Tryst – Him

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He was standing at the airport arrivals. He had reached their well in advance. He had taken a bath and had a shave in the evening for her. Nopes, he did NOT wanna do it wrong, but then he had no sense of what was right and what was wrong.. He observed an interesting trio whilst waiting for her flight to touch down. He was already cursing the airline service – Dhakkan Airlines – for making her late. Else she should have been with him right now. “Everything happens for a reason”, he reminded himself, that was his mantra in life. And he believed in a specificity of the same – “Everything happens for a Good Reason”.

He managed to twitch and watch the trio speaking in an American accent, or well at least trying to…He looked at the watch every 30 seconds, which seemed to take quite some time… He met two of his old friends from college and started yapping away to glory! He got a message. “The plane has landed. I am almost there yay!!”. He was slightly nervous now. Nopes. Yup. Nopes. Yup! Well, he was and he just told himself – “Comon, she’s NOT going to eat you up! She’s a sweet girl who’s just going to meet you… Yes you love her, but let’s NOT let that bother u or her ok!”

Her message played on his mind again,”Hey 🙂 i’m at d airport… Thru d security chk in n all… Wil board in a while… N i feel terrified :p”. He told himself, “Let’s just go through this wo her getting terrified of you allrite” He clutched the 31 roses again, counting it just to make sure that it is all there – for the 31 days that he knew her, never met her, but still fell in love with her…

He was nervous, but he was sure of something for life… He did love her.. As he waited there and suddenly attentive to the outflux of people at the airport, he got a message, “Des ppl arnt lettin us get out 🙁 some parkin not available excuse…What d hell?!! I’m not travelling by deccan again [-(“!!

He went back to his outpost – the footpath by the airport arrivals and sat down, and checked for the zillionth time, the roses and the chocolate and clutching them both was smiling to himself. Well here he was. Here he was waiting for the one person he thought he has been waiting his whole life, well at least the part of his life, he knew he had to wait for someone his whole life….

“Love ya >:D< *Banging on d door n askin em 2 let me out :p”, came the next message and his smile widened to a grin. It was one of the sweetest messages he had received. He made sure he had saved it for later use and looked around. His friends from college had left him. He was now alone and looking at the roses, in a trance, his heart slowly raising faster as the time came….

The next few moments were the slowest in his life as he was waiting there waiting for her to come out. The only thing he noticed was the amount of love that was pervading around, as people greeted their loved ones coming from some god-forsaken place at this god-forsaken time…

And he finally got some message saying that she was almost out, and he got up and stood next to the bunch of people standing there to welcome their loved onee, he too waiting for his loved one.

He knew it was her when he saw her. He had seen her snaps before, but he had wondered if he’d recognize her. He saw the face and knew he’d recognize that beautiful face anytime anywhere. He shouted a hi, as she walked on looking here and there suddenly, and she turned around, and he drank in as much as he could at first go – the face he knew he was going to treasure for the rest of his life….

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  1. @ Bang Osho: Yeah yeah and since when have you started to sign yourself as Osho?? :-D!! I am telling ya my nick names are catching up and fast. First Aunty, Osho, and now Ammachi :-D!!

  2. Btw Wasnt it decided that the 31 roses were for the 31 brain cells that the hero of the story had?

    Bad jokes apart Howz it goin?

  3. WOW…… B E A…uuuuuuuutifullll….. wow…. so sweet…. So thats ur love story Intro. Phew!!!Now, Im waiting for the nxt episode…. tell me tell me tell me…. wat happens nxt? so u guys really met through blogging/??

  4. For those who wanna know wat happens next…Dont worry Osho will tell all…Hahaha…Hey Pangs…Its too tempting.Comon!U get a story 4m a third angle 😉

    Okie!Wont do that!But Damn!Really wish I cud!

  5. AAaaaawwwwwwww

    N also soooo mushy! hehehehe!

    there r to be more episodes?!! ;;)

    neways….it is very sweet.
    both d posts r!


  6. Osho : I’m dying to hear a third party speak about it 😀
    I think u can ignore what Pangu is trying to say and go ahead babe…its been a while since we have seen a post from ya too 🙂

  7. @All : About the next few episodes…err…now tht they r in demand, we’ll have to think up of sumin… 😛 😉

    @Guru : Ur turn this time 😀
    *hugs* to make ya feel better!! 🙂

  8. Hey Hydra

    Thanx.And Germ Pang..Now that I have the go-ahead signal given I am gonna tell all…Hehehe…Guess wat I’ll call it…Tryst-The Other

  9. @ Bang Osho: Of course, please go ahead. I wanna know about it as well… How it all looked to a close friend of mine :D.

    @ PS: You could vent off ur frustration on all the mush as well girlie… ;-)!!

  10. I have read a lot about Osho.He says in many ways
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    and sex.People prefer sex.Americans,aged people
    took advantage of him.They had sex with young girls saying it is way to reach god.Poor osho had
    to suffer for it.if he had left sex out of
    his teachings,he would have prospered.God is nothingness,the spirit in our body and all living creatures.It has no form,we are only the mind and
    ego.when mind dissolves into spirit we are god.I
    have gluten allergy.Before i used to eat lot of gluten ,affected the temporal lobes of my brain.
    Speech capablity reduced.After stopping gluten
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