all these, I was never informed of the counselling dates (They did it only when my father called up the office of the controller of Exams).!! Infact they already had found out that I attended
    IIT counseling at Madras!
    Luckily for me I had cleared IIT-JEE and am now a graduate from ISM Dhanbad.However, whats been disgusting is the 4 years I had to stay away from parents and family.
    God knows how long it would be before these things get sorted out.!!

  12. Balakrishnan Sir,

    Sorry I defer on the point.

    First of all 80 students qualifying IIT JEE cannot amount to 14%.This is misleading

    Year 2000 when I cleared IIT-JEE the total available seats had been close to 3000. It should very well be around 4000 now. (With Roorkee included).So the figure does come to around 2%.That is still less than the 3% mark quoted by you.

    Yes the situation has improved (It was 24 in 2000. I do not remeber exactly though).


  13. @ Dinesh: Dude, welcome to comments :-)!!

    Hmm interesting… :-D!! Well it seems a lotta people are miffed because of the admission process. It’s a pity nobody has still seen to it that it’s not more transparent.

    *Tsk tsk*!!

  14. Balakrishan seems to conjure up figures in Kerala Favor . Again Kerala chauvinism to the fore .
    You donot find a pan indian atmosphere in Kerala do you ? They are busy promoting another Keralites interests by scuttling the prospects of a talented individual hailing from other states .

    Higly indivadualistic , parasites thats what Keralites are .

  15. To Karthik,

    I studied in CUSAT for an engineering degree. And yes it was interrupted all along by strikes and so forth but in the end, without even trying hard, I ended up with 3 offers(2 from Campus) in MNC’s.

    And to the rest of ur comments,u can argue all u like, but go anywhere in teh world, u will find a Malyaalee or 2. My mom’s family hails from a very small village in kerala. one of her relatives is in NASA, another is a leading expert in the world on Robotics.

    So plz refrain from making stupid comments about a society that has one of the highest literacy rates and social standards of living in the country.

  16. Dear Balu!

    I have no intention of belittling a Keralite’s intellect. However, even the most intelligent person needs to have favourable circumstances for the growth of his personality. With sufficient coaching centres in Kerala, the State could send more of her sons and daughters to elite instituitions of education in India and abroad, no doubt.

    But my point is about the number of Keralaites entering IITs, AIIMS, AFMS etc. you have mentioned. Are you sure all those who went there studied in Kerala ? They are Keralites by virtue of their births to Malayalee parents; not by virtue of their residency. If we go through their bio-data, we may perhaps be surprised to see that most of them are from such metros like Delhi etc. Same story in IAS etc. exam. If a Keralaite name figures in the rank list, you will find, more often than not, he or she may be chid of a malayalee parents working in metros like Delhi. Two years ago, the topper among women candidates in IAS is a malayalee girl. But in her case, she is a malayalee of parents living in Kerala. But the support of the state ends there because she was residing in JNU hostel for four years in pursuing a Phd degree in Econ. And, underwent choicest coaching in a reputed centre in Delhi.

    So far as AFMS entrance is concerned, the families wherein the tradition of Army runs for generations, like those of Punjabis, send their children to AFMS . Most of the selectees are children of Services officers. Further, there is a quota for them there.

    Maybe, the political culture of Kerala could be one example; and the other may be the desire of families in making their children earning members early in life. Keralites do not concentrate on one profession; so there is widespread scattering in many professions, except of course, in the nursing profession, which is associated with Keralite females in India, generally speaking. In the Department where I worked, the boss who eanred lakhs per month is a malayalee, and his peon who earned a few thousands per months is also a malayalee!!

    Against this background, I have to take your claim that more Keralaites have fared well in such entrace exams like IITs, AIIMS etc., with a pinch of salt!


  17. Being an IIT-ian (Bombay) myself I am providing a crude statistics. There are around 300-400 people mallu student in a 4000 strong student community. So the percentage should be around 8%. However, a majority of them being post-graduates. So undergraduates being around 5-6%. But demographic profile will vary between IIT. I am sure IIT-M will be more better represented (at least double) and IIT-Kharagpur, Gauwhati and Roorkee will be more sparsely populated with Kerala raised people.

    Leaving the statistics aside, let me shoot myself in my foot and claim that getting into IIT phenomena is way too over-hyped. Providing above average (not necessarily the best) education to a very significant amount of masses is a way better achievement. I do acknowledge that Kerala has a drought of higher education institutes. The current announcements seems to have restored ‘some’ faith that government has acknowledged the fact and is starting to move towards finding a fix. On passing, I want to point out Kerala do have some good real pockets of excellence, Rajiv Gandhi center for Photonics lab at CUSAT, Bio-Tech, Regional Cancer Center, Hopefully the ISRO institute which is being set up)

    After the above long prelude, let me get into the crux of my comment. “I have a real problem with coaching center model”. Apart from destroying some really precious childhood days I wonder what good it does. From my experience and observation of the undergraduates at IIT, I find that most of people who comes through coaching centers, fizzle out quite early and just scrap through IIT for the sake of getting degree. Some MNC will hire him/her, due to the IIT tag. If “he”, he will get a fat dowry. His/Her life is spend in making big bugs doing grunt work. You can get a similar fate anyways with not much struggle if you come from a background where your parents have enough money to spare on the cut-throat coaching centres, for example if you go to gulf/US after a bachelor degree from some less popular college.

    For a contrast, let’s take a developed European or US population from an affluent and rich background and ask them to take JEE. I am sure number of people who are able to clear the exam will be paltry. However, when they reach a graduate school or professional environment the value add and innovation capability that they bring is non-trivial. The real problem with a population groomed to crack JEE is that it is heavy on work and man hours, low in deep sustained thinking model. And more importantly I find a lots of kids (yes, a 16 year old is a ‘kid’ in a non-yankee sense) sometimes getting bobby-trapped into probing questions like “is this what I really want from my life” or “what is in there for engineering, and why did I choose this”. A real hardworking talent being put into a a place where he doesn’t want to be in the first place due to peer pressure and social polarisation.

    In a lighter note I find people from the most laid back of society, to be really successful. I had worked with people with various research labs around the world. The French though being the most laziest, but they come up with really awesome output (UK and Australia are not at all far behind them). So again forcing down coaching centers a 14 – 16 year old is not at all a nice or decent thing to do. It is nothing short of sadistic torture, suppression of creativity and destruction of personal life imho.

    ps : A disclaimer that I never attended any coaching classes, thankfully to great and ‘socially sensitive and aware’ parents. So do not take this as a grunt against my experience any coaching centre.

  18. I am writing cusat entrance 2008.Which rank must I get for a computer engineering seat.
    I have no reservation.please tell me

  19. Vina, Ofcourse you have a bad experience with CUSAT, i studied in cusat got friends from different parts of India,from Bihar,MP,AP,Punjab.But Keralities are not a bad society.Our society and politicsare much better than TN.
    And I stayed all states in South,I know Tamil and Tamilians very well.I Knew how their thoughts also..
    If Getting into IAS/IIT is only best then Bihar is educationally Best state ..but fact it is out 10 person 3 are passed out from Bihar shools.
    In IITS and IAS the coaching institutes playing major role than individual,check IIT results best results are from states with good coaching institutes,like Rajasthan,Andhra,Delhi.Another reason more students appering from these states like in case of Up Last year got 1300 candidates but ie outof 72000 appeared,bihar got sucess of 533 for 30490 appearents,for Andhra it is 1600 out of 65000 appeared.
    And IITians mostly from rich back ground but in kerala we cannot find very rich and feudal people mostly them are middle class people only.They cannot bare high fees of IIT coaching institutes.
    Another reason is girls outnumber the boys ,if u look at IIT results girls population will not more than 10-12 % ,chance of getting a keralite to an IIT is much less than or states.then also it is near or more than 100 in recent years.In AIPMT and AIIMS Jaiben Geogre from kottayam got 3rd and 1st and also this year 2nd is from kerala.CBSE results for 10th it is 99.89 It is highest for a state in india.In 2007 IAS results ..u can see 5 keralaites among top 25.This year also 4th rank from kerala only.1991 First rank holder in civilsUpsc from kerala…Raju Narayana swamy.

  20. For IIT ,IAS,very less keralities appear for xam take the case of JEE not more than 8,000-9,000 candidates will not appear from keralaites but in Northern states and Andhra numbers will be near to 50,000-10,0000..
    If any keralite not get into IIT/IAS then also it is a good state in terms of Education,Bcoz it is state of highest literacy %,highest EDI(Educational Developement Index)in 2007 by NUPEMA end Life standards.So state education not depend on no of IITians /IAS ,bcoz for results of that tests are more individual and based on coaching center impact.If a state can make every citizen to get atleast basic education its education system atleast widely distributed among all section of society,ie kerala doing for years .Education refine kerala atleast make its citizens to think so many other state not doing that instead they are proudly saying lot of IITians/IAS are from them .

  21. If a person is from IIT there is not big unless he done something good to India.U can check eminent scientist of india,ISRO,DRDO very less from IIT.In rearch fields IITians are no where in India and Abroad.
    Very less IItians got glory in their life.What are discoveires and inventions IITians had in their last 60 years?
    How many nobel lauterates are from IIT-JEE.?How many IIT-JEE for Chandrayan?
    So merely from an IIT doesnt assure any sucess in life.sucess will goes to person work for ,think for and dream for that.It is attitude,patience and hard work that leads to sucess and no labels.
    Performance of Life is important than any label.

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  23. tamilians are always jelous on keralites!!!

    i been in chennai for 10 years i know tamil people behavior!! In our country three states are worst behaviors

    rank no. 1 marati’s
    rank no2 tamils
    rank no. 3 kannadis

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