Writer’s block? Me?

Until now, I was wondering as to what was wrong and that I was faced with a writer’s block. Well, I was wrong. How can I of all the people be faced with a writer’s block? There are quite a few things I wanna write about. To start off, lemme list ém down so that i remember to work on them!!

First of all
– the Big HR scandal that’s going on in the software corporates these days
– Why Indians badmouth India when they are abroad?
– Installing Fedora Core 5 for the laptop, after completing the installation
– How to get Hindi movies on your laptop for watching? From Youtube and Peekvid.

With so many things to write about, how come I am not writing anything? Well, the reason is simple. I am connected to the net and hence life. I mean Till about 12am, I am here chatting with people in India. That is 3:30am IST! Morons and monkeys are awake to gimme company and a nice lovely chat :-D!!

So, I promise I will complete at least one article from the afore mentioned four by Tuesday so that I can post on Wednesday!! :-)!!

Meanwhile, check out this site. It’s an absolutely adorable time pass Uncyclopedia!! Like Wikipedia, this one lets you write crap about any topic!! Awesome read :-D!!

8 thoughts on “Writer’s block? Me?

  1. hehe.. as i said i get it after every post … i go bhank!! Then im like s*** im only 10 posts old … long way to go .. man any more ‘blocks’ i’d say 😉

  2. @ sid: Dude, but it’s kinda scary :-D!! For me at least that I don’t have much to write about except for stupid mambo jumbo. Just wait for my next post. Heights of boredom ;-)! Hehehe!

    @ PS: I dunno man!! I don’t think it’s the software industry. Used to chug about 4-6 posts a day in Bangalore. I think it’s just that I don’t have much to talk to anyone anymore. The silence is killing me. It’s bad bad bad, I tell ya!

  3. Hey Germ Pang

    Nice to c ya back in action!All got together at Chinti’s place yes afternoon…Missed ya monkey!

    Btw mota’s a pretty gud cook…The guy cooks as well as he eats!

  4. Damn!! Don’t tell me Bang Osho!! Thanks for missing me :-D!!

    Aah, we shall have the showdown of the cooks when I get back. I am getting really really good @ it :-D!!

  5. @ stan: I warned you not to get spam into your website. Anyhoo, despammed you for now. Yeah man, working on that! Should be up and running in two-three days. It’s pretty interesting – the slime bags of the HR industry!!

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