Beer drinking for the uninitiated

Warning: I am not a beer connoisseur. I have started drinking only about a year ago. I started drinking beer only on July 11, 2005. But, it has become one of all time favorite drinks. There will a lotta yapping and assumptions, forgive me for them, and read, else don’t :-D!

That said, some more disclaimers. I cannot gorge on beer. I can hardly finish a pitcher, and a mug after that AT THE VERY MOST. I can get high on beer, even after just a pint.

Phew… Now that’s something I have come out and told in the open :-D! Anyhoo, getting back to the topic. I started drinking only after my college. I was strongly against for no particular reason except that I thought that I didn’t really need to drink to enjoy. I still believe so. I hardly consume alcohol even now. On an average, it’s once a week, if people wanna really hang out and grab some beer. But I have had some awesome times, when I got drunk as well. :-D!

Why am I digressing so much? Already I see no structure in this blog… 😉

First of all, The golden rules on drinking, which was co-formulated by me and Arjun! So, ya gotta follow all that.

Now, comes to the part where in I started preaching about drinking to the prestidigitator. So, here’s the excerpt from that. [Psstt… I am too lazy to type it all over again :-D]

-> Don’t go by the taste. It sucks, initially, but then you grow to love it.
-> GO FOR THE DRAUGHT BEER and NOT the bottled beer.
-> Drink slowly and steadily.
-> Always keep some bites near you. The best I like is “peanut masala” served in all the pubs in India. French fries, Potato wedges, wafers, chicken wings, drum sticks??? if you are a non-vegetarian
-> If people have told you that you will puke when you drink the first time, it’s but a myth. It’s all in the mind. If at all you feel like puking, all you need to do is take a bite of something you like and smell it. Removes the feeling
-> Do not mix your drinks the first time! That’s for later ;-)
-> Beer is healthier than Coke/Pepsi/other aerated drinks -D !!
-> If it’s a pub, DO NOT GO TO A PUB where in you don’t like the music. Screws the experience big time -D !

Now, those should get you started. Will fill this up and complete it later, as I am totally bored rite now :-D!! Just too many blog entries for today!

18 thoughts on “Beer drinking for the uninitiated

  1. Hey Pangs

    G8 tips! If I ever decide to take up drinkin I am sure these will come handy.

    Anywez … Howz life cuz?

  2. @ The Fragger: Yes man. I had read it in Bangalore Times, the Times of India supplement for Bengaluru, about 2-3 months back. I had wanted to make a blog outta it then, but couldn’t :-D!

    Anyhoo, schools in Belgium are planning to serve beer over aerated drinks to the students, a light ale of course, with about 1-2% alcohol content, because aerated drinks are the single reason for overweight these days!!

    @ Osho: Hahaha, yeah yeah :-D!! Life’s awesome! You must have gone through the blogs na! ;-)! Now, just reached office and was checking out the comments and tackling ’em one by one :-D!

    So, how’s life over there? Aunty and Lee and getting there by the end of this week aren’t they? I am gonna try and meet ’em at Frankfurt. Have to check out the train timings to Frankfurt now!! :-)!

  3. OK…!!!

    I was aginst drinking too…and I have a feeling that’s about to change!

    Thing is I figured I might as well atleast try beer…and you my friend…seem to have an indepth knowledge on it!

    BTW…golden rules were hilarious!

  4. Dude, I was totally against drinking and smoking. Well now both is changed. As long as you are under control and drinking and smoking is under your control. Go ahead. ;-)!!

    Yup, I agree. Btw, that was formulated, I think when were kinda drunk anyway ;-)!

    And people talk about natural high. Well these are also natural highs

    -> Beer – Barley – totally natural
    -> Cigarettes – Tobacco – totally natural
    -> Marijuana – Well Marijuana – totally natural :-P!!

  5. God, they suck. See, beer is not a good-tasting thing. The best part about beer is the “kick”, which you will feel don’tcha worry about that. :-D!

    So, the non-alcoholic ones are just bitter, and they don’t provide you with any high whatsoever. Have some alcoholic ones, and once you get used to the taste, and believe me you will soon, if you continue drinking, then you can adopt the non-alcoholic beers, if you are the designated driver or something like that.

    Just as a word of advice: Have about 2-3 mugs of beer and be comfortable with it. Don’t gorge/slosh yourself first time :-)! And think happy thoughts as it’s but a mood catalyst – alcohol!! ;-)!!

  6. hehe nice tips on how to become a alcoholic. but how high can u get on beer? i drink only to get high provided its tastes halfway decent..but beer tastes awful!! but id like to like it coz my fave ppl in the world r beer-drinkers..
    also it sucks.. coz u get a paunch n tats very unhot. lol.
    tat is true rite?

  7. Yeah well, bbbbbbbeeeeeeuuuuurrrrrr, as I say when I get drunk!! ;-)! Naah, see it’s not a question of how high you get. Coz, then you are right, beer definitely doesn’t top the list. However, other drinks, namely, hard drinks [Am I missing something here alcoholics??], give a sorta sudden high and then you just go “PHUT”!!

    Beer, on the other hand, gives you a moderate high that lasts for quite some time.

    And about the taste part, beer tastes better and better as ya keep drinking it. I used to hate the taste of beer and now I just LOVE the taste of a good draught!! It’s refreshing even… Damn, so much beer discourse has made me kinda thirsty for some good bbbbeeeeuuuurrrrr!! ;-)!

  8. About the paunch, Not so true. Beer drinking coupled with no exercise will lead you to a paunch! A person working out on a regular basis can chug as much beer as he/she wants to!!

  9. “give a sorta sudden high and then you just go “PHUT”!!”

    Now, who gave you that idea???

    “A person working out on a regular basis can chug as much beer as he/she wants to!!”

    Which means you should stop thinking about beer for a while…atleast till you get ur lazy ass to a gym!!! 😛

  10. Beeerrr… Eerr… Eeeerr… [Coz someone told me “B Silent”]

    Wokey!! Whateva you say m’lady ;-)!! But I am joining a gym next week, well hopefully!! ;-)!!

  11. hahaaa…howcome i missed this post earlier!!!???
    aahhh..zeee beerrr…mmmm….hey i started drinkin beer durin s4 excursions…B’lore d starting point of it all!!! hahaa…feeelin nostalgic now personal record is 3.5 650ml bottles…was durin one of those parties at Somu’s place…n i still dont kno anyone who’s gone past it!! wooohooo..(must be 1000s out there, but me not chkin!) anyways the first thing i did during my first weekend here in d US was go n get 2 HUGE crates of Miller n Bud! Hey wait…i mite hav topped my record in NYC, dunt rembr man..was out drinkin till 4:00am on Broadway!! 🙂 finished some 12-13 cans i guess…all my PM’s treat too! lol.

    PS: Draught Beer actually sux when it comes to kicks. Bottled beer is better anytime..but in a pub, u cant beat that continous-pitcher-order-loop effect…so gr8 dat way! 😉

  12. I agree with the draught v bottle part. Y’day nite I was drinking some Wosteiner, pure German beer! However I realised that the draught tastes WAY better, but the kicks. I was high after a mere 500ml of Wosteiner ;-)!!

  13. Wooptie doo……you’re an alcoholic….so what? Dont drink often, eh? Dont think alcohol rules your life, huh? Then I wonder why you made it the topic of an entire blog. BTW……being able to drink an entire pitcher or 12 to 13 cans, means you have a heightened tolerance,….which means you have a drinking problem.

  14. Ok, dude, are ya drunk? First of all, I can’t drink 12-13 cans. Are ya talking to yourself over the textbox or sumin? I mean I get hi with a single bottle of beer. :D!! It’s confirmed by many a people. ;-)!

    Yup and thanks for sharing your well made, albeit wrong observations :-D!!

  15. Stop saying beer gets you high. Beer gets you buzzed, tipsy, drunk, etc. I understand the concept is the same, but seriously.

    Also, Erik Thomas is mentally retarded.

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