And it’s official…

Well, it’s finally official and I can blog about it for sure. :-D! I am leaving for Germany. I got my work permit today and I would be taking off by the first week of July. I am still at a quandary tho as to blog about the whole thing here, or create a separate blog about it, now that wordpress does allow multiple blogs under the same name!

So, I would be as of now staying at either Erlangen or Forccheim in the state of Bavaria [Bayern] and would be working at Forccheim! Hmmm… I think it should be good :-D!!

12 thoughts on “And it’s official…

  1. It’s more like a temp-permanent posting :-D! I am going there to develop certain aspects of a product. Once the product is released, will have to be there for the KT and charms raised. After that, we’ll see from there. ;-)!

  2. Congrats man.
    Bavaria, huh? Cool.

    Let us know how the place’s like. Do you get to travel to other places in Europe as well?

  3. I do, but not for the first 3 months. Till then I am on a GERMAN visa. I have to apply for my Schengen visa [for other EU nations] from there. Once that’s granted, I can move my ass to about 9 countries :-D!!

    The best part tho is that the driver’s license from India can be used as is, save for a German translation, which will be taken care of once I get there. The Delegation Centre will take care of it!!

    Of course, planning to start a new blog on the German scenario and all. Will keep ya guys posted :-)!

  4. cool. I’d have wished u luck with german women as well, but a european friend says the joke goes:

    When do you know you’ve crossed the border into germany?
    When the cows look prettier than the women.

    So well, good luck with the rest![:P]

  5. Hahaha. But, heard they aren’t all that bad with the fairer sex, especially with the World Cup Fever ;-)!

    Furthermore, EU is now open for travel, as soon as I get my Schengen visa. :-D! France is but 3 hours away from me ;-)!

  6. Yes Neeraj!!

    I am indeed hoping to catch that. However, I have heard that it’s only oh-so-great for the foreigners. The Germans are pretty ok wth it. It was actually popularised by the Americans :-D!

    Also, you know it started as a festival coz the Baron [if I remember rite] wanted to congratulate and offer his gratitude to all the farmers in Munchen [Munich]. Hence, it was a gala event. Now it’s a place where all the major beer players showcase their specialty in huge tents. :-D!

    Let’s see.. Will definitely blog about it, unless I don’t make it :-)!

  7. “Now it’s a place where all the major beer players showcase their specialty in huge tents. ”

    That’s the “perfect” sentence containing the “perfect” word for me.

    Will be looking forward for a post from you, while you will be sitting in one of the tents alongside a beer-keg 😀

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