Stranger now, are his eyes to this misery… He hears the silence so loud…

James Hetfield – For Whom the Bell Tolls

It’s a slightly modified version of what Mr. Hetfield professed in his song, For Whom the Bell Tolls. Anyhoo, I was thinking along the lines. Life’s pretty glum when it comes to the fact that I am hating the silence I find a lot in Germany! So, I always wondered what loud silence meant. Well, now I know! Sitting all alone in my one room apartment, all I think of – WTF? How the hell did this happen? I mean I used to thrive in conversation. Rarely did my mouth/mind/hands ever get rest on a typical day in Bangalore.

Get up and Ari Bro’s there for a good conversation. Hands are busy typing messages and ears alert to get a call and talk to Harini. The bus was filled with people I know, who were always ready to hear me out on the day’s charades, plans, of near and the far. Office was filled with conversations with Navin, Satish, Prashant, Harsha, and of course, Orkut and GTalk! :-D! Evening provided a delightful conversation with Osho in ES9! Basanti was always bubbling about, abound either with excitement or I get a chance to cheer her up [which were some of the most rewarding moments in my life I tell ya]. Then back home and Dad/Mum/Sis always used to be on ze phone talking to me!!

Sid, Gautam [man, 5 hour conversations :P], Harsh, Arjun, Fart [very rare.. :P], Lax, Sonz [again rare] always on the phone, and then later Harini. I mean, never at a moment, did I feel so alone. The biggest reason of course was the presence of Ari bro throughout with me. It was so nice and comforting that someone used to take care of me. He literally did. :-D!!

And it feels hard to have given all that up and stay all alone in this dump of mine! Agreed it’s a lavish dump, with a real comfy bed, and a kitchen and toilet all to myself :-D!! Anyhoo, it kinda exemplifies my boredom, when I am actually typing all this!! :-D!!

Btw, realised today that I am living for a really expensive rent. On the lookout for another house asap so that I can save some moolah, which can be well used in some schemes I am coming up with :-D!!

10 thoughts on “Misery….

  1. What’s so funny in that? :P!! I agree, I would be lost and forelorn if not for net :-D!! Well of course, I mite have found some other devious, creative way of keeping in touch with people, and of course, the special person, but still.. What would I have done wo net? I wouldn’t have MET my special sumone!! :-D!!

  2. @guru: i know its a very painful period and u r missing everybody a lot. but the next period which is going to come after this, when u will comeback to India, believe me is going to be the happiest moment of your life. u will come more closer to all ur near and dear 1s.

    @PS: 100% agree.

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