Muscules… pronounced – “muskyules”…

Work out people… It makes you feel so good and can convert even a
sloth like me to into an active person.. ;-)!! I joined a gym 3 days
ago and have had 3 days of working out so far. Well, aches and spasms
not-withstanding, it’s been amazing. I found out some muscles existed
in my body that I never knew of, when they cried bloody murder when I
started to exercise them! I have decided to continue this work out for
a few reasons –

  1. I feel a lot more active. I used to sleep for about 8-10 hours on a
    normal weekday and about 14-18 hours during the weekends. After the
    work-out regime has started, I am having blissful sleep for about 6-7
    hours and after that I am actually feeling a lot more energetic 🙂
  2. Food
    is getting digested and that too the hard-brot [hard bread] and cheese
    and I dont feel guilty of the love-handles I was developing eatin that!
  3. To
    come over the shock and shame of my work out weights. :-D!! For e.g.
    for a machine, used to work out my biceps, I am using a weight setting
    of 40kgs. I saw a girl next to me pull 60kgs, as if she were lifting a
    piece of cloth!!
  4. I owe this much to the erstwhile fat me!!

My work out regime for the next 10 8 workouts is

  • 10 minutes of warm up, I do the exercise bike at about 60-80 revs
    per minute in a 3 setting. [Don’t even ask me what those numbers mean
  • 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps of biceps, triceps, abs, upper
    back, lower back, upper shoulder, lower shoulder, legs, calves, inner
    thigh strengthening work out. At the end of 10 8 workouts, they will revise the plan depending on whether the muscles have adapted to the current weight settings
  • Stretches –  feels amazing @ the end of this allrite, kills me whilst doing it :-D!
  • At least 30 minutes of cardio – I do a combo of 10-20 minutes of
    treadmill @ 10kmph, 20 minutes of crosstrainers [Thinking of doing the
    boat rowing thing – loooks cool :-P]

And then I come back and cook lunch [during weekends] and plan to cook
dinner [during weekdays]. Feels good, so good. I am then active for the
rest of the day [weekends] and sleep like a baby [weekdays]!! Yippee!!
Hopefully I manage to continue this work out regime!! *Fingers crossed*!

Btw, check out my gym’s website:

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29 thoughts on “Muscules… pronounced – “muskyules”…

  1. Dude work outs are of various types… U can build muscles or u can work out to tone up or work out to reduce fat etc…

    U just need to find the right one.. Then again I am not preaching so chill maar :-P!!

  2. Exercise is a must for everybody …. esp. wen work means sitting in front of the compu for hours or attending phone calls (call centre jobs!) So way to go brother!
    And for ppl who aint so much into body building , like me n may b even PS 😉 try out sports like swimming, basketball , e.t.c.. 😀

    Ahem.. ahem.. I can get very excited with a few excersise talks…. I soooo wish the excitement last for more than an hour!!! sigh!!

  3. @ Annie: Hehehe!! Well, Neither am I into body building sissy [in retort to da brother statement]. I cannot get into body building. I dont think my body can handle it. But it sure can handle getting toned ;-)!! Toned down, toned up, toned… and remove the extra flab! Preferably [ssshhhh] remove all flab.

    Cut down the flab and get some ab[s]!! :-D!!

    Well, I remember one gym incident, which I shall mention here, before F-Dawg or any of my homies decide to make public. Well, I used to go to a gym in TVM called Bel-Air. Well, I had become more of a stand-up comedian for them. Who am I kidding?? It was more like try-to-kick-the-punching-bag-and-fall-flat-on-ur-ass comedian :-D!!

    Stopped my gymming then!!

    Well, started again. The good part, I dont see any punching bags, so no temptation as of now to make a fool outta myself ;-)!!

  4. hehe .. so Mr. Miniscule Myscule man over here is planning on a lil stunt with the punching bag .. In true Kung Fu style he goes towards the bag ..!! Lo and behold.. missed the bag and lands flat on his arse!! hehe .. gowd ur fellow gymmies are gonna have a blast when u try some thing like that ..!! 😀 !

  5. Dude!! U weren’t even der!! Only F-Dawg was there… Eh well.. some way of getting more people to acknowledge ur presence… Btw… Miniscule Myscule?? :O Dude, how dare you insult my muscules thataway!! :-P!

  6. hehe .. speaks volumes of the event eh .. last i heard they using the story as therapy for the depressed ward at Sree Chitra Hospital !! hehe … that was some funny shit man !!!

  7. Wow…. I can imagine Guru punchin that huge bag… with all his strength, n then lookin around all happy that he didnt miss the shot, but in no time the bag comes bak, n hits his smiling face.. 😉 n then gets bak up from the floor wid a blak eye!! lolz Thanx for sharing that 🙂 Was the joke of the day… or may b more days.. till i get an equally good one again! 😉 Oh man! hahaha

  8. Err last time, I wasn’t happy punching the bag [partly coz it hurt my fingers], but I tried to kick it!! :-D!!

    Anyhoo, Emotions 3 is more like – Wow I did it I did it!! [before seeing the punching bag coming back at me]!!

  9. emmm.. I think i got a lil too rude in b/w all the njoyment I had reading ur xperience. But trust me, i’ve been in more embaressing moments than this. So it was more like a thrill of a ‘stupid moron’ in knowing other ppl also hav similar xperience 🙂

  10. hehehehehehhehhehe…. Man, cant get the image of someone punching the bag and falling down… hehehehhe. but gymming is good. actually, any form of exercise is good… keep it up!!! and dont boast too much unless u keep going for atleast a month

  11. Hehe!! Woohoo!! I know u tried calling saw the missed call when I finally woke up!! :-D!! Had even put an alarm, but that just blared on I think :-D!! Need to change the alarmtone, think Im getting used to it!! :-D!!


    Today I need to finish off that kaam, else gonna get screwed :-D!!

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