A spate of emotions!!

Had nothing much to do in office today, owing to the framework crashing in my system and demanding a reinstall of the whole system – which is always a welcome relief :-D! Especially these few days have been taxing. Mentally, emotionally, physically and metaphorically :-)! [This is apart from the actual 48% tax that’s been steadily going on with my salary] Why would a developed country like Germany tax its poor bachelors – 48% of their salary – it totally beats me [crazy mumbling like Muttley], but then that’s for another discussion :-D!

I am still in the process of reinstalling the whole system. So, whilst that’s going on, and whilst I am busy questioning Harini away to glory, I did a small retrospection of a scary moody me through the week. Damn and did I get touchy ;-)!

Update: Build over – product still fails to come up – IOW system screwed!! Which implies, I get to do some chair acrobatics, moving my chair and moving my @$$ on the chair from my workstation to the release system and back – about at least 10 times a day! Yay! *in a tone that would easily beat the most bored tone you can imagine*

After a long time in my life, I am sitting down for a retrospection/introspection and all *spections in my life. I have never been a guy who actually plans something to do and does it, but have been more of the impromptu decision maker even as far as doing things in my life is concerned. However, time has come for me to at least wonder about the bearing life itself is heading to – I know only one thing for sure right now in my life and that’s to spend the rest of it with my darling :-)!

Listening to: 0861. Joshua Radin – [First between 3rd and 4th #06] Do You Wanna

Hooked on to: Foobar 2000 0.9..4 Release – Wow the lowest memory consumption I’ve ever seen!!

Pondering: About how I wanna get through Diwali soon and wait for stupid Christmas to pass thru as well. I am so gonna miss u baby!! 🙁 N hopin that Ro can make it in December to Germany :-)! Also wondering if my Diwali is gonna be filled with working out :-D!! L-) on myself ;-)!

9 thoughts on “A spate of emotions!!

  1. Awww…cmon, how long is it….jus a lil over 9 months…[see, its no longer 10 :P] *hugs*

    Hmmm…but i thot u r still impromptu!! 😛
    And yes, touchy[sometimes] n questioning[all the time] 😛

    Damn the tax …and love tht song!! 🙂

  2. @ Darling: I know i mean a baby can be brought into the world before I get to see you again 🙁 [Ok bad bad sense of time :P]

    I am still impromptu, just that I need to narrow down on some things.. :D!!

    Touchy [thrice so far if I remember rite] and questioning is what i am darling 😛 *hugs n hold*

  3. Hehe!

    Boy this is why u land in trouble :P!! Damn where’s Tanhayee anyway? I am going to the gym in another 10 mins. Will be back after 2 hours. By that time you better be done with da Diwali lunch and all – :-)! So what plans for today buddy boy? And why are we talking over comments here? Let’s talk on Gtalk or sumin!!

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