Beside you…

Many a times I pry
N still many more I try
In my mind infinite times
I just weep and cry…

Look at the stars they aint helping
Or go for a smoke outside
Stare at the street, humming a beat
Nothing beats being

Nothing beats being beside.

Aaah, yes!! I have finally managed to jot down something! Woohoo!! ;-)! Well I had actually jotted this down y’day evening whilst I was almost ready to get outta work. Anyhoo, am completely awake @ 07:06am on a cold Saturday morning. Am in really high-spirits as well [no pun intended]. Was pleasantly woken up by my darling at 20 minutes past 6. Now gonna make a nice coffee and sit and see if I can get my lazy brain to write something.. It’s been far too long :-)!

18 thoughts on “Beside you…

  1. awww man! that was sweet…. u made her day dude! U bet u did! being in love really helps poets creativity … U n ur betterhalf r giving me loads of reasons to get a bf! 😉 Nice poem…


  2. hehe .. dude .. jus saw khosla ka ghosla .. picture this – gom/harsh getting up in the morning .. burping their asses off ( that would be farting right ..?? ) .. anyways .. yea so they get up burping, turn to their wives and go – ” how many times have i told ya not to give me RAJMA fa dinner!!! hehehehe …


  3. btw .. ur stupid tarvarkare aint got no range .. not geting thru to ari bro … and mr. tanhaayi is still in mysore!! ( so much for the u_better_get_ur_ass_down_here speech!!! x-(! ) deepa isnt pickin up her fone either and harini’s still on her way …!!!! 😦 ab kya karun ?


  4. Dude, I talked to Arijit sometime ago!! Heard Mr Tanhayee got some some work!! So much for the cool losers :-P!! Basanti went jewellery shopping today [Info from Ari Bro and Harini] and Harini’s still on the way :-)!! Yup!! Err what do u normally do @ 1:35am on Sunday??


  5. hmm .. calld up harini and got her to pass me the number … hehe .. apparently i was trying his ol number #-O anyhoo .. got thru to ari bro! we had a laugh over the treasure hunt!! sab changa si abhi 🙂 !


  6. @ Anil: Hey dude!! I fell sick that weekend and couldn’t make it on Tuesday :(. I missed Oktoberfest :(!! Hopefully next time!! I had sent u a mail regarding th same… on Monday the 1st! I wondered why u hadn’t replied regarding the same!! I think the mail never reached ya!!

    Anyhoo, how’s life?


  7. Ohh…strange..I never did get a mail. A’ways sad that you couldn’t make it…the fest itself was great fun. It is one crazy world there. Unfortunately, I didnt get much time to see the rest of Munich. But overall it was a pleasant trip, the 6 hour car ride back to Cologne not withstanding. Lets hope you will get to go next year.

    And how is life in Erlangen? I think I should have mailed instead of leaving the comment here but what the hell, too lazy to fire up the mail client!


  8. Eggjactly my man!! Life in Erlangen is ok!! Altho majority of the time spent in a week is in Forchheim, where I work, which is smaller than Erlangen :D!! Anyhoo, wats up over there? Shall plan a trip to Cologne sometime and let ya know buds!! I have heard the night life there is simply superb!! :-)!!

    And it’s closer to France innit?


  9. Oh I didnt know that. A’ways you are always welcome in Cologne but just give me a couple of weeks headsup to roll out the red carpet for you 😉
    Yes, the night life is pretty good here and well its abt 4-5 hrs away from Paris. Although I’d say Cologne is much closer to The Netherlands and Belgium than France.


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