Just when you think things are going ok….

Monday started off with a terrible news for me. I was shaken by it, and well worse was the part that I wasn’t there for my mother, when she needed me the most. But, anyhoo, that was ok! I passed through the day and well, remember – the roomie post – well that roomie had headed into town. Now, I was looking up and about and working my ass off at the same time, trying to get myself, by concentrating on work and other parts of life. Harini was there throughout – baby u da best  *hhh*.

Now, this post is NOT about the terrible news! It’s a MAJOR RANT on something this particular to-be-roomie did. Anyhoo, this @$$hole had suggested that we could shift in together once he is here and I had even discussed it with him about this the day he had dropped his butt in town. Well, so far so good. So, y’day I told him that the owner of the house, to which we were planning to move into had finally replied to my mails and calls [he was on vacation] and that he had asked me to call today, to which he had nodded his head right along.

Today morning, as I was heading to office, a bit late, I talked with another colleague of mine, who also told me that – this particular roomie was gonna “push me to talk to the owner asap”!!! All fine, and I went that’s peachy – I was gonna call the owner today anyway. He was on vacation and he has come back. So, I call the owner today and discuss the terms and everything with him and also tell him that I am interested. I will see the house this weekend, and the tentative date of moving would be mid-December – once the current tenant moves out!

Meanwhile, my current landlady had mailed me asking about the status of the same. She’s been quite helpful in suggesting other houses as well. I had taken a note of it, but I had always maintained that the house I was gonna move into was with this guy and never checked on small cheap ones.  [which were supposed to be my options if I were staying alone]! So, i tell her. I am talking to the owner today and will tell her by tomorrow the status!!

Now in the evening – I tell this guy – hey I called up the owner and he has agreed to rent the house on the same conditions as for Priyendu and we can confirm it asap and finish off with the paperwork, when this jackass decides to tell me – oh there’s been a slight change in plans. I may not be moving in with ya. It’s surprising that I didn’t call him all sortsa expletives @ that point of time and space. I was so raving mad! It’s just coz he’s got a professional acquaintance he didn’t get a piece of my mind.

Had I not mentioned about the house-owner-talk today was he even planning on lettin me know!! What an irresponsible jackass? Now, I have to write a mail back to my landlady explaining the whole thing and hoping that I indeed get another house, but now I dont care anymore. I am really happy with the current house. The people who used to crap about how the house is so expensive haven’t really helped me in any other way other than saying it’s too costly, it’s too costly. It’s serving its purpose and serving it well.

I think i am gonna stick to the same apartment till my tenure ends here.

There was a realization on my part today – I had one of the best roomates in the world with me :-)! Ari Bro!! Bro – you da best!! I miss u so much :(! Damn, those were some real nice times and buddy they are coming again. I have some stuff to tell you – will mail ya about it!!

Current Mood: Not all that bad – pissed off at the jackass – but saw this movie – GrandMa’s Boy – not bad at all! And missing a lotta people like crazy!! And most of all – Hanu!
Current Music: Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit

21 thoughts on “Just when you think things are going ok….

  1. ‘Chill Maadi!’ 🙂

    You know what we should do about your ‘would have been’ roomie? we should put him in the same room along with my old roomie (the jackass who talked too much) and make them listen to britney spears for 5 days continuously! That oughta teach em! bitches! 🙂

  2. Ah…I’ve been ‘blocked’ for that post and some say I’ve gotten the chennai gig but others say they aren’t sure. All of it really deserves a very very angry post on my blog…but mesa managing to smile! 🙂

  3. “Blocked” in office? :-P!! Yeah it seems my blog’s been blocked in my office as well. I wonder what people have against this! Anyhoo, things are just the way they are. I have a big huge rant post coming up against some of the things I really am not liking currently.

    Anyhoo, what do _you_ want? The Chennai gig or the Bangalore one?

  4. Awesome!! Then I hope ya get the BA Internship!! Hmm, can I come and join the BA Internship!! I am just about ready to quit here ;-)!! Well, I can be an amazing product reviewer/critique/idea giver… Any positions vacant? :-/!!

  5. That’s the RAD idea? Damn man!! I was expecting something better from you :-P!!

    Anyhoo, I was just thinking about something – ur Lucid 101 post, I can relate to it. I dream a LOT, a huge humongous lot and I am generally very much in control in my dreams. And the awesome part – I actually have solved quite a few issues when I am dreaming – as corny as it sounds :-D!

  6. Dude, I know where the idea popped from!! *smacking u on the forehead* I was just telling it should have been better. Me trying to get info on how to get a UK visa – lemme see if during New Years, I can spend some time @ London!!

  7. awesome dude! i think all you need is a Schengen visa or smtng rite? My family minus me went to Rome and France a few months back…and i missed out. me wanna go to the UK too! 🙁

  8. Dude, I have a Schengen visa – that covers only the states coming under the European Union. So yeah I am planning to cover those states when my better half gets here – together for the travel. But just to cure myself of boredom and portended loneliness, I wanna spend the New Years with two of my closest buddies, currently in UK.

    The only problem with a Schengen, UK entry is not granted. And vice versa. So, yeah me trying hard to gt it done :-D!!

  9. Hey… thats bad… what a jerk. But good he told you… there are some people who will make you shift with them (you compromise on the living conditions to make them happy) and then they move out… he could have done worse… not that it justifies what he did…

  10. Yeah I know yaar. It sucks!! But on the +ve side, I dont have to move – I have decided that paying almost double the money is still worth it! I love my place and I love the amenities it has to provide. Life should be hunky dory!! :-)!

  11. Hey Pangs!!
    Looks like u are had a nice time out there with ur roomie :-). I am doing fine. Been reading ur posts on and off. Catch u later.

  12. hey Bro 🙁 Damn!! seems like this guy is seriously an A*****e. anyways, its just as well that you stick to your old place. Wont make too much of a difference wrt money Bro :).
    and in hindsight its good you could part with that guy now itself rather than gettin stuck with him later 🙂 So cheer up Bro! u’re gettin back sooon and we’re gonna have the good old times again 🙂

    had a really busy time at office today. just checked the post 🙂 will buzz ya on Monday! Enjoy the weekend Bro.. haveta run for the bus.. Take care!

  13. @ Phani: Thanks man!! Well, it’s more like I had fun even before I got a roomie over here! But, like everyone else said – thank God it got over now ;-)!

    @ Ari Bro: Ya have NO clue how much I am missing the good ol Taverekere times. To boot, trouble is heading in from all directions! Overall, terrible week bro, hopefully the next week brings with it good news and better times!! Officially I am tired of this place now!

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