Training lyrics!

Today started off with a clogged nose
I feel like exploding, like when you hold a pressured hose
Now stuck in a training with some overhead transmission
To not kill the irritating specimen next to me is my mission!

Bored , yes o yes
Rite now everything feels like a mess!
About an hour to go
I am moving on to a higher low

I found these in my drafts folder. Apparently, I had written this down during one of the many training sessions I have been attending over the past 6 weeks :-D!! Couldn’t find the date when I wrote this :-D!! Wait the moment is coming back. Oh  yeah, this was during Syngo 3D training!! Hehehe!! Yeah now I remember the irritating specimen sitting next to me!! I am sure some people reading this mite know as well :-D!!

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