Flock and the increasing MBs

I have been using Flock ever since I put up the post and well, a scary thing I came to notice was that the more websites you viewed, the slower your computer became. I have a machine with a GB of RAM and about 1533MB of Virtual Memory! If your system has to become sluggish, it obviously means two things
– some process is eating up CPU cycles, possibly on a lock
– you are runing outta memory!

I immediately pulled up taskmanager to find out a scary number, which I see normally only in office, where in I am running frameworks after frameworks of code running on my development machine. Flock was holding about 1.5GB of virtual memory!

I am hazarding a few guesses
– Flock is actually holding the website content you are viewing through the web and all the book-keeping related to it in its memory cache?
– Flock is having a serious memory leak

Will do more testing on this. And also make an obeservations to the folks over @ Flock about this. It’s still crazy if your web-browser is holding about 500MB of your precious RAM and 1.5GB of your virtual memory space. Sooper scary!! :-D!! What’s happening to the world where in you could easiy browse comfortably and blog with just a 512MB machine, the RAM essentially required for your OS rather than the webbrowser!

6 thoughts on “Flock and the increasing MBs

  1. Lol, memory leak, haven’t tried flock yet, but me finds FF also has same problems. It drags memory of memory and hence I dont use it much. Preferrably, being an MS fan and Professional, I prefer sticking with IE 7, and btw, to all MS fighters out there, VISTA rocks!

  2. Inspite of the flocking of memory by Flock [ok that was unintentional], I kinda find it pretty good :-)! Forget the discrepancies of the blog editor, forget the flickr integration, the bookmarks management is good, altho, I’d rather that they give us a config option, where in starring a page directly sends it to del.icio.us or at least brings us the dialogue box wherein we can share the bookmark!!

  3. I also ran into same problem of Memory hogging but with Firefox. Flock always seems to be working steadily for me [most of the times both the browsers are running on my machine at the same time].

  4. well, i had the same issues too, had flock running on a core 2 duo machine with 2 gigs of ram…. i had approx 10 pages open, and wham.. everything starts moving slowly… dropped it… even though FF takes up a lot of memory.. i am in love with it… the browsing experience is too streamlined with it…

    IE7 has a long way to go as far as operating speeds are concered… but hey .. who cares?

    psst.. check this out: “http://www.ie7.com”

  5. @ Tariq: Hey, Flock team have announced a release for this issue. :-)! It’s coming out tomorrow. You mite wanna give it a whirl then. I am still in love with flock, coz the integration with WordPress and flickr is simply amazing. Furthermore, the look and feel + del.icio.us integration is very useful for keeping track of your bookmarks :-)!

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