More tags…

As Divs had prewarned me, I am tagged and here are the tags

I am thinking about • Jumping from this building – first floor and roll on the ground while my boss is the evil villian I am escaping from. [Yeah I know, I am one of those daredevil dudes, who has to run away from the boss, instead of facing him :P]

I said • Where are you, my better half? Lunch’s taking too much time :-D!!

I want • to finish off with this moronic piece of code by tomorrow and get back to India asap! And be with that better half on her b’day!!

I wish • for  a Wish Machine :-D!! [ala Osho!!]

I hear • Black Knight by Deep Purple and somebody speaking in German behind me!! and I get back to Black Knight!

I wonder • as to how a company like Honeywell makes airplane parts and table fans, as I see one on my table :-D!!

I regret • something I asked my better half y’day evening!!

I can’t • think of a life wo a special someone in it [Yeah this is what luuuv does to you :P]

I am • Guru Panguji – the evil twin brother of a guy with many ambitions, who loves to waste time in the cyberspace :-D!!

I dance • when I am in ze mood and the song’s making me do my jig!!

I sing • wonderfully according to people, pretty decent acc to  me :-D!!

I need • some food, as my stomach’s rumbling Grrr Grrr, communication of the basic order :-D!!

I cry • rarely!!

I make • out very well :-D!!

I write • Code, and weave magic with it [well at least i think so :P]

I confuse • a lotta stuff :-D!!

I miss • Harini, Bangalore, People, India, Indian food, don’t get me started on this….

I will • be an amazing cook soon, having so much time to hone my culinary skills :-D!!

I should try • to complete the code I am working on and finish it off as I have a deadline tomorrow :-D!!!

P.S. I am not writing anything at all these days, save for some tags, owing to the fact that I am taking a break… Will get back to working on some posts soon :-D!!

17 thoughts on “More tags…

  1. Hmmm…lunch was over in a jiffy…had to chat up with Preethi..we r bonding over certain womanly issues 😛
    Awww….my bday isnt like some major event,just makes me feel older!! You r gonna be here next year neways na… >:D:D

  2. Damn this thing in wordpress that filters out tags…hate it…now this is what i had said after thte above!!

    That thing u regret…its alright baby…i mean i already forgot about that, dont go bout digging your own grave now, by reminding me bout it all over again 😛
    Miss ya too baby *hugs*
    And u r aware that Re Ma is reading this right?!! 😛

  3. @ My Better Half: Hmmm, interesting! I’m sure you’re gonna get her attention on that particular comment, if she EVER reads the comments :-D!! Nehoo, I think she mite, but bah humbug!! :-D!!

    I still can’t believe that she was trying to pull me leg over this tho!! Miss ya too!! *hugs*!

  4. “I wonder • as to how a company like Honeywell makes airplane parts and table fans, as I see one on my table !!”


  5. Dude, chill!! Better half or no half, it’s a way to profess my luuuuvvv :P! Hehehe, I know man, it mite sound corny, heck I’ve been scorning @ people who do that all my life. But as she puts it, sometimes, cliche works ;-)!

  6. @ PS: Thanks man, that’s like amazingly corny as hell, but yeah I kinda liked the movie the second time I watched it :-D!! And man, if only that came from a girl, that’d have been the biggest compliment in my life. But then, hey, u did admit that u are a girl somewhere rite. Wait a min, what the hell am I thinking?? :P!

  7. ooooof….dis place is gettin hot….dude..dont make me all desp too..even i’m missin certain ppl!! [:(] heheee…but rite now i’m all stuck wiith ma baby – a sessski lappy!! hehehee

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