Just when you thought Germany was good.

So, finally I had come to terms with the fact that Germany is a cool place. The loneliness factor was decreasing, some quality work getting finished, and BOOM, life decides to call the bluff on itself – the magic that was becoming Germany!

Today was just another day. I woke up late in the morning, after a long serious night and much coaxing and cajoling from my better half, I somehow managed to get ready to office. No premoniton or idea that hell had other plans for me!

I came back from work got down @ the station and then went out to the cycle parking lot and removed my keys to only find that well the cycle wasn’t there in its place! The shocking thing was that the place seemed like a mess.

The first thing I checked was if I came to the Bahnhof in my cycle, and realised that I did remember biking to the station. And parking at the place, where I was standing, but the cycle wasn’t there. I moved around the place, hoping in my mind that somebody had just moved it and that I will find it safe, with its Winnie the Pooh, character – the tiger horn! But, *sniff sniff* some @$$hole has decided to steal the bike *Wail*!!

Anyhoo, I called up my landlord immediately and told her that the cycle is missing and that I had locked it in the morning and I didnt know what to do. She asked me to find the Railways Lost and Found! Well, lucky as I am, i ran outta calling charge on my cellphone as well. And there begins a rush to the nearest T-Punkt to try and get a recharge card.

I was asked to wait a whole 15 minutes until
– A chinese lady was told about 15 times that the DSL connection will take at least 7 days and that she needed to be @ her house on Friday from 1500-1700 hrs so that the DSL people could come and check the stupid line!! Grrr….
– An old dada was told the DSL rates about 10 times.
– One T-mobile customer service representative was busy typing stuff into his computer after telling me, “Uno momente” and another one left the building directing me to the guy still furiously typing away into his kiosk!

And after that, I managed to call her back and we discussed that she can arrange another cycle for me tomorrow and she’s also showing some
cheaper apartments to me over @ the place from where she’s giving me the cycle from. The options are 100Euros cheaper for an apartment with
NO telephone or Internet connectivity, and 50 Euros cheaper for an apartment which has telephone n internet connectivity.

Anyhoo, the DSL modem looks like a distant dream as of now. Let’s just hope that i get it soon.

Apart from that, work is hectic. Have an internal milestone this Wednesday and I am coding away to glory in office. :-D!

I will have 2 reimburse the landlord for the cycle. I am saving only about 15 Euros per month, with da cycle, apart from freedom to roam
around, but I will have to reimburse her with about 150Euros – the cost of a decent second hand bicycle!! Grrr…

Overall, IOW, a bad day!! :-D!!

P.S. This post is dedicated in loving memory of the bicycle that served me well for the past 4 weeks. I miss u baby!! It was wonderful being with you, and wherever you are, I hope you are happy!

32 thoughts on “Just when you thought Germany was good.

  1. OMG. I cant believe it. Your landlord should have taken insurance of the bicycle!!

    I remember once my bicycle was stolen when i was in 11th std. I had brought it just before three months back and after that I had to manage with one 2nd hand old bicycle.

    I will pray to God for happiness of your bicycle.

    One suggestion: This theme is really good don’t change it. If you really want some changes….just chage title pic and give matching colors to rest or the page.

  2. Well unfortunately the stupid cycle is not insured 🙁 boohoo.. 🙁 Man, it’s such a pain!! My life’s shattered sorta as I was really getting used to the bike! :-(!

    Abt the suggestion shall be considered :-D!!

  3. @Guru aww man! But look at it this way…you ARE living in the land of the ||word deleted by admin||, bicycle stealing isn’t THAT great a crime then!

    May the force be with your bike!

  4. @ punnen: Damn man!! I am gonna have to edit that comment. Such derogatory language will not be tolerated in the blog :-P!

    Just kidding, but hey I am in the land, so should have the respect for them ;-D!! And the word is taboo around here ok! ;-)!

    So will remove that word from there, that’s all ;-)!

  5. Sad to her about your bicycle Guru ! As Ashish wrote, May the Force be with you Bucycle, and wishing that Master Yoda would bring it back to you 🙂

  6. Actually, presti dude wrote that!! Anyhoo, Yeah where’s Master Yoda when u really need him? Damn that green freckled midget of a cool dude!! :-D!! Hmmm, that gives me an idea of a post! How did those guys, with tubelights as weapons become such cool dudes to the err “really-cool-dudes” community in the world?

  7. @ Guru Um yea …ok. Yea, it was kinda derogatory. but still, a scene from Eurotrip suddenly comes to my mind. Some guys go to Germany and at a home, find a kid dressed up by ‘you-know-who’ 🙂 !

    Seriously man, Yoda lifted that ship out of some slush on some planet for Luke Skywalker right? I’m guessing your bike would’ve been a piece of cake for the cool old guy!

    And oh yeah did you know that when Scotland and Wales conducted a census, the 4th mosy commonly practiced relegion was JEDI???:-)

  8. @ PS: Chill dude, I understand! :-D!! Not a prob for me but hey I am working for a company, which upon reading mite have found it offensive. Hence as a professional courtesy did that. Hope thy don’t mind :-D!!

    And about Euro-trip: Dude that was hilarious that scene.

    Whoa, Jedi? Jedi??? *blinking my eyes and reading again* JEDI??

    Dude, there _are_ psychos out there :-D! Well, coming to think of it, if I had an option of a religion, would I choose Hinduism or Jedi?

    Hmmm… Bring me a tubelight someone….

  9. @Guru Dude, I’m chilling! I understand! 🙂

    Yea, it was some kind propaganda spread by Star Wars fans. They thought that if the census showed that Jedi was popular, they could get it legalized or something! If you think about it…how is that Scientology is a real relegion? It was started by a science fiction writer, Ron Hubbard or something…

  10. @ PS: Welcome to Guru’s shack!! :-P!! Man, I can’t believe that’s what I once used to call a blog I had. I mean, seriously, sounds like a brothel or a sex-house!! Guru’s shack!!

    And I had so many more lame names after that – Guru zone! Pangu zone. I seem to have come a long way haven’t i? Funny!!

  11. @ PS:

    I used to call my old blog-My Big Ark

    ROTFLMAOI!! Dude, ur big ark *laughing uncontrollably again*
    Presti’s Big Ark *bouts of laughter again*

    I am sorry dude, but ur big ark *losing the clutch again*

    *somehow composing myself* coz my teamm8s r wondering what’s going on.. Anyhoo, ur bro’s blog eh!! U should popularize it dude ;-P!!

  12. @Guru What’s so funny about My Big Ark??? :-s Atleast I didn’t call it Pooh’s Shack! 🙂

    My bro just created it…he hasn’t started writing. Will tell people about it once he begins.

    Stop laughing already dude!

  13. @ PS: Aww comon dude, didn’t mean to hurt you, but u gotta admit, it was funny and well unfortunately the joke was on you! But, hey let’s look at the light situation and enjoy shall we? Beer’s on me :-)!

  14. @ Guru Dude! I still haven’t tried beer! Haven’t really found the right group pof people to go out with! I don’t wanna go with guys who get all hyper after gulping down beer!

    Back in college, me used to be the guy who cleaned up the after effects if you know what I mean! 😉

  15. Ok, first off: Nobody vomits, unless they have tried some strict nonos. Hmmm u should defi try it dude! I mean u r in Hyd, and if anything Harini says is true, then u are in beer haven, although I’d prefer Bangalore ANYDAY!! But there are even nights when the alcohol is free there. I mean :O!!

    Hehe, so, try it! Try it @ home with company u trust else head over to the LAND OF BEER – Deutschland and I can treat ya to some very nice beer :-)!

  16. @ PS; Hmmm, I am not the person who u should be asking that question to :-D!!

    Secondly, the distinction between a bar and a pub. A bar is a place where people go to drink. Bars are usually not well kept. You see chokras give you your beer and crash a small katori of boiled salty peanuts. The bar that i have been to stank of bad breath n fried fish [I am a vegetarian and i h8 the smell of fried fish btw].. So over all terribly experience.

    A pub is way better. You have good music, generally the pubs I have been to have themes. For e.g. Styx plays only heavy metal, Hip Hop on Thursdays. Purple Haze – always classic rock etc.

    Consequently, ya gotta decide which experience ya want. Yes, pubs are more expensive than bars :-D!

    Listening to the song. Not bad, but rite now hooked on to Corazon Espinado by Santana in his Supernatural album – a song that I perform kinda well :-D!!

    N abt my better half taking u to a pub/bar, I wouldn’t want her to go to a bar. A pub, ask her, she’s the person even for the first question ;-P!!

  17. @ Guru Oh! Man! just being here in Guru’s Shack is a learning experience!

    Corazon Espinada is awesome. I remember there being a song in that album performed by Santana and Eagle Eye Cherry that went ‘Pain never makes me cry…Happiness does…’. Forgot the track name tho but beautiful!

    Ah! I love music but can’t sing or play instruments for nuts!

    Shall definetly ask your better half sometime! 🙂

  18. Alright…now that we’re on the topic of music.

    My current fav band is Snow Patrol. Songs to listen to-Chasing Cars and Chocolate

    Also try Joshua Radin’s Winter if you’re in a real mellow mood.

    Love that song by eagle eye cherry btw! 🙂 “oooo…you don’t know what is youve done…ooo”

  19. heheheheheh…. shack and big ark??? what were u guys thinking, seriosuly? Sorry about ur bike, pangu… I hope the b****** who stole it never ever has s**
    When one thing goes wrong, so does everything else… chill….

  20. Hmm obvious isn’t it that we weren’t thinking at all!! 😛

    Well i came up with another solution. Although urs is better coz it doesn’t let his stealing gene spread beyond him. I like your style of punishment!! :-D!!

    I was only praying for his eternal damnation in hell! Also hoped that he goes to India and gets his wallet stolen and he has no money for about a week :-D!

    But, I really like your idea better :-D!!

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