Things I am growing to dislike strongly…

In a random order….

  • Loneliness
  • Silence
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S, sick of using it as a source of entertainment, so much so that i can almost quote some sentences… [Can it BE any worse as Chandler says]
  • Fact that I am not writing enough anymore
  • Distance
  • Lack of hugs, smiles, fellow age people
  • Lack of access to Uppuma, Idlis, Dosais and other South Indian Food
  • The fact that I am getting very lil amount of physical exercise
  • The fact that I am missing moments in the life of people that matter to me
  • The fact that I am not present when I should be
  • The fact that work actually consumes 11 hours of my life

Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!! I am slightly frustrated, I hate that. Well just to let out, shout out and get back to normal!!

Listening to: G*** Main Danda – Bodhitree

18 thoughts on “Things I am growing to dislike strongly…

  1. Hey baby!! *hugs*
    Just saw the spate of posts on the blog and realised how bored u might have got today!! 😛

    *one more round of hugs* to make ya feel better!

    Dont let the lonliness get to you,it isnt the pleasantest feeling…bout the silence, u cud always talk to urself 😉 or u know what to do, jus gimme a buzz… 🙂

    Start watching Seinfeld, or you can always fall back on Rusell Peters 😛

    The distance is just metaphorical,if u know what i mean 😉

    *hugs* lots of em….hope u feel much better,will find a way to make u feel better by the time u get home >:D

  2. Actully it doesnt.. anyhoo .. back to the post

    I do dislike the fact that I’m gonna be doing what im doing for another year :(!

    and I dislike the fact that all my friends are in diff parts o the world .. :(! point no. 1 wouldnt have been a big deal if we would all been together!!

    hmm .. I don’t think I would ever get bored o FRIENDS/SCRUBS etc etc .. good time pass anytime! They like caramel cookies .. love em when u have some.. makes u sick when u have the box but still u game for em anytime :)!

  3. agree agree. leavin tomorrow..\back to the mothaland\
    :)can’t wait :)) to get over the loneliness, indulge yourself anything and everything..don’t sit there’ll get 2 ya! :)) tc.

  4. @ Sid: What doesn’t bro? Btw, I got G-Dawg into blogging. He’s the official gaming blogger for Scribez :-)! Now, be on the lookout for G-Dawg to get populated as well :-D!

    And such deep profound philosophy Sid?? Whoa whoa whoa :-P!! Hehehe, yeah man, i have like all the seasons now except for 8 and 9 and that kinda makes me sick of it :-D!!

    @ Staneyboy: In the Indian accent that others think indians have – Make us proudddd sonnn!! Yeah thinking of making a trip to Amsterdam actually :-D!!

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