Life is complicated??

Have seen this so many times, but it still never tires me this one…

A Sharks Tale

9 thoughts on “Life is complicated??

  1. hehehehehhe… (grinning)… hahahahhahaha… (rolling on the floor n holding my stomach)… it is soooo funny and so true… thats exactly how girls think… wish we could find guys who understood our language.. but then thats the fun part, when they dont understand.


  2. @ Bul: errr… nice to have caused that amusement :-P!! However, whatever makes u think we guys don’t understand u girls. We understand girls, it’s just that sometimes we pretend we don’t understand.. Furthermore, I think I mite cause a havoc here if I use “Ignorance is bliss” adage here eh ;-)!


  3. @ Sid: What’s up with the new nicknames for self – Free Fallin?? Green Leavy Veggies? Dude, now I am worried about your mind…. And dude, chill about girls’ minds. We can always get together and do some basic grunting to clear our minds of such complications :-P!!


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