Tag, I’m it? Yay!! I am it!!

Kickasso tagged me after a push from my side, as I am absolutely bored on a Sunday morning, having nothing planned for the day other than washing my clothes and ironing the previously washed clothes. IOW, sheer boredom awaits me at the beginning/end of a week! Consequently, I decided to fill in the tag and spend some time. Btw, it’s very very easy to hack into a wireless network and gain access to Internet. That’s how I am online rite now. I don’t think they can charge me or anything anyway, so who bothers ;-)!1. Were you named after anyone?Yes and No!Yup = Grandpa’s name [concatenate with space] Dad’s name [It’s the tradition in my family to name the first born son after the paternal grandfather and the 2nd son after the maternal grandfather and same goes for the female gender as well. Anyhoo, dunno the complexity after that. :-D]Ravi = Renganatha Iyer + Vishwanatha Iyer [1st 2 letters of the paternal and maternal grandfather]Pangu = Nopes, Gautam christened me ;-)Guru Panguji = My own creation ;-)!2. Do you wish on stars?Hmmm, how many people have actually been on stars? And managed to wish for something from there? Reading too much apart, never wished on stars :P!3. When did you last cry?Well, as in felt sad and shed unconsciously a few of the cleansers? Well it’s gotta be July 16, 2006, when I left to Germany after I got one of the most memorable farewells in my life. The love was too powerful :D!!4. Do you like your handwriting?I love it!! Not to blow my own trumpet [Not that i can even with a real trumpet], I am supposed to have an amazing handwriting :-D!5. What is your favourite meat?A vegetarian for life :-D!!6. What is your most embarrassing CD on your shelf?Doubt if I have one of those here :-D!! But, at home, it was Spice Girls :-D!!7. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?Hell yeah!! How can someone not be friends with such a friendly, interesting, smart, talkative guy as me ;-)! It’s hard to ignore me when I am on the face of most of ze people I know ;-)!8. Are you a daredevil ?Depends on my mood really. I never used 2 be one. But then, college and friends there kinda changed my perspective. Since then, have never been really afraid or thoughful of trying out something ;-)!9. How do you release anger?Heavy Metal Song if I am home, with probably a puff, else it’s swear, scream, try n bash the other guy up [HAS TO BE A GUY, can’t harm ze ladies physically], even if he’s twice my size, and then have your friends ask you to calm down!! IOW, pretty much let it out ;-)!! However, these days it’s more like Have a chocolate and count to 10! Who am I kidding? Unless I count backwards from 100, my mind is gonna be too engrossed with the task @ hand of whooping some ass.10. Where is your second home?Flat #1, Site # 111/5, Rajappa Buildings, Opp Govt School, Taverekere, Bangalore – 560 029, India. Actually that’s my favorite home :-)!11. Do you trust others easily?Yup!! VERY VERY EASILY!!12. What was your favourite toy(s) as a child?Gooooooooo Joe!! N my roller skates, altho I rarely skated outside the house. Then it was test tubes and hot wheels, and then electrical motors. All either were lost or taken apart. The habit still lingers. Btw, still am a child and the latest in line is an FSC Amilo Pi 1556 laptop ;-)!13. What class in school/college do you think is totally useless?School – None. it was quite a healthy balance. I used to love school, save for 11th and 12th, which were HORRIBLE :-D!! College – pretty much the whole thing ;-)!14. Do you use sarcasm a lot?O yeaaaaaahhhhhh…. *wink wink* Well, I try to… and most of the times, I end up failing miserably… [See rite here rite now]15. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?The closest I have been is for the Orange Street and Moksha playing @ IIT Saarang ’05!! It was awesome… The pushing, the swears, the trampling other person to get your space. Next time tho, I wanna sing and watch the damn mosh pit :P!16. What do you look for in a girl?Well, I used to have a lotta heuristics if you will, but then they pretty much went to the docks, when I met my special someone, who’s so damn awesome ;-)!! But, essentially, a lovely smile, lovely eyes, a sense of humor and the ability to bear me yak yak yak!! ;-)!17. Would you bungee jump?Oh yes!! Just waiting for a chance, and sad that Gautam and Fart beat me to it :-(!!18. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?My right shoes are untied always, and my left is just ripped apart from my feet ;-)!19.What is your favourite ice cream?It used to be and generally is Dark chocolate, with chocolate syrup and chocolate bits and chocolate wafers. But, these days I am trying out various stuff and eagerly waiting to try out a combo or strawberry and banana flavor! At office, btw, I tried a Buonissino, which is a blueberry and spanish delight variant. Pretty impressive ;-)!20. What are your favourite colours?Blue, black, white, Grey, Silver.21. What are your least favourite things?Unfriendly people. People who possess a condescending attitude on others. People who just can’t appreciate the things that are wonderful for them. Well, there are some more.22. How many people do you have a crush on right now?Well, one!!23. Who do you miss most right now?Harini [miss u like crazy baby], Mum, Ro, Appa, Thatha, Ammamma, Sid, Harsh, Gautam, Arijit, Basanti, Raji, Osho, Uma, Vedz, Lee, Aunty, Fart, Arjun, Baba, Ajja, Mota, Sai Mai!! IOW, the whole jing bang in Bangalore and TVM :-(!! Miss ’em like crazy!!24. What are you listening to right now?Astronomy – by Blue Oyster Cult!I prefer the Metallica version tho!! 😀25. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?Silver – I always used to be fascinated by how it feels if you would be silver color in the crayons. Btw, it was one of the latest additions to the crayons boxes, when I used to use crayons. Damn, I feel like using and painting a drawing using a crayon now :-(!!26. What is the weather like right now?Sunny, with the temperature around 10-15*C. It’s B E A UTIFUL! Damn, I have to finish this off fast and go for a ride.27. Last person you talked to on the phone?Ms. Imperfect28. The “first” thing you notice about the opposite sex?Face!29. Do you like the person who sent you this?Kickasso? Gonna kick his ass someday :P!! He’s cool tho ;-)!30. How are you today?Awesome. Having woken up @ 9:16am after 2 Beck’s the previous nite, and realising that the wireless connection is still on and that I am able to log in!! Pretty awesome :-D!!31. Favourite non alcoholic drink?Coffee… I swear by the java!!32. Favourite alcoholic drink?BBBBBBBeeeeeuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrr *hic*33. Natural hair colour?Black.34. Eye colour?Dark brown35. Wear contacts?Yup, when I wanna wear my shades, else swear by my pince nez.36. Siblings?Yup.. One – an adorable to be doc. She’s gorgeous!! *Hugs to Ro*!! *Warning to guys coming near her: Ya have to go through this protective [at times over] brother*!!!37. Favourite month?September – People who matter to me were born in this month!!38.Favourite food?Anything South Indian rite now. Coz sick of continental dishes and north indian food, the only things available in Germany!! :-D!! Rite now a Pongal, or Upma or Idli Sambar would be more than welcome :-)!39. Favourite day of the year?May 22nd.40. Have you ever been too shy to ask someone out?Well, yeah!! Duh, every guy has to have been shy at least once ;-)!! Btw, only once, after that decided never to be and well, really happy about that decision *wink wink*41. Scary movies or happy endings?Happy endings, any day!! Btw, aren’t these sorta unrelated. Usually scary movies also have “happy endings” for either the good or evil!! ;-)! I think this was a trick question :-D!!42. Summer or winter?Well, neither extreme. I like Bangalore weather ;-)!43. Holi or Diwali?Diwali… New clothes paid for by someone else, crackers, sweets, and no colors, but no Bhang. 🙁 Damn, I am caught b/w the two now. Actually love any festival. I get excited pretty fast by these things :-D!!44. Do you like your name?Love it. Official, personal and nick. It’s fun when people try pronouncing it and can’t do it well.45. What book/magazine are you reading?The Incredulity of Father Brown – by G K Chesterton46. What’s on your mouse pad?No mouse pad :-D!!47. What did you watch on TV last night?Don’t watch TV, as I am sick of having my own mental translations of what I think is going on in German in the limited 8 channels with 4 repeats, wait that makes it 4 channels that I get :-D!48. Favourite Smell ?A perfume that someone uses… *wink*!! Other than that, the earth just after it’s rained and petrol :-D!! And yeah tobacco burning at one end ;-)!49. Have you ever regretted breaking up with someone?Nopes, have never broken up with someone!! :-D!!50. Most tiresome thing you’ve ever experienced/done?Sabarimala trip. it was the most refreshing as well at the end!Btw, check out your comments for your last blog post, if I have tagged you!! ;-)!

21 thoughts on “Tag, I’m it? Yay!! I am it!!

  1. “The closest I have been is for the Orange Street and Moksha playing @ IIT Saarang ‘05!! It was awesome… The pushing, the swears, the trampling other person to get your space. Next time tho, I wanna sing and watch the damn mosh pit !”

    Dude! I was there too!!! 🙂

  2. @PS: You are kidding me… Which college were you from? Chengannur? Coz there were these guys from Chengannur rite there in the front with me and Fart – my drummer and we were having a blast there!! Hmmm… maybe I have met you b4 then ;-)! Hehehe!!

    @kickasso: Yup!! Well, I guess clarification would be #23!! ;-)!

  3. hey…when The Hindu came out with a supplement…they were talking about “Reckless Youth” or something like that…and the pic they showed was us headbanging to Moksha! 🙂

  4. Hahahaha!! Yeah well. It’s ok!! It’s accepted in the blogosphere. Make sure you don’t carry it into any other form of written communication especially with your boss and all, unless he’s a cool dude ;-)!

  5. dudeee….yea i did the tag post…did 3 posts since yesterday!!! heheee…so much f* free time…(that stmnt cudnt be more wrong!)

  6. same pinch on 5,13,17 and 31.n on d chocolate part of d icecream!!
    In September is moi bday!! 😀
    South Indian food…..for d last 4 days I was in TN n was having d most delicious pongal n idli n dosa’s with gr8 cocnut chutney n steaming sambhar….oh yea mint/corainder chutney too!!!!:D *Me provin d sadist tag attached to moiself :))*
    Silver crayon….hmm.sounds nice!
    Neways…..Tc n all tat!

  7. Hi divs!! Long time :-)!! Yeah I know We south indians have this ultimate penchance for awesome South Indian food. Other people don’t really understand the craving!

    I wanna have pongal now. Had a miserable toast, butter, and honey in the morning as breakfast, which was ok then, but now sounds stupid compared to the pongal, idly vada and that coffe in the steel tumbler!! Man!! I miss it!! :-(!!

    Ooh September eh!! Awesome!! That’s the month of my favorite people!! :-)!

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