Question to Mac and Apple – Is the Windows bashing necessary?

OSX vs Windows Vista


Disclaimer: I haver never owned a Mac or used / worked in OSX, however respect both the machine and the OS.

Year – 1998: As a junior editor for the yearbook, I was introduced to a PC, well a computer at least that had a mouse which had only one mouse button! This was the year I had actually been given a computer @ home and I was hooked to Windows 95 and Motoracer and a game called G-Nome! I used to scoff @ the links leading me to the desktop from where I am typing this particular post when I used to search for cheat codes for the game – GNome! The Intenet Explorer was a true boon to me – a source of games, cheat codes, chatting and PORN! ;-)! Windows was GOD, as it allowed me to do all that – play games and check out porn!

I had an AMD K6 processor based machine, which clocked 200Mhz and well it was AWESOME ;-)! I never realised at that point of time, the magnitude of change, literally a radical revolution that was going to occur with the electronics industry and 8 years later, I’d be typing away on a laptop that’s easily 20 times more powerful than my desktop in 1998, will run a version of the Operating Sytem, which was named after a game I knew and I’d be using that same OS to type something known as a blog, about what I thought about [or didn’t] 8 years ago over a hi-speed internet connection.

Anyhoo, the point is that the world has changed. Now, getting back to the main topic. At that point of time, I NEVER imagined that I’d be drooling over a laptop created by those same SINGLE-MOUSE-COMPUTER guys and Id be lusting behind a version of the Operating System, which I thought was complete crap. I am smitten people, yes, truly crazy about the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. These notebooks are an exquisite mesh of sound engineering design, power and eye-candy! Something Apple has been excelling at – a good-looking gadget that according to them “JUST WORKS”

Consequently, my free time, this is the time other than the time I don’t work and I am not writing to my better half, I have been checking out videos and pictures of the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Well, all-in-all, I have just one statement tomake – I WANNA GET MYSELF ONE OF THOSE!! Well, at least that was the case until today afternoon, where I came across a very interesting video.

What I found appalling about this video was the constant mockery of Windows Vista by the Apple people. I agree that OSX is an amazing Operating System – a software wonder. Be kind enough to share it with the PC world! If you think people all over the world would appreciate it so much, why is Mac not release OSX – PC Version? Well, the answer is simple – it can’t!!

OSX will run offcially ONLY on a Mac. Talk about proprietary to the core. This is something along the lines of how Sony works as well. Sony has its own brand of adapters, chargers, even alkaline cell policies, which allow ONLY Sony Battery chargers to run on it!

Now, whilst I agree that this is important to maintain Mac sales, and also is the reason why the Mac running OSX is a lot more stable than the PC running Windows, Apple guys were twisting the fact, trying to make us consumers believe that OSX is a lot better than Windows, Windows Vista in this case. That too based on the “similarity” of “looks” of certain applications.

However, Apple _conveniently_ forgot to mention the following – Windows is targeted at a mainstream customer base, where in the hardware is NOT an issue. A Windows copy [mite not be all the features all the time] will definitely run on any PC, as long as it maintains the requirements of the Operating System!! Now, I agree that Microsoft might have spent an awful lot of money and resources on developing Windows Vista. However, what I am considering what Microsoft has done, if at all they have copied features of Mac, is bring the features of OSX into the PC world, which is going to be received with open arms. I am still shocked @ the negative publicity given to an operating system, which wasn’t even released at the point of time the video was shot.

I had great respect for Steve Jobs, however his stupid bullish attitude is now making me take a fresh look at his products. There’s NO reason for him to take such a bullish attitude with Microsoft and Windows. This is also shown in the Mac vs PC ads. So, Steve, seriously, your products look great and I have heard that they work amazingly well as well, however what you did in that show, was rude, and totally uncalled for. I have not seen, so far at least any ads by Microsoft against any of your products, and trust me, your products are NOT flawless.

The Mac is picking up sales thanks to the shift to the Intel Chips. However, you must also take note Steve, the multitude of videos in youtube, the tremendous number of pics in Flickr, etc, which show a Mac running WIndows. Apple itself is working on BootCamp so that it “does” windows now.

But, Steve ever considered this – A Mac now runs Windows, but can any PC run OSX?

Windows - Mac - VodkaSo, chill guys, I mean there’s market for everyone!! Peace in the cyber world!! I am all up for innuendos, but downright flagrant attack on your competitor’s products is NOT good marketing =D! It’s a good way to get attention to yourself, however, make sure that you have a product that can handle all that attention!!

Update: 2006-12-09 Check out this video during MacWorld 1997. Hmm, interesting how Steve Jobs has changed his perception after Apple has pulled itself back together.

I was apprehensive about what I wrote wondering I were indeed a bit strong about Apple, not being a sportive player in the market. However, after seeing the video above, where in Apple was down and under and Microsoft and Apple “tying the knot” literally, really speaks something about Steve Jobs doesn’t it?

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20 thoughts on “Question to Mac and Apple – Is the Windows bashing necessary?

  1. U actually managed to make me read a geeky post 😛

    But hey, interesting, it was…

    I can relate it to the Cola-wars here in India, remember those times when they had these spate of ads targeted against each other [very blatantly!!], with Thumps Up pitched into the middle as well…it was fun to watch tho 😀 …
    What happened finally?! Everyone’s having Frooti abhi 😀

    [Pardon me for the non-geeky comment…this is the best i can do on a saturday morning *yawn yawn* :P]


  2. @ Better-half: Comon baba!! This ain’t all that geeky is it? :-P! Yup, interesting definitely :-D!! Yeah I know the Cola-wars, however it’s not exactly the same! There it was mutual bashing!! But those were hilarious alright ;-)!

    What happened finally?! Everyone’s having Frooti abhi

    If we take the metaphor properly, then we are all gonna end up using Linux *hhh*

    No pardon, you have to make up for this ;-)!!


  3. “If we take the metaphor properly, then we are all gonna end up using Linux!!”

    That was the intention when i talked bout Frooti gaining coz of the cola wars dumbo 😛 *hhh*

    You betta make up for all the yellin first 😛


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