Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage

Hmmm, love marriage v arranged marriage. Here’s a software engineer’s perspective on the same.
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Which One Will You Go For??

Love Marriage  or Arranged Marriage?

Love Marriage

  • Resembles procedural programming language. We have some set of functions like flirting, going to  movies together, making long conversations on phone and then try to fit all functions to the candidate we like.
  • Family system hangs because  hardware (called Parents) is not responding.
  • You are the project leader so “U” are responsible for implementation and execution of PROJECT- married life.
  • Client expectations include exciting feature as spouse cooking food, washing clothes etc.
  • Love Marriage is like Windows, beautiful n seductive…. Yet  one never knows when it will crash….

Arranged Marriage

  • Similar to object oriented programming approach. We first fix the candidate and then try to implement functions on her. The functions are added to supplement  the main program. The functions  can be added or deleted.
  • Compatible with hardware( Parents).
  • You are a team member under project leader (parents) so they are responsible for successful   execution of project Married life.
  • All these features are covered in the SRS (System Req. Specification) as required features.
  • Arranged Marriage is like Unix …. boring n colorless…  still extremely reliable n robust.

Hehehe, funny =D!

43 thoughts on “Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage

  1. Here is an Electronics Engineer’s viewpoint.

    A love marriage is like the positive half cycle of a sinusoidal wave, with the peak of the sine wave representing marriage.

    The relationship peaks at the point of marriage. Once they start living together, things aint as rosy as before and it goes downhill unless both parterns take an effort.

    An Arranged marriage is like a capacitor charging waveform. (or a trapezoidal waveform or a digital signal with a large rise time).

    Both partners start from scratch and if they put in effort and start adjusting, things get better with the end result being a stable relationship.


  2. Why is it that generally people feel that arranged marriage proves to be a happier marriage than a love marriage. :-P! Any mechanical engineers out there? ;-)!

    Being a computer science engineer, with limited experience of the world outside me. Arranged marriage/love marriage. It finally depends on the people who make the marriage work rite?

    I have amazing examples for both. I have shattered examples for both. So, finally I have come to the conclusion, love/arranged, it finally depends on the people who form the institution of marriage :-D!!

  3. as per my knowledge i prefer love marriage becoz in lve marriage vget 2 know each other well in advance v cme 2 know each others strengths and weakness so its better 2 get engagaed wit sme 1 whom u know well n who knows u well rather than entering a relationship were both r strangers after all its on us hw do v keep safe our relatoinship wheter its lve or arrange

  4. i think arrange marriage is better…. you dont know what you get ur self into until you are there and you realize shit i amde the biggest mistake of my life… at least wit arrange marriage u wont have ta deal wit the person changing on you while u were bf gf ta being husband wife… its a lot different…. in arrange marriage its fair chance u wont get any surprises…… like i did wit mine love marriage sucks

  5. Hey hey hey!! Isn’t that kinda wrong to judge every love marriage relationship based on one experience? I know Once bitten, twice shy However, it’s wrong to base your decisions on just one experience rite??

  6. well according to me love marriages are beter its well said that bfr marriage bf gf expects a lott and there expectations grow as the time increases bt i feel in every relationship there are expectations its the way u take them.. atleast in case of luv marriage u gotta know each othere.its far better then arranged where u r married to a complete stranger..ghosh…

  7. Both arranged marriages and love marriages has its own advantages and disadvantages..but for me personally the only advantage i see in love marriage is that u knw the person ,u are in love…but i personally beleive marriage is a completely diff ball game(no pun intended).when u start living together its completely different..i have seen love marriages tht hv wrkd for years together and i hv also seen shattered love marriages and kids suffering because of tht.i personally beleive in one thing…if u are not sure just LISTEN TO YOUR ELDERS(ur mom ,dad or someone close)trust me they know better than we do.they will only help u make the right choice.and in the end it dsnt matter if u marry the guy u chose or the guy ur parents thought ws better for u…just pray to god tht he gives u the sense to love the person u marry.

  8. You might be surprised to find that the odds are against a love marriage working out. 50 to 60 percent of all love marriages in the USA end in divorce within the first 2 years. However, only 5 percent of arranged marriages end in divorce. This is because arranged marriages are not made of hormones. They are arranged with care by parents according to compatibility of the bride and groom. I had a classmate in medical school who got an arranged marriage. I thought it was weird until I ended up in a bad love marriage. She is still happily married. None of the other doctors at the hospital are happily married. Only one doctor, an Indian guy who had an arranged marriage is happily married. It is best that you marry someone who you do not love, but will grow to love because you’ve chosen your mate logically without hormones interfering.

    Furthermore, many foreign women have customs that are much better than American girls. Not that they are better than American girls, but just better at dating. Indians are allowed a few chaperoned dates before marriage. The marriage is arranged, but you can refuse and ask your parents to choose another for you. During these dates, most Indian girls will tell her prospective husband her faults and ask the guy what his faults are. These girls do not try to trap a guy into marriage by putting her best foot forward. Instead, they try their best to be sure that they can live with each others’ faults before getting married. American girls will try to trap you in a marriage with hot sex and seduction. They will never reveal their faults before marriage.

    Only 20 percent of Filipina marriages with American men end in divorce. This is higher than the 5 percent Indian divorce rate, but still lower than the American divorce rate of 50-60 percent. You might be surprised to find that you are incredibly lucky to have a love marriage that works because, statistically, arranged marriages are at an advantage.

    Yes, love marriages can work, too (I am an optimist). Since I am not Indian, I cannot have an arranged marriage. So, I will do the following to cut hormones out of the dating equation in order to make a rational decision about who I will marry. I will not have sex before marriage. If I get horny, I will have sex with a prostitute. I will have a pernuptial agreement to make sure we understand exactly what to expect of each other. I will serreptitiously use a voice activated lie detector on her. I will investigate her with a private detective. The latter two may seem paranoid, but you might be surprised to find that it is necessary (though not foolproof) to root out the liers. Most western women will go through ridiculous lengths to attract a husband. They wear makeup, they’ll say almost anything, etc. Muslim women will hide their face (or at least their hair) and bare their faults at pre-marriage chaperoned dates. To me, makeup is a form of visual dishonesty. So, what’s to stop her from verbal dishonesty?

    Which brings me to my next pet peeve…. When women look out for number one, it’s, “You go girl!” When men do it, we are “chauvinist pigs.” I am not a chauvinist because I do not stop women from looking out for number one. I just get pissed off when others stop me from looking out for number one. Howevever, that’s a atory for another day….

  9. Firstly you say love marriage is marriage, you have hormones interfering. How about this…the guy I want to marry, I know him and we were good friends for one year, without any attraction. Later we got attracted, and became bfgf.

    Secondly, parents acting with logic? MY parents’ logic is this: this guy has a good name in society, so if my daughter marries their son, we would look good in the social ladder. And compatibility? Their idea of compatibility is this… you marry anybody, just adjust and accomodate to him. After all, do this for parents..they are the ones that brought you up.

    And why cant I marry the guy I want? Oh, because (although he speaks the same language, and follows the same social norms) he is from a different caste. And do they bother examining him? NO.

    Man, am I glad my parents love me SO much!!!

  10. i think it all depends on the individual who opts for love/arranged marriage.we cannot say which one is going to b gud.bcoz marriage is the binding of two persons and which remains for each person should live for other.some think arranged marriages can survive them better.but its not all true,we c even arranged marriages get divorced.also we can stand by the love marriages.they also tend to fail sometimes if their is no gud cooperation b/w both da persons..but love marriages offer gud understanding as there ll b oppurtunity 2 know each other which is not so much possible in arranged ones..finally i would like to say “life is to love and to b loved” for any kind one opt one shd keep loving and loved,,surya

  11. I totally agree with Surendra..coz he’s absolutely right. Marriage depends on both persons understandings.. so i think ‘ Every love marriage shud b arranged’

  12. i agree with all but i prefer arranged because u dont no the person and its almost like a roller coaser ride

  13. Love marriages are much better than arrange marriages as the individuals know each other too better. In arrange marriage a person may suffer with certain doubts ragarding his/her partner that anything may not get consealed but in love marriage much of the things are previously cleared.

  14. i lik love marriage ,bea. love is dream & marriage is reality and when dream and raelity comes to life any one will be happyand arrange mariage is nothing more.

  15. According to me love marriage is much better dan arrange marriage as in love marriage u get to share every aspect of love it gives u a sense of fulfillment,it offers more independence and requires minimum adjustments.
    AT D END I WLD LIKE TO SAY “Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.”

  16. i think arange marriage is very usually parent choice with their friend son.i think all parent will choose the best for their son.many people kill their self because disspoint with their lover.for me it better to get in love after married.

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  18. Thanks to the readers who are reading it.
    In my opinion arrange marriage is better than the love marriage if it is done happily by the side of husband and wife(not are forced to do the marriage by the family members of any side).
    I want to add that in case of arrange marriage the opportunity and time should be given to the boy and girl so that they can understand each other very well.

  19. Those inconsistent people who dont have the guts to love , will always try to say that arranged marriage is best..


  21. i think it depends on the environment and culture a person has experienced. but speaking truly i think arrange marriage is better than a love marriage..

  22. I think….for any relationship to be sucessful whether in love marriage or arrange they shud be thirst of companionship…..moreover they shoud be more understanding,loyalty,caring and compatibility between them.If these qualities are in them then i surely tel you all it will be the heaven on the earth for them…..Be it love marriage or arrange marriage,at the end what matters is the happiness…n …happy life..

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