Every Wednesday should be declared a holiday!

Mittwauch: loosely translated to the middle of the week – IOW Wednesday. Today was a holiday in most of the world that matters to me – for me [coz of All Saints Day!] – for Harini [coz of Rajyotsava crap] – and the remaining parts of India – Kerala [Kerala Piravi [Birth] Dinam [day] ], Bangalore [Karnataka Rajyotsava]. It was a relaxing day!

Woke up @ 0600 hours, yup the time difference is now 4.5 hours people. So haan, days are starting a bit early for me here :P! Then went to the gym. Was suffering from a weird stomach pain y’day. The belly button area was paining like crazy – I think it’s coz I did the work out way too fast [had to rush back home :P]. But the work out cleared it up!! The work out itself was good – was able to do 250 crunches today and 30 minutes of running @ 10kmph non-stop.

Came back home and had my breakfast – cold milk n cereal. Then chatted sometime with my better half. Came lunch time and ordered for a Shahi Paneer n Rice [needed to splurge myself today!! I know the work out results went for a toss. Finished the khaana with a fruit punch – man that was yummy.

Continued talking with my better half – and felt sleepy @ about 2/3 my time. Had a wonderful sleep for about an hour n a half… Woke up refreshed and decided to take some snaps!! And spent some time doing weird poses :-)! Woke up and felt a bit hungry and have been munching on a banana and a sipping a glass of apple juice since then :-)!

However i am refreshed seriously. I love this middle of the week holiday!!

Definitely Definitely good :-)!

If I ever own and run a country, Id bring in Wednesday holidays and Sunday holidays!! Saturday – half day :P!!

Update: Uploaded new snaps into the flickr strip!

Thanks to PS for providing me a link to what i think would be one of my fav comments now :-)! Here.

Missing the writing days. I need to just sit one of these days and let it flow again [No pun intended :P]!!

9 thoughts on “Every Wednesday should be declared a holiday!

  1. I had to work yesterday! Waitaminit…if you call coming to office everyday, sitting my ass on a chair and browsing work…then yea I had work!

    And yeah…tht was one helluva commnt! 🙂

  2. Surprising!Aunty shares the same sentiments too- abt Wed being a holiday that is!

    And as for owing ur country …Thats simple.They have these world islands off the coast of dubai where each island has a shape of one the countries.Buy one of those-Only a couple of million dollars!

  3. @ Osho: Oh awesome. I am definitely gonna try and get one of those islands ;-)! And of course – people have to realise that Wednesday should be declared a holiday!!

    I mean, then it’s a perfect week :-D!!

    Monday – weekend hangover – Tuesday mood’s enlightened coz Wed is a holiday. Thursday – holiday hangover. Friday – not so bad, just one day away from weekend. Saturday – happy happy coz Sunday is a holiday!!

    See a perfect week pattern emerges!! ;-)!

  4. woa .. ALL Saints day …!! Talk abt giving one holiday for all the saints that have existed .. hehe .. or how is it for that band .. whenz Metallica day ..??? Soon there shall be a Decollapse Day !! 😀

  5. That would be the work patter of the board of directors of Decollapse Inc !!! Pangs .. sorry pal which means u’ll hafta work all 5 days 😛 !

  6. @ Sid: What are you making fun of chapdasi?? U have to work all 7 days of the week @ Decollapse Inc. Dude, but when who am I kidding? I have t work on all 5 days – comon I am the CEO of the company – I am not _on_ the board of Dirs, I HEAD the board of Dirs :P!!

    That reminds me – damn the stupid snow’s gone :(! Now it’s just friggin cold!! Just woke up buddy boy – Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  7. hehe .. veto veto veto 😛 unless u the C.E.O – Chief Entertainment Officer .. that wouldn’t be difficult now should it .. just be urself ..;)

    Snow .. damn .. me thinking o going to Chandigarh early next year .. Shimla/Amritsar would be close by .. hopefully would get to yenjoy ze snow 😉

  8. Hehe Veto all ya want buddy boy!! Either I get to be the CEO or I get to be the public face of Decollapse Inc.!! Muahahahaha!! Now u think about it real hard :P!

    Ok, I am off now buddy boy!! Today there is a change in the gym plan for me – let’s see what is the new plan :P!! Adios muchachos, c ya soon :)!

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