Difference between Scotland Yard and the Mumbai Police Force

Y’day travelling through the bus, I was chatting with a colleague of mine! He told that Scotland Yard is supposed to be one of the  best detective agencies in the world. And it was laudable that they prevented the terrorists from wreaking havoc again. Then, my other colleague came up with an interesting comparison between Scotland Yard and the Mumbali Police Force – considered to be the Indian Scotland Yard. ;-)!

Both catch the terrorits/perpetrators of crime in the end. Both don’t let ’em pass. The only difference is something along the lines of pre and post. Scotland Yard catches them – the criminals – before the crime is committed, whereas the MPF catch them after the crime is committed.

Funny, but scary!!

12 thoughts on “Difference between Scotland Yard and the Mumbai Police Force

  1. Hehe…thing is I’m not that great at malayalam…but I’m gonna try it in English…here goes…(laugh anyway)

    The FBI, Mossad and the KP decide to find out who’s the best among them. So the test is to capture a tiger from a forest…in minimum time.

    FBI goes in first…takes 4 days and bring back the tiger…the agents are all battered and bruised but smile victoriously.

    The Mossad go in next…take a full week before a tiger is caught and come out dejected that the FBI beat them.

    Next, “nammude” KP go in…4 days…nothing. 1 week…nothing. 2 weeks…nothing. a whole month…nothing. A search team is sent…to their surprise, they find a cow hanging on a tree…upside down. KP beating it up screaming “Sathyam parayada…ne alle puli???”

  2. umm, from what I know, the Mumbai police has been fairly good at it. BTW, *not* a recommendation, but reading maximum city kinda gives u an idea of police brutality, challenges, and the underworld.

  3. @ Hiren: Amen! You know it could also be a conspiracy by the US and UK to get support in the UN Council, which is gonna happen soon for some bills against terrorism. Note: They didn’t catch the terrorists in the act, but just before, and hence dunno whether they were really gonna do it or not :-D!!

    @ Sukhi: Dude, “Maximum City”??

  4. Dude, how can Tom Cruise be a mumbai policeman? 😀 I know you are hinting at Minority Report, but then only if Tom Cruise were in the Scotland Yard sorta, hwould it make sense rite?

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