The most comfortable place to sit and read…

One of the most comfortable places to sit and read, at least for me – is the loo! I can just sit on the pot and give complete concentration to what I am reading. I usually even manage to solve complex solutions inside the place…

Anybody else have one of those places, where u are completely at peace with urself?? ;-)!

21 thoughts on “The most comfortable place to sit and read…

  1. Sigh! I love the loo too! 🙂 I actually managed to finish Catch 22 in there. It kinda gives me clarity that I never seem to get anywhere else!

    God bless the loo!


  2. The loo is indeed one of those places… Especially I loved the loo @ my house in Trivandrum man!! The best was the black tiled floor.. Wow!! I mean indeed superb… ;-)! And it was the size of the room I stayed in Bangalore :-P!!

    So, yeah … it was just superb :-)!!


  3. Mine at home…woah…that was some loo. Huge…and white and i even made rack for my mags and ‘loo books’. sigh…i miss home!


  4. hahaha…. that was some good read 🙂 I kinda like ur comment sessions way more than ur blogs . Lolz… n since u hav such concentration in the loo , Im sure u wud hav wrote all ur exams way better if u could write em in the Loo. 😀


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