An hour later….

An hour later, I am reminiscing a typical Diwali morning and sighing and sulking away to glory!!

– Wake up – take a bath with a vigor that never really beats anything – put on ur new dress – look sharp – burst crackers – go to neighbor’s house – burst crackers there coz you are saving up on urs for the night 😀 – Have some khaana at neighbor’s place coz they invited you and Ro and the food just looked yummy [not to mention uve been hungry ever since u been up] – halfway thru the meal, hear Ma yelling out to you – you quickly change the embarassed look and gorge down the dosas provided [coz ya know @ home u got Idlis] – rush back home forgetting to take back sweets from the neighbors – look at mum sheepishly when she asks what we been up2 @ neighbors place – we answer saying havin sum sweets – mum smells the twisted truth and asks where’s the sweets dabba they gave 4 home then – rush back to da neighbor’s place, grab another bite of the yummy vadas and rush back home with the sweet dabba – look at the yummy idlis and sambhar and chutney staring back at ya – sit down on the floor [yeah Diwali days we used to sit on the floor and eat] and gorge on the yummy idlis [My mouth’s watering now]. Finish that off and head out to the temple [most of the diwalis it was the other way round – temple first and then home to have breaky or even @ neighbor’s house].

Drive every1 to the temple, and pray – rush back home and gorge on more idlis. Never was too much of a fan of Diwali sweets :D!! Damn, I am smelling idli n sambhar now *sigh*!! Then have yummy vadas and have that coffee, we Tam Brahms are famous for!! [RIte now I am sipping on microwave heated milk with instant Nescafe to have some sorta food intake before I head to the gym]!!

I miss terribly everything related to Diwali suddenly. This is officially the second time I am missing Diwali in India. The first time was in US. But then again, I had my family to take me thru that!! Living alone during the festivals sucks :(!!

Listening to: Joshua Radin [We Were Here #03] – Everything’ll Be Alright [Will’s Lullaby]

10 thoughts on “An hour later….

  1. U like the idlis n dosas n sambars n vadas n sweets??? Interesting… I thought nobody like that anymore… i thought all were into Pizzas n burgers now…. So how was ur day? N wat did u eat for Diwali ?? N howz the gym xperience going?? Any knock outs yet? 😉 Im hearing from a lotta my friends abt how sad it is wen u move away from home for studies or work.. n man…. its scaring me… I might b away from home after this yr!! Emmmm…. Im gonna show so much of love to my family today, they’ll freak out wondering wat ever happened to me! Lolz

  2. Yo A!!

    Of couse, I love idlis n dosas [love dosas] n sambhar and vadas!! Sweets are ok. Just miss them, never used to eat too much even in India. :D!!. Hey Pizzas and all are just ok! They dont give da satisfaction that curd rice with lime pickle/mango pickle can give!! *slurp slurp*…

    The day has just begun!! And it hasn’t been all that great. Worked out most of the frustration and sadness!! Damn, I am supposed to be with Harini enjoying the Diwali :(!!!

    Nopes, thankfully no KOs yet :D!! Well I had moved away to Bangalore for work from home!! However, that was fun!! I never really missed home coz I guess I was surrounded by a lotta people and well star of da show syndrome definitely acted!! Like minded people to have a good conversation and have fun, discs, pubs, the whole works!!

    And comon the major factor – my better half rite next to me 🙂 *feels warm and fuzzy* just thinking about it!!

    And as long you find good friends, any place is a good place :)!

    Hehe all the best scaring ur family… altho wait till Oct 31st – Halloween’s day :D!!

  3. Hey Germ Pang

    Happy Diwali! Boy! Isnt someone grumpy this Diwali 😉 But hey light the lamps on ur balcony like the lonely handsome dude does in the Gaymonds…Err…Raymonds Ad.

    Cheer Up n njoy Maadi!!!

  4. HEy Bang Osho!!

    Lighted up like one of those lamps :-D!!

    U called me handsome =))!! Still reeling from that effects… Just woke up btw!! Now heading out for dinner :)!!

  5. hehehe….Oh yeah! Handsome …And “gay”monds ad…U have conveniently ignored that!
    Anywez Always be happy n gay!;-)

  6. Comon Osho!! Of all the people, u should be aware of my selective hearing :P!! And thanks for even considering me for an ad :)!!

    And yeah I am always happy :-)!!

    We can discuss the remaining part later… Hehe!! So, what’s happening there? I am heading out for Diwali dinner at my friend’s house!! :-)!! Prolly shall catchya once Im back from there.

    And grumpy yeah kinda ;-)!! But face\s lighted like a lamp :-)!!

    Adios mon ami!! :-)!

  7. hiya… sigh, festivals without family are lonely…. but keep thinking about the next diwali you will spend at home and you will get through… I eat so many idlis and dosas here, that reading about it makes me sick. Happy Diwali!!!

  8. Hope you had a good diwali with all d lights in ur apartment and the gym and the dinner! 😀

    U described THE diwali morning….bath n new clothes n Idli’s!!! 😀
    N the sweets…..and temples n Crackers…..

    Had a similar diwali mornin this time arnd(Awesome Idli’s)….*Takin back all the complains abt gettin training in TVM*

    U have fun and enjoy! TC!

  9. hmmm…interrrresting!

    2 years back, we decided to celebrate diwali too (back in college) and so burst crackers in the room.

    a memo for 3 of us followed…

    sigh…the good ol’ days!

  10. @ Bul:

    but keep thinking about the next diwali you will spend at home and you will get through

    Yeah I am trying Im trying :D!! Not helping too much.. But thanks for the suggestion :D!!

    I eat so many idlis and dosas here, that reading about it makes me sick.

    I miss Idlis and Uppittus n other stars of South Indian cuisine.

    @ Divz: Wail!! Wail!! Wail!! _The_ perfect Diwali morning!! You 4get for me, I _have_ to get scolded with Ro by my side by Mom for having khaana at my neighbors’s house [:D]!!

    @ PS: Dude, burst crackers in the room?? You nuts or what? Naah way to go bro!!

    @ All: Happy Diwali y’all!!

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