Yeh Dil Maange More Tande ka Tadka

Well, I had made a comment for “One ‘Pesti’-cola to go please” @ Scribez! And I just thought that the comment was worth making a post outta :-D!!

Premise: After having read this, my hands are itching to type some ideas and a very long comment came up! Just made a post outta it, as I thought I really had something to say about the same :-D!!

Well, the deal is simple! The Indian Government wants something for its people to discuss and not concentrate on what it’s doing. Just check it out, I am sure some minor policy change is going to effect, which is gonna fetch some politicians quite a bit of mooolah!! Watch out for it, carefully!! And lemme know :-)!

About this –

“…The last time I checked INDIA was a democratic nation which mean I had a say in things and THAT for those of you who are slow to understand means if I want to drink some pesticide,you cant stop me! But now that democracy is not that good(coz of corruption etc etc) we’ll be banning that too i suppose! Geez! “

Democracy is not that good (coz of corruption etc etc), we’ll be banning that too I suppose! Geez!

ROTFLMAO!! Where did ya pick this guy from? Just to clear some misconceptions that might have been formed, if you read this sentence carefully, democracy cannot fall because of corruption. They are 2 different entities, yes having their effects on each other.

But, the Indian democracy is failing owing to the lackadaisical attitude of Indians. We are patriotic, but we are lazy as well to do anything about it other than blog about it! [No offense intended @ anyone]. When was the last time you actually did something about what you say! [I am including myself in this as well]

We scorn and well at that. But, we aren’t doing anything for our country [other than earning some revenue and eating outta it :-D] Forget the country, how about the community?

Anyhoo, coming back to the topic of Cola. When the hell did this ever start? Yeah the same formula has been in use for quite a long time. It’s also accepted that cola is bad for health. Beer is also harmful for health. You don’t see the Government taking any action in banning alcohol. Mark it as harmful and cotinue selling it people, else India is just jeapordizing its own economy. Coke and Pepsi have definitely helped in the FDI and FII sects of the Indian economy, and it was after a ban that Coke actually came back to India!!

The repercussions of a ban on the other hand is a very interesting analysis! The Indian Cricket team and the BCCI are gonna lose quite a lotta money, and so are the Bollywood, Tollywood and what not actors and actresses.

If India is able to elicit the secret formula of Coke, from them, it’s gonna leak and then we are gonna get some Indian equivalents. In Kerala, the Palghat plant mite start operating after adhering to all the Palghat strikes gonna be organized against it, and come out Cacanut Caala, nammude Keralam stylenne. In Tamilnadu, you’ll see one of the Vijays doing a dappankutthu saying Ennada Sema style pa. Enna naan kudikkerein Pandi cola! You get the idea.

I’m all up for banning harmful products, and I am sure in this case, there mite be some as well. But, we are talking about India. The water in India might contain more pollutants in them than Coke or Pepsi. We have built up quite a defense mechanism internally for any pesticides people!! Chill, and enjoy Tande ka tadka coz u know Yeh Dil Mange More!!

12 thoughts on “Yeh Dil Maange More Tande ka Tadka

  1. Hey, it is not about democracy.. there are norms, standards and rules which every country follows. coke and pepsi are not maintaining these standards… there may be pesticides in other food stuff too, if it is tested and proved, govt will definitely ban these too. it is like with drugs and smoking…. there is not positive effects of either of these and they have been banned (smoking… not completely banned)… moderate drinking is good for the heart… because these are big companies, there is such a big debate…

  2. Easy for us to say, when none of the results are public are they? So how come we aren’t going on a mass testing spree of all food products? I am telling you, there’s something definitely more @ play here than just big companies, and them not following the food standards!!

    Hmm, drugs, good for the body, when required.
    Smoking – cannot be banned, it’s too much of a money maker. Whoever told you,its been banned even slightly?
    Drinking – yeah right it’s good for the heart I know! But, who’s drinking for the good of the heart. We are drinking to the good health of our friends and family rite, and India has a large family system, so well we have to drink for the good health of a lotta hearts ;-)!!

    Because these are big companies, there’s big money in the debate. Hence the debate is there in the FIRST place.

    Do u know HOW RIDICULOUS it is to ask Coke and Pepsi to be giving out their formulae?

  3. Democracy does not work here because democracy is relevant and vibrant only in a literate and educated society. See how lalu made a mociery of Deomocracy by making his wife the CM. There has to be more transparency also because eveybody tries to misuse his authority.

  4. @ Wanton: I get about 350-450 a day! What happened?

    @ Hiren: Isn’t that too harsh a stance to take? Comon, I agree India is not a literate state, but still we are aware of the problems, just enough to cause trouble and angst, but then not enough to rationally and reasonably analyse a situation. :-D! And it sounds like u have a personal vendetta against Lalu man! I mean I don’t really care too much about “his” democracy, but ya gotta admit, that bugger’s done some wonderful things for the Indian Railway. It’s generating a lot more profit than his predecessors. Yes, it might not be the whole money that’s coming in, but hey, as long as you are helping n the cause for making money, and you’re not eating the whole of it [referring to the Fodder scam], u can take a part of the spoils u bring in rite :-P!!

    @ Bluesaze: Hmm is it ok now? I had shifted to Andreas, but then WordPress ddn’t really save it well or something I guess. It should be better now I feel :-D!

    @ Ms.Imperfect: Which pic did u put baby?

  5. I appreciate what Lalu did for the raliways but that does not imply that does not rederess the wrongs he has done in Bihar for the last 15 years. The current CM and his deputy are having a very tough time.

    Fortunately, the media revolution is making things a lot better. Otherwise, democracy has no real meaning in an illiterate society which populist politicians can easily exploit.

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