The biggest stress reliever

Curse everything in sight!! Shout at anything that comes your way [mentally of course] and make a mockery of every single thing happening around you!! Puts you in a better mood and at the very least makes you start thinking of something else than what’s on your mind, which might be nothing in the first place!!

6 thoughts on “The biggest stress reliever

  1. @ Ms.Imperfect: Ooooh someone’s onto some PDA finally :-D!! Still not able to reach ma, mobile’s busy!! Wonder why?? 😕 and about the stress reliever, u have NO idea how much I am missing it :-D!!

  2. allrighty .. u multi colored disco dancing piece o dodo poop rotting in some gayish wasteland … whew!! that felt good … u right abt this man!! :p

    @ harini – abt tht other stress reliever .. ahem ahem ..!!

  3. Yeah it does help doesn’t it. Always nice to help mah best buds relieve himself [Ok that sounded really weird] :D!!

    And the other stress reliever – beats everything hands-down!!

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