Krrrish – Review – Hilarious!!

Krrrish!! I have heard sum reviews about the movie from all the people who have been to the movie. Apparently, it’s even better than the Superman :-D!! But, being the psychotic obsessive reader of reviews, I was going through some and here’s what I got from Boing Boing :-D!!

From Confessions of an Aca/Fan: The Official Weblong of Henry Jenkins: Truth, Justice and the South Asian Way,

Much like the western Superman who has been read as an embodiment of national myths and ideals, there is much which speaks to the specifically Indian origins of this particular story.

For one thing, the early signs that young Krishna may have superpowers come when he turns out to be a protégé at sketching and then confounds the teachers at his local school with a spectacular performance on his I.Q. exam. The American counterpart would have led off with his strength, his speed, or maybe even his X-ray vision but having a superior intellect has rarely been a prerequisite for becoming a superpower in the western sense of the term. Throughout the film, in fact, the other characters consistently cite his “talents” but rarely his “powers” as if he were destined to become an extremely gifted knowledge worker (and indeed, it turns out that the ethics of knowledge work for hire are at the center of this epic saga.)

His special powers are modest by western standards, though spectacular enough by local standards. Much like the original Superman, he covers vast distances through long leaps but doesn’t actually have the ability to fly. He can scale a mountain peak as if it were a series of stepping stones. He can run faster than the local horses. He can reach into the river and yank out a fish with his bare hands. And he can speak with the animals and get them to do his bidding. And, in several sequences, he demonstrates his superiority, Gandhi style, by withstanding enormous physical and emotional abuse without resorting to violence.

As with the western Superman, his adventures begin when he lives the small town (village) where he was raised and move to the city but in keeping with the modern era of South Asian Diaspora, he goes not to Metropolis but to Singapore in pursuit of the woman of his dreams, who turns out to be not only a modern working girl but a Non-Resident Indian.

Now, I gotta gotta see this movie. :-D!! Btw, check out the comments, there are people discussing it across the world as to where they can catch the movie. ROFLMAO!! Man, Rakesh Roshan is gonna mint sum money at the least :-D!!

6 thoughts on “Krrrish – Review – Hilarious!!

  1. oh my god!!! i saw it with a friend last week…first half bored me to tears!!!! second half…um…well, lets just say….from the looks of it…Krrish can beat Supes, Batman and all of the XMen combined!

    This piece of ART made close to 69crores in 2 weeks!!!

    Best line in the flick “Thankyou Jaadoo, thankyou!”

    I actually sat there for 3 hours! shit.


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