Ze First Snow!!

Wow – it’s like a white carpet of cotton swab!! Yup, the whole world outside is covered in one big huge blanket. Although it isn’t expected this time of the year, it snowed here in Germany – well at least the places where I was today – in office – that’s Forchheim and in Erlangen!!

This is not my first experience of the first snow. But, it brought back memories of the very first time I experienced snow. Rocky Hill, 1998. Me, n Ro n Ma got outta the apartment donned in our jackets and draped in shawls and gloved hands. The whole world was WHITE – our car was draped in a misty white nighty!! [Ok I DIDN’T know @ that point that I was gonna have to scrub and showel the snow of the car everyday from then on for about 3 months :-D]!! But, at that point, every fight, every howl, every scowl was forgotten between me n Ro for about 5 mins, when I decided to be proactive and made a snowball and threw at her.

Hit, her right between her eyes. And instead of howling, she laughed. It was one of the most memorable laughters in my world. It was amazing. And whilst I was pondering as to why she playfully laughed, I got hit straight in b/w my eyes as well [Yeah she has a good arm :)]. And I didn’t laugh, I went – Yikes!! That is COLD!! But frosty!!

It was mom’s second year in the States, but she was just as excited as we were and joined us in the snowballing around :-)! Wow – good times good times. I wanna have ’em again!! This time with an added person into it – Yup Yup Yup! Or even prolly just the two of us doing the same.

Aah – drop me into a new place, gimme snow and take away my better half? This is injustice!! *sigh*

Anyhoo, check out the snaps *sigh*!!
Update: The snow’s melted and I am feeling bored now!!

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