Life in Deutschland – a briefer

It’s been some time since I wrote anything. There are many pending posts in my drafts directory apart from quite a lotta stories that I had started typing in India but never had the chance to complete. Anyhoo, after coming to Germany, time has never been enough in office, although I am spending only about 8.5 hours in the office, and outside the office, I just don’t have the access. The previous posts about the laptop should be more than enough to convince anyone that I am in dire need to do some serious writing once in a while.

So, finally I have decided that gaming can wait, owning an awesome laptop can wait. Right now I need a sturdy, smart laptop, which may not be “The greatest and the best”, but it has enough power in it to keep me connected and typing and writing. Also help me manage my photos.

I came across a very interesting resource on the web – Notebooks Billiger, roughly translated to Notebooks Discounts. It’s a portal for notebooks and related accessories from where you have a really wide variety of choices. I am even going to forego my demand for an international QWERTY keyboard, as most of the laptops here follow the German/Austrian standard of the QWERTZ keyboard layout. A pain, especially for the people who look and type. As I don’t do that, I am figuring that I wouldn’t have too much of a problem with the same.

Anyhoo, that got me interested in the various keyboard layouts present out there and here’s a decent comparison of all – thanks to our one n only Wikipedia of course Keyboard Layout – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia!

I have found an apartment at a place called Heavy Weapon Strasse in Erlangen, Germany.
Free Image Hosting at

That’s the map directions, however, what’s now barren land is NOT barren anymore. There are quite a few row houses there. Will bring in the detailed snaps asap.

The apartment is a one room apartment with all the facilities including a telephone and a 2MBPS DSL connection with unlimited bandwidth and I am PAYING for it. So, that would explain why I would want the laptop asap as well. The apartment is costing me about 600Euros, a bit steep for a one bedroom apartment, but it’s fully furnished and I can just move in and start living. It also helps that it has a separate kitchen and a separate washroom. I have to post the snaps of that as well. Anyhoo, I will be moving in on the 1st of August, 2006, from the service apartment [I call it The Oven] that I am in rite now. It’s also only HALF as expensive as the current one.

I am missing people definitely, but I am slowly getting adjusted to this place. It’s indeed an awesome experience as far as work, and managing my own life goes :-D!! But, at the cost of missing out some important moments of life with my family, my special someone and friends. I wonder if it’s really worth all that effort.

Anyhoo, will update more asap! Signing off for now.

Note to self: Write about
-> Getting lost in Germany
-> The public transportation system
-> Erlangen
-> Forccheim
-> Anna Fest and the Bier Garten [Hoffmans Kellar]
-> Media Markt experience

19 thoughts on “Life in Deutschland – a briefer

  1. Yeah, that’s not a problem. It’s just that whenever you have to look into the keyboard, you’d not find any help unless of course you start the online keyboard! :-D!

    Btw, 2MBPS is heaven allrite :-D!

    But, Staney, in Washington DC – 40MBPS @ hotel and 400MBPS in office. WTF is THAT all about? Hehehehe!

    But, yeah will be happy with 2MBPS. Now you gotta send me sum links from where I can download data. :-D!

  2. oye!!!

    Sounds great! Really!

    Ok…see…I had an oppurtunity to work somewhere else once…and I was worried about missing those “moments” and i made a choice and here i am! I have no regrets!

    Be glad that you have great great memories to look back to man!! Being there is probably one of those very wild experiences you can tell your kids about! ha!

    Can’t wait for you to recount your adventures in the Fatherland!



  3. @ontheverge: Well the experience is definitely something that I am treasuring. And hopefully for someone’s sake, let it not be too wild :-D!! Rather, not wild at all… Err any comments, special sum1 ;-)???

    It’s pretty good dude! The work is awesome. The people are nice. The weather is supposed to be really great, but for me it’s a bit too warm, especially used to namma uroo Bengaluru for a year…

    But it’s green, it’s modern and that combo always manages to take my breath away. ;-)!

  4. Note to self: Write about the heat and how the Germans are really appreciating it as well. Sorry to write all these down into the posts and the comments, but then that’s the only place I have to call my own now :P!

  5. hehe…roger that…not tooo wild! hehe….

    i can picture it…smooth straight roads with the perfect amount of greenery on the sides! aaah!

    A perfect “Free falling” scene if youre driving! (that song from Jerry Maguire)


  6. Oh yeah.. :-D!!

    But, don’t have wheels yet and don’t have no hope o getting any either, thanks to the peanuts, which they are offering me. Making me reconsider the time to get a laptop, which just makes me work harder to start writing about Germany. Anyhoo, complex thought processes owing to a Friday afternoon, and lack of people around me :-D!! Especially people known as bosses. ;-)!

    Btw, Free Falling is by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, if I remember rite… If you don’t have the song, I can send it to you!


  7. yea…thats right! I’ve got it…but that’s the only one by Tom Petty I have.

    Right now I’m hooked to Joshua Radin…very mellow stuff! “winter” is an awesome track…if you’ve watched Scrubs…you may have listened to him…

  8. Dude, you’ve gotta be pulling me on, and adding salt to the injury. I am in Deutschland, where in the only non German channels, are BBC, CNN, B4U Music, and TV5 [French]!

    Actually there are more, TVE [TV Espanol, Spanish]. Anyhoo, at least so much that I can discern. Consequently, I now know most of the Hizbullah militant leader’s and their chamchah names, but then that’s about it. TV, IOW is non-existent, especially when I try to watch Lizzy McGuire, or whatever in German, it suddenly doesn’t appeal, except for the humor factor!

    The only thing, which I can and do watch are some sports channels with Deutsch commentary, which thankfully can be muted!

    So, as a result, I sleep early after jogging, a shower and cooking [:O Yeah, things I do to pass time]!!

    Someone loan me some money, so that I can buy a laptop. Btw, I might go for the Toshiba Satellite A100 deal that The Overclocked Fragger suggested.

  9. //But, Staney, in Washington DC – 40MBPS @ hotel and 400MBPS in office. WTF is THAT all about? Hehehehe!

    i know…WTF is that all about!!?? :))
    i’m zooming down on the DELL 1705 for now…but still waitin for atleast 2-3 weeks! not in any hurry u see!! (eeviiilll laugh)
    Oh hey..u got lost in germany??? koooooooooooooooool….was it similar to my NYC exp? man…i’m still ” stuck in this moment that you cant get out off”. 🙂

  10. Hmmm…did someone say sumin like wild??
    And did sum1 else say it rather not be….

    Me says…let it be as wild as possible…thats what being in a new country with no restrictions and too much time on your hand should let you do… 🙂 And also the fact that beer is free flowing there 😛

    I’m sure the special sum1 doesnt mind you having a little fun…all she wud expect is that you tell her about it…[you see,she’ll need to kick sum @$$ after that…but thats alright!! 😛 ]

    Just make sure that you dont spread the pangu breed across germany…We dont want too many little pangus running around 😛

  11. @MsImperfect aka Special Sum1: I hope that special someone is really sure about the thought :P!! Hmmm, the Pangu breed needs to be kept at a curb.. else I am sure it mite spread like wildfire :P!!

    Anyhoo, finally got connected to the net from the apartment. The laptop seems really nice to actually be used as a blogging tool ;-)!

    @ staney_boy: Btw, the Dell 1705 is OK!! I am going in for the Toshiba Satellite A100 dude. The equivalent of the DELL 1705 here is the Dell Inspiron 9400 series. But that’s JUST not affordable yet for me. I mite be able to afford those probably next month. So, I mite just wait, and if I can wait, then I mite as well wait for an awesome deal, when the Duo Core 2 is released and Duo Core prices fall like bricks :-D!

    Btw, the weather’s really nice today, with it becoming more like Bangalore and the temperatures also proceeding towards the same. Now going out with Harsha for he has to buy sum chocolates and all… and I am really really hungry. My breakfast got screwed thanks to the milk curdling… :-D!!

  12. Hey Hey hey!! Free Love?? Hmmm, on the lines of Osho are we? Anyhoo, that’s scaring me more sitting here :P!

    And I thought it was supposed to be the other way! :-D!

  13. ouch! No english channels huh? I wouldn’t survive for two whole days then!

    little pangus! shit I’m picturing it…aaaaaargh…can’t get it out of my head now!!!!!

  14. Damn, stop picturing ’em dude!! Get it outta your head…

    Think of “Run, Yasmine… Run…” That usually helps me outta picturing weird stuff :-D!!

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