Saddam to be hung by this Sunday!!

Cardinal Renato Martino, Pope Benedict XVI’s top prelate for justice issues and a former Vatican envoy to the U.N., condemned the death sentence in a newspaper interview published Thursday, saying capital punishment goes against the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Hmmm, interesting. The Roman Catholic Church, which considered itself the authority over _anything_ in the past has become human after all? Interesting, for I remember the dreadful acts it committed in the form of punishing heresy during the Papal regimes :-)! Wow, things are indeed changing eh :-)! But kudos to the church for turning a little bit more “human”. However, with all due respect, I wonder if this is nothing but damage control over what Pope Benedict XVI said in the recent past that caused quite some controversy.

Coming to the topic of capital punishment for Saddam Hussein, I am unsure about my stance on the same. I certainly believe in the concept of An Eye for an Eye, however, I also believe that if we always taking each other’s eyes, that will leave the whole world blind. Furthermore, giving capital punishment to Saddam, would only give him the status of a martyr, amongst his disciples [for the wont of a better term]. This would also cause unnecessary uprisings in the critical and fragile political and social situation in Iraq. I am also scared for the troops who went there under the blind belief that they will be greeted as liberators!

Aside, India has urged for clemency for Saddam Hussein. Now why the hell is India getting involved in this? It’s not as if we have a big say over the whole situation anyway. Furthermore, what’s up with the Ahimsa bull all of a sudden. Yes we had disapproved Operation Iraqi Freedom, but that does not really mean that we have to urge the clemency of a proved tyrant. I still do not understand as to why India has to go and meddle in such affairs!! *sigh* when are they going to learn?

14 thoughts on “Saddam to be hung by this Sunday!!

  1. @ ratnakar: Thanks for the comment man! :-)! However, note –

    This [hanging Saddam Hussein] would also cause unnecessary uprisings in the critical and fragile political and social situation in Iraq.


  2. Hmmm…182,000 Kurds died ‘cos of a simple order from him during his regime. Iranians died, Kuwaitis died, his own people were killed too…

    I don’t agree with keeping him alive to keep the politcal situation stable. Besides, Saddam has a lot more haters than fans!

    What is laughable in the whole thing of course is India’s condemnation of the execution! What the hell! Don’t we execute people too? On what basis did India give a thumbs down?


  3. Amen as far as the sentence goes, I really am in full support to hang him. However, I just hope that people have completely understood the situation in Iraq and decide to hang him at a situation where in the political scenario is NOT so fragile.

    If you notice that it’s a Shiite strong government right now, that does not mean that they are going to stop the oppression and take revenge on the Sunnis. Saddam’s execution is ONLY going to make things worse.

    I agree for the fact that Saddam has a lot more haters than fans, but you have to take into account that enough blood has been spilled over his name, caused by him. It doesn’t make sense to provoke any more killings and bloodshed over his death as well.


  4. @Guru I totally agree with the fact that ‘the hanging’ will have implications…people WILL (sorry if i come across too stong) die. People WILL die even if he’s not hanged either.

    Now the dilemma is whether to settle for the lesser evil or not.

    I’m reminded of a similar dilemma:

    ‘If an entire country would die if a baby was kept alive, would you still kill the child?’

    What to do what to do what to do?


  5. Comon PS – you’re missing out one point here – Saddam _is_ caught and the Government has changed. Is it justified to cause an uproar because of this guy? I mean, for all that you know – you’ve just given a date which the Saddam “fans” (??) can celebrate by killing other people annually!!

    Ok, that might have been too radical a perspective, however, my point is that I just hope the decision is not something the US and the current Iraqi government have to repent and carry on their current act of foot-in-the-mouth [sic] phenomenon!


  6. Alright, what do you think will happen if the guys not hanged now that he’s convicted? There were people dancing on the streets when the verdict was announced. Now assuming there are more ‘haters than fans’, don’t you think the non-execution (if the term exists) will cause another uproar?

    Of course, the US haven’t made many ‘wise’ decisions (no matter who was in power) …esp emppowering the Taliban agains the USSR!

    I think both cases (the execution and the non-execution) will have implications. Havta wait and see…


  7. Emmm… now that its all over, do I still get to say my word on this issue?? Well, saying my word b4 the execution wasnt gonna change anything.. so why not say it even now..

    First off, Im totaly against execution of any man! If we cannot give life, wid wat right do we take life?? And for punishing dangerous individuals like Saddam and for security from his schemes, he kud hav been given life time imprisonment!!That wud hav been more effective than an easy death !! A death that saved him from all the trouble in jail and a death that wud rise a number of other Saddam followers to shed more blood! And the videos of his execution… he appeared so bold walking into death! Now such a video wud only inspire more ppl to follow his foot steps!! Gosh!! May god show grace upon the earth!

    Abt India’s nose getting into this issue… well common… right to speech 😉 and another way to highlight “gandhi’s ahimsa policy!” Wats the big issue in dat? Lolz..


  8. india is in a kind of tight spot when it comes to the muslim world. we’re against pakistan, we supported the US on the iran nuclear issue and we seem to be having communal rifts with the muslims almost on a daily basis here.

    india cannot afford to have another muslim country as it’s enemy. my urging clemency, we get three main advantages-
    1. supporters of Saddam wont consider us as an enemy.
    2. we look like caring and nice people who look for peacefull resolutions to any conflict.
    3. we don’t offend iraq or the US in this issue and yet made sure we had a voice.


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