Just in case people are wondering

In case you are wondering, not that many are there who are, but I have reached Germany. I am working with Siemens CT in Forccheim, and am staying at Erlangen Germany as of now. The place is beautiful, with a capital B but has its own intricacies. Work is taking its toll on me, and so is missing people, and culture. Anyhoo..should be shifting to an apartment next week [am in a service apartment rite now].

Will be buying a laptop as well in the next 2-3 weeks. So, I should be back to blogging in the next 2-3 weeks and I have tons to write about.

Everyday is a ruddy experience in this country!!

All to come in detail with snaps soon 🙂

10 thoughts on “Just in case people are wondering

  1. Looking forward to your posts on the experience in Germany.

    Go kick some Jerry ass! 😉

    Also looking forward to see what your laptop will turn out to be. In case u need help in choosing a config, u know whom to contact!

  2. @ Ms Imperfect: 🙂 We all know why you know :-P!

    @ The Fragger: Ze Fragger rather 😉 Yup man. I would defi need sum help as far as getting a laptop in Germany is concerned. Send me a good config will you. I will even start a post on that. You can always fill it up with your god-amazing knowledge comments :-)! Look out for the next post. Finding a good laptop in Germany – 1!! Let’s start off with your comments on a good config :-D!!

  3. Well, it’s kinda tough not to miss the gang of people who you are so used to :-D!!

    Anyhoo, having a pretty interesting time here, if not great :-D!!

    Ya take care too buds. I am starting on the “BIG LAPTOP HUNT” aka “Getting back to the blog hunt” tomorrow by visiting Media Markt which is a supermarket for Electronic Goods :-D!

    Hopefully it goes well and I see something I like :-D!

  4. heyyyyyyyyyy bugger!!! I was beggining to wonder whether you got lost in some european jungle or sumtin…
    howz d simple life ther eh??? must be soooper…
    here also workload is HUGE man..doin 12-hour shifts by the 2nd week..i had to come to office within 7 hours of landing!!! blooodyyy….howzdat for a major jetlag headache? anywayz..dis place is sesski beautiful too..went local sightseeing..dis week we did a RoadTrip to NYC!! ultimate man!!! tooo good…okieee..kp in touch n visit my blog a**…got lotsaa stuff to rant too..tc! ta!

  5. Yeah yeah!!

    Time’s a hard here mate. Just came after my apartment hunting into office. Got sum good options, but I am going in for a fully decked apartment, bicycle included and a 2MBPS DSL connection with unlimited bandwidth!!

    Hehe, now all I need is a bloody laptop!! :-(!!

    Which reminds me!! I wonder how I am gonna order a Dell machine here with the international keyboard!! :-D!!

  6. ohhhh ok kool..
    i sumhow managed to get a laptop from MindTree before leaving…hehe…so had a laptop from Day-0.
    mY HOTEL wifi cnxn is 48Mbps…and office is 400Mbps…scary bandwidth man!!!

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