Go Flock Yourself…

Hmm, a comment from one Lloyd of Fool’s Wisdom, got me started on the browser called Flock, AGAIN! Well, I had given it a whirl about 6 months ago, and was tremendously disillusioned, coz it hardly lived up to the expectations!! I mean, it was TERRIBLE!! It didnt have the flexibility of Firefox, and the tags and favorites bar, without an ability to customize the bar was HORRIBLE!!

But, I am _loving_ the experience right now. With the new integration with flickr, Ctrl+B function to blog freely to a lotta players on the blog management out there, the Snippets and browser bar, it really blew my mind!

Most of the firefox extensions, TESTED [read tested] with Flock are also put out @ the Flock extensions page. I have practically done a swift change from Firefox to Flock in just the download time, as ALL the settings of Firefox can be imported into Flock, just as seamlessly, if not more, than IE -> Firefox transition!

Chugging out my first post from here, to check if I can set all the tags in WordPress directly from here!

Some irritating things I just noticed:

– The Blog Post window is always on top, as far as Flock is concerned.. Why??
– When you add a blog/edit, you are required to click twice on the dialog box, before the corresponding dialog box opens up! Why, But Why?

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