Laugh out loud – all by yourself…

Yo ppl with too much time on their hands checking out this post!! Was talking with a friend of mine… and well I remembered something….

How many of you think it is OK to laugh out loud when you are alone?

How many of you think it’s weird to do the same?

Consider reading C&H or Garfield, or watching a sitcom or whatever.. and you are doing this alone [first of all if you are doing this alone, I know many a people go the L-symbol on their forehead] but then seriously, when you come across a funny joke or something and you are alone do you laugh out loud??

44 thoughts on “Laugh out loud – all by yourself…

  1. “How many of you think it is OK to laugh out loud when you are alone?”

    Dude! Its great to laugh when alone(on something funny, naturally). You can basically bring the roof down laughin on ur own, and not bother abt disturbing anyone else! 😉

  2. @ sukhi: Yeah I believe that, however I remember one of my friends, who has an amazing sense of humor btw, was shocked at the fact that I laugh OUT LOUD, when I am alone as well…

    It was sometime ago, and I have to pick back the thread of conversation back with him, hence was wondering :-)!

    I also go another step in saying that when you are laughing out loud all by yourself, you actually feel good at the end of it as well… :-D!!

  3. I’ve been doing a lot of laughing watching season after season of Friends on my own. Don’t know how I ended up watching them but now can’t get enough of them altho Season 9 was a big dampener.

    Btw thanks for dropping by. I’m real glad that you liked the story. So you are in Bavaria, beautiful state it is although the ppl are apparently a little cold. I live in Cologne. Have you been here? I’m planning to visit Munich for the Oktoberfest this coming weekend. You visited it yet?

  4. Hey Anil!!

    Nopes man, I myself was planning to visit it this coming weekend. I was still thinking about it as I am all alone out here and got no company.. Hmmm I mite just visit it now. We could probably catch up!! Lemme know if you are interested!!

  5. @ Betterhalf: Baby!! Yay, just finished talking to mum. Mobile for Ro has been arranged. I had kept my old mobile there. :-)! N tomorrow’s mum’s bday. Damn she called abhi. Anyhoo, shall call her in sometime as well. :-D!! Awwww, stress-reliever will be in effect soon :-P!

    @ PS: Hell yeah that’s the spirit. Take a nice long walk mon ami!!

  6. I’d love that. But here’s the catch. I’m thinking of leaving on Sunday or Monday and staying in Munich until Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. I want to see a little bit of Munich as well. So does that work for you? And do you have a place to stay in Munich? The last time I checked most of the affordable hostels/hotels were booked.

    A’ways let me know what you think. You can mail me at anil at arthedains dot com to continue this conversation instead of us flitting back and forth through each other’s comment boxes!

  7. Walking ahhh…. emmm… u mean walking alone?? or walkin wid frnds?? or njoying nature kinda walk?? or self-reflecting kinda walk?? or walkin wid nuthing on ur mind?? or walkin thinking of ppl u love kinda walk??? ….. emmm… I personally like all kinda walks….. Jus that I wish the roads here were more walkable!! sigh!!

  8. N abt laughing loud!! Well, wats wierd abt that?? I do that so often… I thought everybody does. If u can cry wen ur alone, why cant u laugh wen ur alone??!!!

  9. @ all4love: Well, I was targeting the more uncomplicated, don’t think of the various possibilities of walk-walk. :-D! Please don’t complicate my walks… *scared to even think of walking now* :-P!!

    And interesting point.. Why didn’t I ever think of that? Btw, anyone cried in public over here?

  10. @ all4love: Naah, was just kidding. It takes End of Days, corpse hanging on the ceiling or the Mummy Returns incident [which G keeps talking about]. But I guess I am in denial about the Mummy Returns incident :-P!! Anyhoo, didn’t scare me, but still was slightly alarmed at the analysis of walks :-P!!

    @ PS: Dude, U did one of the most helpful things to me today, but you _are_ a girl :-P!! Sorry, had to take that shot 😀 but u were man enough to accept it dude [Don’t come back with in kindergarten thingy :-P]!!

  11. Well analysis is smthin i do quite often wid anythin that comes along the way! Wats there so much to b spoken abt Mummy Returns incident? 🙂 Abt PS, come on…. even girls dont necessarily cry in public… I dont!!! Really… I dont!!

  12. I am able to see that :-P!!

    About Mummy Returns!! G claims tha I got shit scared after the movie, when he tried to shock me or sumin!! – Dont remember it.. :-P!!

    About PS going public: Dude, I am still proud of ya and dude, whatever makes u happy :-P!!

    Ok, now I didn’t intend that!! Hey but comon give it to statistics, girl cry more than guys – possibly coz they are more in touch with their feelings :-D!!

    I never said crying in public was bad/good!

  13. @ Laughing Buddha: MFer what the hell is wrong w/ ur nicknames?? And… yeah it was gomi ;-)! But then these days with some much “tanhayee”, i wonder if he’s changed this opinion…

  14. Ok, now ur just overdoing the crappy philo thingy :-P!! Sounds almost like my “Shit Happens! You just wash it/wipe it [whatever makes u happy :-P] and move on” philosophy :-D!!

  15. hehe .. yea .. had a bad bad week … its all coming out now i gues … pack eve and noon .. Geetaa classes .. beach plans .. late night movie .. gotta xtended weeke nd .. monday off .. whats up with ya ..?

  16. Oh awesomundo!! :-D!! Btw, this week was a hellhole for me as well work wise. :-D!! Next week we have a milestone and feature freeze so that’s gonna be packed as well. Tuesday have a holiday here – Reunification of Germany day – hence a national holiday and Thursday is the feature freeze. We are pretty much there for the milestone :-)!!

    Other than that, on the lookout for a new apartment mate, that shared apartment wasn’t too interesting when it was occupied by someone else… 😀

    Mite go to Munich/Oktoberfest on Tuesday :-)!!

  17. Hey hey .. tell ya what .. go for a marine biologist who works for save the dolphins in her spare time..
    oo .. oo .. better still .. get a investment banker whoz a part time hot dancer chick …

  18. Hahaha, Sid.. Yup those would have been nice. There are 2 in the offering – 2 girls want a girl/guy to share an apartment [dunno what they are doing yet]!!

    And the other is a single girl looking for a roomie!

  19. Hiya Dudes,

    Me back from Delhi. interesting comments’ thread. Well, if my memory serves me well, gommy was..[what the heck*#@#$@] gautam was not shocked at the fact that u laugh out loud, and in fact found it totally understandable, especially in your case 😀 and he distinctly remembers “The Mummy Returns” incident and many alike :p

    what’s up’s it hangin’ in da hood?? and yeah.. gautam hates all kinda walks =)

  20. Yo G-Dawg!!

    Wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Hehehehe! How was delhi my man?? Everything’s hanging in the hood awrite ;-)!! Hmmm, you found it understandable?

    Ok, do you LOL by urself??

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