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I have always wondered how I have grown to do what I do anyday. There’s been an awful lotta things added on to me, dimensions multiplied from the young, scared, crying kid who just stood there after the assembly got dispersed in UKG in Loyola school to the systems engineer today working for Siemens Information Systems Limited. A small retrospection, coz of lack of things to do, provided me some few memories. A few memories that I believe have moulded me, caressed me and educated me into being who I am today…Mrs. Remadevi Ramamoorthy: My mother is the single, most influential contributor to who i am. Her independence and adjustment in life has tremendously affected me in my life. She’s as independent as women come. And yet, she made enough adjustments in her life after her marriage to raise me, my sis, and contribute to building a family, inspite of many restrictions and offense from many sides. Furthermore, she lives her life, a day at a time, rarely worrying about things in the past, things to come and always thinks that nothing is really impossible for anyone in life, as long as they believe in themselves, the people who they care for, and God. That’s pretty much my philo in life as well ;-)!Mr. Renganathan Iyer: One of the earliest teachers in my life I remember is my grandfather. He still teaches me new things, but he impressed upon me the need to know the English language, the “gerunds” and the “homonyms”, and “classification nouns” I remember were his favorites. He’s a maestro with the language and can weave magic with the same in his writing and oratorial skills. He still maintains a notebook, in which he writes any new word, usage etc he finds by reading even The New Indian Express, which is his favorite daily btw. He claims that he reads the newspaper, not to improve his language, but to get an unbiased perspective on the things out there, and stands strong by his choice.Mr. Ramamoorthy Renganathan: My dad had his own contributions in the form of a very meticulous life he has led. Everything is in order for him. He knows where the tax returns for the year 87-88 would be kept under which file and which tab. Which color code was he using in that year and has a journal that maintains ALL his meetings, plans and what he has done on each and every day! An amazing documentation expert! I respect his punctuality, ability to remember things @ the right time and the degree to which he really learns the things. He was a scientist and now is an engineer, but still remembers his 4th standard physics with crystal clarity!! :O I know :-D!!Pushpa Ma’am, Kendriya Vidyalaya Pangode, Trivandrum, Kerala: She was my 7th standard Science teacher. The only year in which I had 100% marks in all but exam in the class. Was ranked 9th in an All India Talent Search for Mathematics and Science conducted by some institute, and received a gold medal from the Govt of India for the same. But, what I remember about her is how much she believed in me as to how I can perform. I didnt have to do any special effort! Her belief in me itself was more than the motivation :-)! Furthermore, she also made me realise that I yawn a lot, a lot, even when I am paying attention. :-D!! I remember one day, during the annual school inspection, she told me – “Renga, you better stop yawning that day, else it will reflect bad on everyone, although I know you are actually paying attention!” I thank you for all the encouragement ma’am!My athangs – cousins – Archana and Harini – They got me reading stories. Whenever I used to travel to Chennai, they used to be stuck with some book or the other. It made me start reading as well, and soon I started devouring books there. The month or so in Chennai used to see me reading about 20-30 stories. They dragged me through Enid Blytons, Hitchcocks, to Archer and Wodehouse. They still devour books, whilst I have taken a fancy to writing :-D!Dr. C.V. Rahulan – Principal – part time Math teacher, Kendriya Vidyalaya Pangode, Trivandrum, Kerala: My principal then and the guy who got me interested in Math. He taught me Sets and I still remember the basics only coz he taught me. Amazing prof. He had finished his PhD in Math from London! It also helped him that he was a looker, coz all our mums they would be so chatty with him :-P!Mr. Sharat Chandran, Kendriya Vidyalaya Pangode, Trivandrum, Kerala: He taught me English on and off. I still remember. “It was raining cats and dogs. What is this in English?”, he asked. I had just read about idioms the previous day. And with complete confidence I told him, “Idiom, Sir”. “Idiot, sit down”, pat came the reply. :-D!! He was good with his diction, his intonations, the way he had his half moon specs. He was too cool. I learnt how to talk from him!Ms. Carol Maturo – 10th grade World Cultures II Hons – Rocky Hill High School, Connecticut: She was the single person who prompted me to start writing. Till then I used to suck at writing. In her class we had to write a research paper. She taught me the basics of researching, and presenting in a good paper. The very first paper she graded of mine, I got 75%. At the end of the term, when we had to turn in our papers, she graded mine as the top paper, along with another one! She got me into writing, with panache, flare and style :-)!! I love you Ms. Maturo, and maybe I did consider your proposition of adopting me >:D<!!Chem teacher – 10th grade Advanced Chem – Rocky Hill High School, Connecticut: She was the person who introduced me into analytical thinking. There are some very special things she taught me about how scientists never use a pencil. Coz, being truthful and honest, they use a pen to note down everything they see. They cut, and rewrite, but they _never_ change what they have noted down. 🙂 Simple things, but made an impact into my mind then :-)!!Engineering, not many to mention save for Mr. Vinod Chandra – The don’t care attitude. Dude, I know what I am saying, so cut ur AC with CC attitude. [All Cock with Complete Cofidence]. But, he did know his subject thoroughly and one of the people who was genuinely upset, when I decided to become a corporate whore than a student for life :-D!!There are a lot of other things that I have learnt, and I respect in my friends, in people I have had an acquaintance with. That’s for another post but I guess. Anyway, wanted to round up all these people and gain their blessings and goodwishes. I love, adore and respect you all for helping me make my life!!

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  1. I have been a reader of your blogs for quite sometime now. There have been few articles which made me appreciate your game with words and ideas like this one. I do agree with the idea that one learns way more from people , be it ur parents, ur teachers, ur friends, ur milkman, ur watchman, ur liftman, the people u met and u lost, people u lost before you had them, people you could never know, strangers you meet and talk to while traveeling , people above u, people below u… people teach u way more than sources like books or religion or education system. So kinda liked this one… well written … keep it up …
    It would be nice and less irksome for your readers like me if u keep writing more of original stuff like this one rather than copying, pasting the forwarded mails that keep floating around in the mailboxes of software engineers across the country , unless you are the originator of those mails … (well, thats a little too hard to believe !!!)

  2. Hey ramneek!

    Thanks for your words! Indeed we do learn a lot from the very many people we come across in the various strata of life.

    About the pasting the forwards. Honoring your opinion, I think it’s a personal choice. I am using this blog to essentially speak my mind, and keep it as a journal to keep track of what I like, I don’t etc.

    That’s why I mark them as “Phaltoo Forwards” category. You could just ignore the ones in that category. :-)!!

    So, take care. Thanks again =D!

  3. This is a good one. As someone said, pretty inspiring.

    Most of the time, as we’re engrossed in the rat race to be successful in life, the one thing we often may forget is to look back at the individuals who’ve knowingly/unknowingly contributed to everything we may be today. Parents and family are of course obvious, because they help to formulate our earliest impressions and ideals. I believe strongly in the power of teachers, because they definitely contribute the maximum, after parents that is, in shaping an individual’s identity.

    Not every teacher is perfect, but the ones that are, leave the biggest dents in our hearts. And God bless them, so that they continue to do so forever.

    Its really heartening to see a post dedicated to the efforts of parents and teachers, in this world. How insignificant our own achievements seem, when we compare them with that which they have helped achieve!

  4. @ shikha: Thanks. I didn’t think so much before typing out the post. :-D!

    Btw, an addendum to what you told

    Its really heartening to see a post dedicated to the efforts of parents and teachers, in this world. How insignificant our own achievements seem, when we compare them with that which they have helped achieve!

    All teachers, I have heard take the most pride when their students go on to attain greater glories than they had ever done. That’s the “work satisfaction” for them, to borrow the corporate jargons. :-D!

    Not every teacher is perfect, but the ones that are, leave the biggest dents in our hearts. And God bless them, so that they continue to do so forever.

    I made a mistake by using the “dent” in the positive context, I see that I am starting a trend :-D!! Let it remain uncorrected now ;-)! Just mentioned coz “dent” is always used with a negative connotation.

    Btw, about perfection, I am reminded of something that Micheal J Fox told.

    I try to excel in everything I do. Perfection is God’s business

    or something along those lines ;-)!

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. I guess ‘dent’ is just one of the literary liberties people take cos I believe I’ve heard it used before, in positive contexts 🙂

    Taking your cue on perfection, I also think its a very relative term :). So many things in day to day life are classified as ‘perfect’ – from the amount of salt in a curry, to the execution of a corporate takeover. As Fox said, I think the only thing that matters is how ‘satisfied’ you are in what you’re doing :).

    BTW, I’ve also been priviledged to dabble in training (though not the regular college/school kind), and yes, I agree that there is nothing more satisfactory than seeing your students achieve greater heights…

  6. There are a lot of other things that I have learnt, and I respect in my friends, in people I have had an acquaintance with. That’s for another post but I guess.

    The post should be coming up soon :-)! I also have to write about the trip to Germany dude. Working on a story as well. Will complete all this as soon as I can get my hands on a laptop. Don’t have the time to write in office :-D!!

    Btw, what’s up Konfused Khopadi?

  7. Re:
    Ms. Carol Maturo – 10th grade World Cultures II Hons – Rocky Hill High School, Connecticut:

    I did a search to try to locate this great teacher, and all I came up with is your blog! I had her for Western Civ back around 1971
    and I loved her style and passion for the subject. Now I am 52 and realize that she is a bit older than that, but figure she is still around somewhere. Do you know if she still teaches at Rocky Hill? I had her as a teacher at Tolland High. I would love to send her an email if you have an address for her. I remember one time she organized a class trip to go see Jimi Hendrix at the Bushnell in Hartford, I was too young to go with that class – but I thought she was pretty cool. I learned alot about looking at the bigger picture when it comes to cultures and clashes of peoples as they come and go on the world stage from her. She opened my little mind considerably. Thank you Ms. Maturo!!!

  8. @ Frank: Hey nice of you to drop in a comment! :-)! I am sorry, I am still trying to get some of my friends in the US [I am not in US anymore] to visit RHHS and find out where Ms Maturo is. Even I wanna get in touch with her!

    She was a really amazing teacher. I honestly think that she has managed to change the concept of “broad-perception” and reasoning along with the art of “persuasive-writing” in me :-)!

    I will let you know in case I get any heads-up on the whereabouts of Ms Maturo. Have a wonderful New Year Frank!

  9. dear dude,
    i undertand that u are a student of kv pangode.with ur discriptions i imagine that kv pangode would have been heavenly during ur time .since u have told that rahulan sir was the principal …….i must have been in class 1 then.i am sory to say that the good old days are all over ,the school is being ruled by a devil called as kc mathew ,,,,,the present principal.i am the present shool pupil leader,for the past 3 years ther has been no tours ,this time he is taking us to planeturium……..i managed to get a trip to ooty for 11 we are supposed to go on 23 at this 11th hour he is cancelling the tip…………………
    i was trying to lodge a complaint againist hi that i foud this blog……….
    do mail to me……….
    come to school some times………………….

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