12 thoughts on “Practice much?

  1. hey…you sitting and watching videos all day now?

    hey you like audioslave right? check out shinedown too…theyre a great band…burning brightly and 45. But then again…you could already have known them…


  2. Whoa whoa whoa… Dude, ya gotta carry ur music along :P!! Hehehe, will search ’em out dude. Will let ya know if I do find them as well.. Try Pandora.com!! They feature songs based on the Music Genome Project. So good listening and reading as well sometimes :P!


  3. I listened to that First vid on friday … it just noise man trust me .. Its called shredding all he doing is playing a bunch of scales over and over again on different parts of the guitar. he good at playing it fast thats all.

    I love pandora though I wish I could select the songs that I wanted to listen too


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