Xmen 3: The Last Stand

The Last Stand

A twist of events, change in characters, many come, many go. It's a movie filled with a lotta changes in the Xmen! Among the 3 I have seen, this is the best Xmen so far. However, it still doesn't make an impact on me.

Why I hated the movie!

  • The story was too fast.
  • Unnecessary scenes between Rogue and the guy who freezes was a drag!
  • The story wasn't told properly!

Why I liked the movie!

  • Wolverine was awesome – as I was discussing with Ratish, he should have been made the next James Bond!
  • The special effects and the action sequences were short, but still good
  • Halle Berry looked good ;-)!
  • They still left a way to continue the movie :-)!
  • "Grow those back" was a really funny dialogue!

One of the best things about the movie that left an impression on me was when Fire guy [God, I have to get to know these names :-D] tells that it was a good thing that the prof was killed. Magneto [phew finally] told him that he couldn't begin to comprehend what the prof had done for the mutants. It sorta gave me an idea as to how even close friends can have such different perspectives :-)! Their friendship was also hinted in the second movie when the prof and Magneto were playing chess in his confinement chamber.

It gave Magneto a heart, which was lacking in the first two movies. Inspite of the fact that we were talking about mutants, it gave a "human" touch to the movie!

IOW, 2.75 stars outta 5. The movie is worth watching, but it isn't phenomenal!

Brilliant performances by Wolverine, Storm, Prof, Juggernaut :-)!!

For an official review and checking out the cast, and other things, check out IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0376994/

13 thoughts on “Xmen 3: The Last Stand

  1. Hmmm…interesting.

    First off, guy who freezes stuff: Bobby Drake aka Iceman and Fire guy: John aka Pyro.

    Magneto was good in the movie but he gets to say some of the lamest dialogues. The scene where he says “What have I done?” after being hit was sort of lame to me. C’mon the guy is megalomaniac who hated humans! Surely he wouldn’t regress that easily after getting shot!

    Wolverine was kickass…”grow those back” scene was hilarious. As for nominating him as Bond, I think the guys over at MGM make sure only an Englishman or Irishman gets to play the super spy.

    Anyhoo, to each his own opinion. Being the comic buff I am, I sure hope Superman Returns is really good…else we’ll just have to wait for the next Batman flick


  2. Guru,

    Glad u touched on chess thingy – that was one of things I liked about the X-men movies(havent seen x3, yet) – they were telling a story, not a wham-bham, and onto the next action scene thingy.

    Among the things I fault Bond Movies is that some of them have had pathetic story lines – and even worse direction, acting.

    For example, Die Another Day – a well-past-50 and tired lookin Brosnan as Bond – the suave secret agent, gimme a break! (of course the new guy is even less charismatic than brosnan is at 50)


    Hugh Jackman is british, afaik.

  3. Love Hugh Jackman…have loved him in every movie he has played a part in…still to see X-men 3…but your review doesnt seem very encouaging!!
    And aint Hugh Jackman an englishman?? :-/

  4. IOW, 2.75 stars outta 5. The movie is worth watching, but it isn’t phenomenal!

    God, I have gone to quoting myself :-D! Just kidding! Anyway, I still think it’s a movie that you should watch, especially being a fan of Hugh Jackman :-D!

  5. @sukhi: Yeah man! I hear ya :-D! However, I think the movie could have been made brilliant :-D!

    I agree with the part about the Bond movies tho. However, I thought that the earlier Bond movies were kinda nice :-D! Esp, Casino Royale, the phase when there was no official bond. :-D!

    @ontheverge: Dude, I heard that huge time comic buffs really hated the movie, especially with the part that the Prof was pulverized. Coz, the Prof is one of the most important characters in the comics rite?

    And I have another question… Why does Magneto wear the helmet?

  6. Yo Dude, wazzzaaaaaaaaaa!! Posting a comment after a long time. Some points.

    When u give a movie review, DO NOT reveal major plot points (Prof dies) without giving a ****SPOLIER ALERT**** warning 🙂

    Magneto and Professor X play chess in the 1st movie (after Magneto is captured) and not the 2nd.

    Magneto wears a helmet to prevent Professor X from controlling him. Yes, that was the Prof’s power. Maybe he got so used to it that he didn’t feel like removing it even after the prof died 😀

  7. Waaazzzaaaa Gaytham ;-)!

    Ooooh… Thanks man, didn’t notice it!! Will give a *****SPOILER ALERT***** there rite now :-D!

    Thanks again for correcting, but you know how my memory is 😉

    Hey, I knew the Prof’s power k :-P! Actually, I did notice that he did remove it after the Prof died.. Check it out if you watch the movie again.

    Ok, Harsh told me that it magnified Magneto’s power – the helmet.

    One more question now that side: Was the helmet given to Magneto by the prof or something?

  8. Guys Hugh Jackman is australian! So is Eric Bana (The Hulk)…theyre friends or something.

    Magneto wears a helmet…cos it prevents his mind from being read or controlled by the Prof using Cerebro (that big contraption in X2…was designed by the Prof and Magneto). Now I assume, he wore the helmet after the Prof died cos I assume he wanted to protect himself from Jean…who is a very powerful telepath as well.

    Prof X dying was a drag…but what really pissed me off was Cyclops geting pulverised. He wasn’t given enough time in any of the flicks!

    Sigh…I love being a fanboy!!!

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